Greer Adds A Criminal Defense Lawyer & A Bankruptcy Lawyer to His Wet Dream Team

Greer the Goat hired Attorneys William Ward, Amanda Nugent, David Grudberg to defend him in the $21 million civil child molestation trial.  The Goat hired Attorney Stuart Margolis to file tax appeals and evictions on his properties in the compound.  The Goat has now added two more attorneys to his wet dream team of sleezy lawyers who would defend Adolf Hitler for the right price.

The Goat hired prominent New Haven criminal defense lawyer Willie Dow to defend him in the criminal case pending in the Connecticut Superior Court.  The Goat hired prominent bankruptcy lawyers, Sklarz & Son, in his Federal civil case in which Mirlis is trying to collect on his $21 million judgment.  The Goat may be forced into bankruptcy with $21 million in judgment liens filed against his properties in the compound.

Attorney Willie Dow is a well known criminal defense attorney who has defended many Yalies over the years who got themselves into jams in New Haven.  The Goat, along with Dow, the powerful Zelinsky family, the Hack family, and reporters Paul Bass and Chris Peak are all Yale graduates. The goat’s powerful protectors Mayor Harp and former Police Chief Esserman also have degrees from Yale.  Esserman resigned in disgrace about a year ago.  Nobody was left to protect the Goat.  The Goat’s escapades over the last two years have been a major embarrassment to the New Haven political power base, the legal establishment, the Jewish community and the skull and bones Yale Illuminati.  Throwing the old goat in jail will be one less distraction for the powers that be.

Dow, a former US Attorney, is known among the local lawyers as a defense attorney quick to cut a deal with a prosecutor.  Dow says on his website that he has tried over 100 criminal cases.  But Dow doesn’t mention if these were trials he handled as a prosecutor back in the 1970s.  Either way, 100 trials over fifty years is not a lot of trials.  Dow was quoted by the New Haven Register: “I proudly represent Rabbi Greer, Rabbi Greer has a long history of positive contributions to the New Haven community. He intends to plead not guilty. He looks forward to addressing these unfounded charges in court.”  Dow is just as delusional as Goat attorneys William Ward, David Grudberg and Stuart Margolis.

Dow represents many white collar defendants in Federal prosecutions.  He is known to be a deal maker with the Feds too.  Dow is a former Fed.  Dow represents many guys who end up cooperating with the Feds, ie., snitches and rats.  The problem with attorneys like Dow is that they try too hard to curry favor with the prosecutors, allowing prosecutors free reign to abuse their power. Yes masser, yes masser, I’ll take the deal.  If nobody challenges the prosecutors, the government gets to bring more cases.  The prosecutors can claim more victories in shady back room plea deals hammered out between the prosecutor and the defense attorney, and approved by a politically appointed judge.  This is the reason why the prison population has been growing over the last 20 years while the crime rate has dropped. But don’t take my word for it, read the latest book by law professor and legal scholar John Pfaff.

Willie Dow represented the mortgage fraud mastermind in my case who ratted me out.  Dow got a great deal for his client while everyone else in the case got thrown under the bus.  The Federal prosecutor, who specializes in busting lawyers, claimed victory at having brought down a bunch of low level people who signed and processed dead on arrival subprime mortgages, while the big banks who underwrote these sham loans got off scot-free.  One mortgage broker in my case got hit with five long years of jail time.  I met up with Andy in jail.  This feeble minded Greek immigrant did a small fraction of the mortgages compared to Dow’s snitches who ended up doing less than a year in jail.  Andy had faith in his prominent lawyer Hubie Santos and went to trial.  He went down in flames.  The Feds took most of his life savings.  Hubie took whatever was left.  Dow also represented drug lord William Mascari, who got 3 months in jail and 300 hours of community service.  Mascari was looking at double digit jail time numbers until he ratted out everyone in his conspiracy.  The Feds were very happy with Dow at sentencing.

I almost got in a barroom fight over Willie Dow.  I just got out of prison and was at the Owl Shop watching a band and drinking a Guinness.  A stupid drunk White guy sat next to me and shook my hand.  There are many stupid drunk White guys who hang out at this place.  One of the guys he was with was a local lawyer who recognized me.  The drunk guy boasted about how Willie Dow was his godfather.  I told the guy that I spent two years in jail because of Willie Dow.  The guy started to get all worked up.  I sat their calmly and gave the drunk guy and his friends a cold stare.  They didn’t want to mess with a guy who was just released from prison.  The lawyer in the group quickly stood up and rounded up the guys and said they were all leaving, and apologized to me.  I told the lawyer that I had nothing against Willie Dow, he was just doing his job.

I have a feeling that the Goat will not let Willie Dow hammer out a back room deal.  The Goat is the smartest lawyer in town and only listens to his own advice.  The Goat will force Willie Dow to try the case.  The Goat has nothing to lose.  If Dow worked out a plea deal that called for five years in jail the Goat will end up dying in jail. The Goat might as well roll the dice and hope he gets acquitted.

The Goat also hired the Sklarz & Son bankruptcy boutique, not to be confused with the Sklars brothers comedy show.  Their next performance is on September 8 in Oklahoma.  Jeffrey Sklarz practices bankruptcy law with his father Mark Sklarz.  They work out of a $10 million office building that they own with Starter Corp. founder David Beckerman. This building is packed with high paying tenants, many of whom are State of Connecticut governmental agencies.  Sklarz is very close with Goat buddy Mayor Toni Harp, and others in the Democratic Party establishment.  The Sklarz building is right down the street from the Goat’s old law office on Orange Street.

Mark Sklarz is a prominent member of the New Haven Jewish establishment, having served as President of the Jewish Community Center, and President of the Jewish Federation.  He is currently the President of Temple Mishkan Israel, a synagogue packed with Jews of self importance, including Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw and her husband Mr. Robot, the two people who witnessed me getting kicked down the stairs by the Goat at his Goat Temple of Pedophilia.  Quick Draw and Mr. Robot threatened to call the cops on me.  Talk about chutzpah!  I have a court date scheduled for tomorrow with the Goat in New Haven Superior court.  The Goat is suing me for slander and I brought a countersuit for assault and battery.  The goat may have to appear in his prison clothing by the time we get to trial.

Goat attorney Stuart Margolis is also a prominent member of the New Haven Jewish community, and donates close to $10K a year to the New Haven Jewish Federation.  Stuart’s law partner is on the Board of Trustees of Temple Mishkan Israel.  Mishkan Israel has the most prominent members of the New Haven County liberal Jewish community in its pews, with wealthy doctors, lawyers and judges all praying together for a better world.  The Goat would never step foot in Mishkan Israel.  The Goat considers such Jews as reprobates, violators of Jewish law, custom and tradition.  But the Goat will gladly pay these reprobates goat gold in order to stack the deck in his favor.

Quick Draw McGraw and Mr. Robot abandoned the Goat about a month ago.  Quick Draw probably knew that the police were processing an arrest warrant for the Goat.  Quick Draw is a public defender in charge of the Connecticut Innocence Project.  She has defended rapists and murderers for many years.  Why will she not stand by the Goat?  She used to drone on about how the Goat was innocent until proven guilty.  Yet now she abandons her friend, the innocent until proven guilty Goat, in his time of need?  She is a hypocrite.

The Goat is being defended by Sklarz & Son.  Why have the Sklarz family, prominent Jewish leaders, remained silent after the $21 million hammer landed on the Goat’s head?  Are these men of self importance too busy doing important things to be bothered with making a public statement condemning the Goat?  These men are too busy cashing in on the goat gold to care about the Jewish teenage boys from Lakewood currently enrolled in the Goat school. Or could it be politics that muzzled these men?  The Lakewood boys come from Lakewood township, which had the highest numbers of Trump voters in the entire State of New Jersey.   The Sklarz sisters, on the other hand, are clearly Hillary hatters.

The Goat reminds me of megalomaniac psychopath Adolf Hitler.  Hitler committed suicide rather than surrender to the Allies.  I cannot imagine the Goat going to jail.  His ego will not allow it.  I would guess he will commit suicide before he gets hauled off to prison.  But suicide, and homosexual sex, are both considered sins in the Jewish religion.  I am still at a loss trying to figure out how this goat who calls himself a rabbi is able to come to terms with these moral and ethical dilemmas.

Greer Gets Busted By New Haven Police

Daniel Greer, the depraved child molester, was arrested today by the New Haven Police Department.  The cops were kind enough to allow the Goat to turn himself into the Police Department at 11:00 AM in the morning. The Goat posted a $100K bond.  The Goat didn’t actually come up with $100K.  He probably paid a bail bondsman $10K, and the bondsman got an attachment on the Goat house.  The Goat probably turned in his passport.

The Goat hired criminal defense attorney Willie Dow to represent him in the criminal case.  Dow was on vacation, so David Grudberg escorted the Goat out of the police station.  Willie Dow is well known in New Haven for representing Yalies who get themselves in trouble.  The Goat is a Yale Law School graduate.  Dow is also a Yale graduate.  Dow represented a guy who killed a Yale graduate student and hid her body in the wall of a lab at the Yale medical campus, and then went about his life as if nothing happened. This sick man got 44 years and is still locked up in Cheshire.

The New Haven Police Department did not tip me off of the impending arrest of the Goat.  It appears that only Paul Bass was privy to this information.  The same Paul Bass who dropped the ball thirty years ago when he first exposed the evil Goat and his compound.  Paul dropped the ball by not following up with the Goat.  Paul could have saved the lives of many children.

After I took that video the cops showed up at my house and said the Ewe called the police complaining that I was trespassing on her property.  I tried to explain the boys in blue that I was not trespassing and that I had a blog, and I was Larry Noodles, and I was a famous reporter, etc…  The officers didn’t know anything about Larry Noodles, the Goat or the children who were raped in the compound.  The cops left without throwing me in the paddy wagon.

The Goat was charged with Sexual Assault and Risk of injury to a minor:

(a) A person is guilty of sexual assault in the second degree when such person engages in sexual intercourse with another person and: (1) Such other person is thirteen years of age or older but under sixteen years of age and the actor is more than three years older than such other person;

(b) Sexual assault in the second degree is a class C felony or, if the victim of the offense is under sixteen years of age, a class B felony, and any person found guilty under this section shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of which nine months of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court.

(a) Any person who (1) wilfully or unlawfully causes or permits any child under the age of sixteen years to be placed in such a situation that the life or limb of such child is endangered, the health of such child is likely to be injured or the morals of such child are likely to be impaired, or does any act likely to impair the health or morals of any such child, or (2) has contact with the intimate parts, as defined in section 53a-65, of a child under the age of sixteen years or subjects a child under sixteen years of age to contact with the intimate parts of such person, in a sexual and indecent manner likely to impair the health or morals of such child, or (3) permanently transfers the legal or physical custody of a child under the age of sixteen years to another person for money or other valuable consideration or acquires or receives the legal or physical custody of a child under the age of sixteen years from another person upon payment of money or other valuable consideration to such other person or a third person, except in connection with an adoption proceeding that complies with the provisions of chapter 803, shall be guilty of (A) a class C felony for a violation of subdivision (1) or (3) of this subsection, and (B) a class B felony for a violation of subdivision (2) of this subsection, except that, if the violation is of subdivision (2) of this subsection and the victim of the offense is under thirteen years of age, such person shall be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of which five years of the sentence imposed may not be suspended or reduced by the court.


Brooklyn Halfway House Fills Up With Otisville Graduates


The Otisville prison where I was locked up just released a bunch of Jewish law breakers.  They all ended up at the Brooklyn halfway house.  The Feds think that these guys still need to be rehabilitated.  The halfway house is supposed to help these guys transition into civilized society.  If the Feds lived with these guys, like I did, they would conclude that rehabilitation in a Federal prison is completely hopeless.  The Feds should either construct prisons that are safe and treat guys with a minimal level of human dignity, or lock them up forever.

These guys will be out of the halfway house in about six months and be back on the streets.  Expect an increase in the crime rate.  The guys living in the halfway house include $10 million money / anger mismanagement manager Ed Stein, mortgage fraud lawyer “Roman Empire” Mavashev, fire insurance fraudster “Zaidy” Schlesinger, and international money launderer Samuel “Sam’s Club” Ashkanezi.

These New York felons will join the recently released Joysey Jews, ie., hustler and gambler Moshe “Teaneck Trouble” Butler, $10 million hedge fund embezzler “Jewmark,” and Gedalia “the Snitch” Schleider who ratted out billion dollar Lakewood ponzi schemer Eliyahu Weinstein.  The New York and Jersey felons will be vying for power in the tri-State area, similar to when mobsters Richie Aprile, Feech LaManna, and Tony Blundetto from The Sopranos got released and wrecked havoc in New Jersey.  Feech ended up violating probation and getting thrown back in the can.  In Otisville Butler was voted most likely to get busted again and thrown back in the can.  Richie Aprile ended up getting shot and killed by his fiance.  I could see one of Roman’s girlfriends getting mad and shooting him.  Tony Blundetto ended up getting executed by his cousin Tony Soprano.  I could see one of Zaidy’s hot headed Satmar cousins shooting him on the streets of Williamsburg.  Or I could see fellow inmate Fried volunteering to take out Zaidy for free by burning down his house.  Fried is not as religious as Zaidy, so he wouldn’t take the mezuzah off the door before lighting the match.

Butler may hook up with his old friend from prison Kenneth Ira Starr, not to be confused with Kenneth Winston Starr who got Slick Willie impeached.  Kenneth Ira Starr has his own Wikepedia page.  Wikepedia lists his occupation as “money manager, lawyer, Ponzi schemer.”   Ken Starr got released back in December of 2016.  Ken scammed movie stars such as Uma Thurman out of millions.  Ken tried to scam fellow prisoners.  He offered new guys investment opportunities.  Just invest your money with Ken and you will see big returns.  Some guys fell for his scam and lost money with Ken.  Nobody was going to report Ken, as the Feds would throw both the scammer and the mark into the hole.

Butler used to scheme with Ken Starr.  Nothing ever become of it, because each one of them was looking to scam the other.  Butler wasn’t going to give Ken a dime and Ken wasn’t going to give Butler a dime, not that they had any money of their own anyway.  Instead they sat around and brainstormed new ways to scam stupid people once they got out.

Jewish mobster Neighborhood Mitch was Ken Starr’s bunkie.  Mitch didn’t think much of Ken.  Mitch used to say Ken had bad body odor and didn’t shower often.  Ken had dinosaur breath.  I don’t think he brushed his teeth, they were always yellow.  It was hard to have a face to face conversation with Ken for very long without getting nausea.  Ken used to pitch deals from the prison telephone.  The prison pay phone was out in the open, everyone heard each other’s conversations.  I used to listen to Ken make his pitch to investors on the prison phone all the time.  “You can make a lot of money on this deal, I’m telling ya, don’t pass it up…”

Butler spent so much time with Ken Starr that at one point Roman Empire gave Butler the nickname, “Butt-Starr.”  Roman used to go around telling everyone that the motto for Butt-Starr industries was, “Why make millions when you can steal thousands.”

Roman and Sam’s Club were thick as thieves.  Sam’s Club got his nickname because he was always smuggling things into the prison.  He used to have his wife smuggle stuff in his kid’s baby carriage and diapers and make the exchange in the visitors room bathroom.  The fascist Feds went nuts if guys smuggled such dangerous items as cigarettes, chocolate, bagels, or aspirin into the prison.  Lock him up in the SHU, ie., solitary.  It’s like getting the death penalty for jay walking.  Eventually Sam’s Club got caught, and got shipped off to a different prison.

Butler and Jewmark were also thick as thieves, except when they were fighting.  They had a love-hate relationship.  Street thug Russell Lockenwitz kept them together.  Once Russell got released Butler and Jewmark got into fights.  Russell didn’t last too long on the streets.  He almost violated probation when he threatened a co-worker at his job with physical violence.  The Feds let it slide, along with other transgressions.  Eventually the Feds locked him up when a Probation officer made a spot check of his apartment and found him with other felons involved in drug dealing.  They gave him two years and sent him back to the Otisville prison camp, even though the Feds violated their own rules by sending a violent guy with a long rap sheet to a minimal security prison camp.  The Feds wanted at least one tough guy in the camp to keep the white collar wimps in line.  Guys paid Russell protection money, and Russell ratted out anyone who was trying to cut in on his own smuggling operations, all with the blessing of Uncle Sam.  G-d Bless America, the Land of Opportunity.


Foreclosure Commenced Against Greer’s Residence

Eli Mirlis, the man who obtained a $21 million judgment against the Goat named Greer for child rape, has commenced foreclosure proceedings against the Goat’s residence located at 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven.  The Goat resides there with his wife, the Ewe.  The Goat raped teenagers Eli Mirlis and Avi Hack in this house.  The Ewe didn’t seem to mind that her Goat husband was using her bedroom to have sex with teenage boys.

The Ewe was spotted at the popular kosher restaurant / supermarket Edge of the Woods last week.  I witnessed her chatting it up with the employees of this establishment.  She was very happy.  She must be on drugs.

The Goat had a full house this past Shabbat.  My sources have reported that they spotted a large group of young men leaving the Nightmare on Elm Street with the Goat after religious services.  The wayward Lakewood boys who are enrolled in the unlicensed Goat boarding school are probably home for summer break.  The Goat must be paying other guys to come to his minyan.  The local New Haven crowd has completely abandoned the Goat.  They have finally come to their senses.  The last few stragglers have left the Goat: lounge singer and song writer Gary Lynes, Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw and her husband Mr. Robot.

Eli Mirlis just filed a “Lis Pendens” against the Goat’s house where the Goat raised his five children.  The Goat also raised numerous farm animals in his barn.  The Goat used to brag that all his children graduated Ivy League institutions, just like the Goat.  These Ivy League graduates were not smart enough to report the Goat to the authorities.  It took one brave man, from a broken home and a limited educational background, whom the Goat said lacked substance, to have the courage to expose the Goat for his crimes.

The many kids raised in the compound, whom the Goat probably helped get into Yale, have nothing to say about the Goat.  Federal Prosecutor and Goat Graduate United States Attorney Aaron Zelinsky has nothing to say.  The silence is deafening.  You would think a guy who works in law enforcement, and a Jew no less, would be outraged by the behavior of this Goat who calls himself a rabbi.  Right now Aaron is investigating whether the Russians tried to influence the Presidential elections.  Where was Aaron when Obama was spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to influence the Israeli elections?  Aaron should focus on real crimes, like investigating a pedophile who was able to run an unlicensed private boarding school for thirty years.

Other Goat graduates, and former friends of the Goat, have also invoked their right to remain silent and have no comment about the Goat.  Yale graduate and high school teacher Avi Hack, who was raped by the Goat, and testified in the trial, has nothing to say.  Law Professor and Yale graduate Ed Zelinsky, who is buddies with Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, has nothing to say.  The Siev family of Yale educated doctors, who treat Orthodox Jews with sexual disorders, have nothing to say about this depraved sexual predator who victimized Jewish children for over 40 years.

“Lis Pendens” is a Latin phrase that means “Litigation Pending.”  Mirlis has served the Goat with a lawsuit to foreclose on the Goat’s residence.  Mirlis has recorded this fact on the New Haven land records with the filing of the Lis Pendens.  The Lis Pendens notifies anyone wishing to purchase the Goat’s property, or potential creditors, that Mirlis has a pending claim.

I will be providing information about the court proceedings as they unfold.  I would guess that the Goat will be hiring either David Grudberg, or William Ward, or both, to defend him in the foreclosure proceedings.  The Goat could possibly hire his eviction and real estate attorney Stuart Margolis.  Either way, the Goat doesn’t have much of a defense, no matter which lawyer he hires.

Feds Conduct Psych Exam on Larry’s Noodle


Against the advice of my attorneys, and against the advice of my personal life coach Dr. Skee Watintotin, I have decided to post a copy of the psychological test the Feds recently conducted on me since they have been trying to shut down my blog.  I am not sure if I passed the test.  The Feds are still grading it.  My answers are written on the test, as you will see.  It took the State of Connecticut about 6 months to grade the bar exam, which I passed on the first try, unlike Federal United States Attorney John F. Kennedy Jr., who failed it two times.  The Federal mafia would never hire a guy like me even if I got a perfect score on the bar exam, but if my last name was Kennedy, or Clinton for that matter…

The Feds have never been able to attract employees of high intelligence.  Look at that test I had to take.  My pet cat could have devised a better test.  My Jewish friends in the medical field have reviewed this test and have concluded that I am mentally unstable and should be locked up in a mental institution.  The Feds are not as smart as my Jewish psych friends, so they will never reach this conclusion.

The Feds are too cheap to hire a top quality Jewish psychiatrist.  The psychologist at the prison complex where I lived was a young Christian female soldier named Dr. Bow.  Dr. Bow used to drive into our prison complex in rural New York in a fancy BMW.  She obviously wasn’t a local, unlike the boys in blue who parked their Ford F-150 pick up trucks next to her BMW.   “Don’t scratch my Beemer boyz!”   The boys in blue were diehard Trump supporters, while the shrink wore a Clinton cap.  The boys in blue grumbled about how this high class broad in a BMW was making ten times as much money as them, while all she did was sit with inmates for ten minutes and ask if you were suicidal.  Everyone in the prison knows that if you tell anyone that you are suicidal you are going to get a one way ticket to solitary confinement.  If you were not suicidal before you went into solitary, a few weeks in solitary will make you suicidal.

Some of the questions I found to be particularly difficult to answer on my psych exam, and which I found to be blatantly racist, were the following:

I am afraid of losing my mind      Yes / No

Strange odors, for which there is no explanation, come to me for no apparent reason    Yes / No

When on the streets I believed I could use drugs and avoid the negative consequences that I observed in others    Yes  / No

When frustrated I will throw rational thought to the wind with such statements as “screw it” or “the hell with it.”    Yes / No

There have been times when I felt entitled to break the law in order to pay for a vacation, a new car or expensive clothing    Yes / No

A significant portion of my life on the streets was spent trying to control people and situations.   Yes  /  No

I still find myself saying, “the hell with working a regular job, I’ll just take it.”     Yes / No

I have justified selling drugs, burglarizing homes and robbing banks by telling myself that if I didn’t do it someone else would.   Yes  / No

Despite the criminal life I have led, deep down I am basically a good person   Yes / No

When its all said and done, society owes me   Yes / No

I have said it to myself more than once, if it wasn’t for someone “snitching” on me I would have never gotten caught   Yes / No

On the streets I would tell myself that I needed to rob and steal in order to continue the life I had coming   Yes / No

Nobody tells me what to do, and if they do I will respond with intimidation, threats, or I might even get physically aggressive   Yes / No

Most of the questions on the exam speak the language of inner city street criminals, dare I say African Americans.  Professional White mortgage fraud criminals, like myself, don’t use such lingo.  The Feds need to devise a test more appropriate for criminals of all races.  I would suggest these types of questions:

When I was in the board room / the projects, cooking the books / cooking crack, I was not thinking about the stockholders / drug addicts   Yes / No

A significant part of my life in the suburbs /  hood was spent was spent playing golf / playing with ho’s   Yes / No

I have felt justified selling worthless penny stocks / diluted crack cocaine, on the grounds that my victims were rich  /  crackers   Yes / No






Feds Trying to Shut Down Larry Noodles

The Department of Justice currently is in turmoil, with independent investigations being conducted on the President, the Acting Director of the FBI, the former FBI Director, and Trump Junior.  Expect a Gotti like trial, with a long line of members of the Federal mafia taking the witness stand.  The investigations into the rival Clinton gang have been shelved. Godfather Trump is in big trouble.  The Clinton family may yet get their revenge.

Trump was recently double crossed by his underbosses US attorneys Rod Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions.  Sessions was supposed to protect Trump.  Instead, Sessions recused himself from the investigation of Comey and Trump.  Sessions was in on the meeting between Trump and Rosenberg, when they talked about firing Comey.  Sessions was thus a witness to the events being investigated, and could not be part of the investigation.  Rosenstein was also in on this meeting, but for some reason Rosenstein did not recuse himself.  He probably didn’t recuse himself because he wanted to be in charge of appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and Comey.

Of the many hundreds of prominent attorneys to choose from, Rosenstein hired his buddy, and Comey’s buddy, Attorney Mueller as head of the independent investigation.  But a double crosser is always afraid of getting double crossed himself.  Rosenberg made sure his close friend, Federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, was appointed to Mueller’s staff, in order to keep an eye on things lest the investigation focuses on Rosenstein.  Mueller’s staff of 15 hand picked attorneys for this high profile case are Federal government career heavyweights, “experts in the field of criminal prosecutions.”   Yet Zelinsky is a rookie, with only three years of experience as an assistant United States Attorney.  Mueller could have easily appointed the two guys who prosecuted me right here in New Haven, they had ten times more experience than Zelinsky.  Zelinsky grew up in the Greer compound, and his prominent father Yale law professor Ed Zelinsky was close with the child rapist Daniel Greer.

After Comey was fired as boss of the FBI, acting FBI boss Andrew McCabe became the target of a Federal investigation.  McCabe is being investigated for violations of the Hatch Act.  McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe got almost a million bucks from Top Democratic Fundraiser Terry McAuliffe and the Clinton gang, when Jill McCabe ran for Virginia State Senate last year.  Top G-man McCabe had a powerful position in the FBI at the time and told agents to “stand down” on the Clinton Foundation investigation.

Terry McAuliffe, along with the Clintons, were very close with Harvard graduate Hassan Nemazee, a big money man for the Democratic party, and a guy I lived with for almost two years in the Otisville Prison camp.  Hassan hailed from a royal family in Iran before the overthrow of the Shah.  It was rumored in the prison that his mother was Jewish and his father was Persian.  I never found out the truth, but his name was listed on the Jewish inmate list, which doesn’t always mean anything.  Hassan never spoke with anyone, officers or inmates, other than to yell at them to get out of his way.  He never yelled at an officer, but you get my point. Hassan was locked up for fleecing Citi Bank out of $300 million.  I heard he was sent to the SHU (Special Housing Unit, aka solitary) recently for getting in a physical altercation with another inmate in his 60s.

The Justice Department is in a jam.  If they decide to indict Trump, you can be sure that Trump will bring all the Federal prosecutors down with him.  The people at the Department of Justice may not care at this point, with all the independent investigations swirling around their own employees.  Either way, Trump underestimated the power of the Clinton gang.  Trump needs to have a sit down with the heads of the major families before this mob war escalates any further.  The body bags are piling up.  Peter Smith, a Trump guy who was trying to get Clinton emails, was recently found dead.   Klaus Eberwein, a guy who was supposed to testify against the Clinton Foundation, was also recently found dead.  The deaths were determined to be suicides, even though one guy had a bullet in his head.

Amidst all the corruption at the highest levels of government, the Department of Justice is now looking to shut down the Larry Noodles blog.   On the advice of my attorney I cannot disclose the specific details of what recently transpired, but someone in the Federal government, or on the outside complaining to the Feds, does not like this blog.

I will be taking extra precautions to shield the Larry Noodles blog from a Federal government cyber attack.  I recently updated my McAfee anti virus software.  If the Feds decide to bust my door down at five in the morning, I will most likely be locked up in the holding cell at the Federal Courthouse on Church Street for a few days.  I will probably then be transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Manhattan, if anyone would care to visit.  A smuggled in chocolate bar would be much appreciated.  Just make sure it doesn’t melt in your pocket.

If I am found unconscious with a bullet in my head, I hereby place Dr. James R. Gill, the Connecticut’s Chief medical examiner, on notice that my death was not a suicide.  If Dr. Gill rules my death a suicide, I will haunt Dr. Gill every night until he changes his report.  I would advise Dr. Gill to watch the movie Beetlejuice.


Greer the Goat on the Ropes

$21 million judgment liens were filed against the Goat’s residence on 133  West Park Avenue and on the Goat’s yeshiva building located on 765 Elm Street.  It is just a matter of time before Attorney Beatman starts foreclosure proceedings.  This depraved Goat will drag foreclosure proceedings til the very end, just like he did with civil case.  The Goat may offer some small amount of money in order to stop the foreclosure proceedings.  Beatman shouldn’t take a dime from the Goat.  Let the properties go to auction.  Let someone else buy the properties at the foreclosure sale and evict the Goat from New Haven. Nobody wants him here.

My informants advised me that nobody from New Haven showed up at the Goat’s Nightmare on Elm Street this past Shabbat.  The locals have all but abandoned the Goat.  There is only one holdout as far as I can tell.  Gary Lynes still honors this lowly creature. Gary’s claim to fame is a he co-wrote in 1957 called “Love Me Forever.”  This song hit 87 on the top 100 songs of 1957.  Gary claims that he still collects royalties on this song every time it is played on the radio.  I don’t plan on sending Gary any royalties if anyone plays his song off the link on this website.  Sue me.  The Goat already sued me for slander.  I have a court date on the Goat’s case against me scheduled for July 28th in the New Haven Superior Court.  Attorney William Ward filed this case against me on behalf of the Goat.  Attorney David Grudberg just filed an appearance in addition to Ward.  The Goat is paying two attorneys to sue me.  I filed a counterclaim suing the Goat for when he pushed me, raised his fist to me, and kicked me down the stairs of his building.

The Goat still has the Lakewood Reprobate Yeshiva led by Rabbi Notis housed in the Compound.  Notis is now on notice that the Yeshiva building is in danger of getting sold at auction.  Notis will have to find another building for these boys to hang out and smoke pot and drink alcohol.

One of the Goat’s workers just skipped town.  St. Paul worked for the Goat for the last 15 years.  St. Paul decided to call it quits and move back to Eastern Europe where he was born.  I got to speak with St. Paul before he left town.  He said the Goat once tried to seduce him in the same way that the Goat tried to seduce Mirlis and the other student I blogged about. The Goat’s modus operandi was a bottle of wine and a bag of nuts, placed on a table in a room in one of his rental buildings.  The Goat would then move in on his victim and try to kiss him.

St. Paul said he was not taken in by the Goat’s advances and rebuffed the Goat.  I am surprised the Goat didn’t fire St. Paul.   The Goat wasn’t just into children.  St. Paul was a fully grown adult.  The Goat continued his relationship with Avi Hack for 12 long years after Avi hit 16 years of age.

Sheldon Silver’s Trip to Otisville Prison Camp On Hold

Sheldon Silver’s conviction for corruption was overturned by a three judge panel on the Second Circuit.  Silver was convicted by a jury back in November of 2015.  This 72 year old man was sentenced to 12 years in jail a few months later.  Judge Caprioni “designated Federal Corrections Facility Otisville Camp” for Mr. Silver.  Silver filed an appeal.  Judge Cabranes, on the Appellate Court, just wrote a decision overturning the conviction.  The Feds have vowed to indict Silver again and have another trial.

After the sentence was handed down an angry citizen sent an anonymous letter to Judge Caprioni criticizing the judge for sending Silver to a “cushy prison environment that is highly favored for the ‘chosen people’ Orthodox Jews.”  This coward refused to sign his name and blamed Silver for the eviction of his mother.  The letter stated:  “my mother lost her apartment because of the crooked judges (same tribe) in the Housing Court, who were influenced by Sheldon Silver and his gang… No matter how cushy a prison is horny Silver will not have access to cheap motels for illicit sex with his mistresses outside of marriage.”

If your sentence is over 10 years you need special permission to get a table in the Otisville mess hall.  Silver got a twelve year sentence and was granted this waiver.  Herman Jacobowitz got a 15 year sentence and was also granted this waiver.  Jacobowitz and his brothers were running one of the largest healthcare supply companies in the New York area, called Allou.  They ran the company into the ground.  The Feds charged them with lying to investors in order to cash in on an inflated stock price.  Pump and dump.  They all ended up at the Otisville prison camp.

Herman had to request a waiver to get into Otisville because his sentence was 15 years.  In his request Jacobowitz argued to the judge that Bernie Ebbers from Worldcom got the waiver even though he got a 25 year sentence.  He also pointed out that Sanjay Kumar got the waiver even though he got a 12 year sentence for causing $2 billion in losses.  If you just got sentenced to over ten years and wish to spend the next decade of your life living it up in the Otisville asylum, save your money on attorneys fees and download the letter the lawyer for Jacobowitz prepared for free.  Cut and paste your own personal information, and you will be all set.  No need to thank Larry Noodles, just a free public service provided to fellow convicts.

I would not consider Otisville to be “cushy” compared to other prisons.  I heard that at other Federal facilities prisons you can purchase cell phones, ipods, and even tablets, that are smuggled in.  Otisville was not cell phone friendly.  The compound was small with only about 100 guys.  The guys were living on top of each other, with guards in your face.  In larger Federal compounds you would have about 400 guys with only a few guards.  In Otisville you had 100 guys with guards coming and going at all hours.  They only left you alone at night.  But most guys were in bed at night, as the guards would wake you up at 6 in the morning.  Plus many guys tried to curry favor with the boys in blue.  The Head Blueboy in charge, Scalboni, used to say, “I don’t need video cameras, I got 100 set of eyeballs watching this place.”

Eventually guys living under these conditions get on each other’s nerves and have mental breakdowns. They either get into fights, or get into trouble with the blueboys for trying to smuggle contraband into the camp.  Usually the contraband is nothing more than cigarettes, prescription drugs, or food, yet the blue boys treat it as if is the crime of the century.  Nobody tries to smuggle in a weapon, what’s the point?   When you get into trouble you get shipped out to another facility.  Usually guys get shipped out to Fort Dix.

There were a number of prominent New York politicians locked up with me.  Heshy Tishler was a heavy set wheeler dealer from Boro Park.  He was locked up for immigration fraud, ie., helping illegals get their working papers with phony jobs.  Heshy was checking out of Otisville when I first checked in.  When Heshy gave his parting speech he said he wanted to be buried in the prison clothes he wore every Shabbos.  He told a story about a Rebbe who wore priest clothing in order to raise money for poor Jews.  The Rebbe was buried in the priest uniform, as the clothing became holy.  Heshy said he felt the same way about his Shabbos prison clothes.

On Shabbos everyone had to wear a white long sleeve shirt and grey sweatpants.  No green Federal issued uniform.  This was a Jewish inmate rule that was strictly enforced by the Jewish inmates.  I didn’t realize this rule when I first came in.  I was admonished for wearing my greens on Shabbos.  The inmates told me that ignorance of the law was no excuse.  The inmates were worse than the Feds!

When Heshy left, Inmate Rabbi Pinter gave his weekly Shabbos speech about Heshy.  Pinter said that Heshy thought that he was the one pushing the buttons and getting things done in Brooklyn all these years.  Now he realizes that it is the Creator who really runs the world, even Brooklyn.  G-d was fixing all the potholes in Brooklyn.

Eventually the old inmates left and new guys came in who didn’t like Pinter’s weekly speeches.  They felt he was giving too much mussar.  Pinter was banned from speaking for a while.  He acted like he didn’t care, but you knew it bothered him.

I heard that Heshy is back in Boro Park wheeling and dealing.  I also heard that when he first got out he went on the radio and had a weekly show where he talked about Otisville.  Some guys were listening to his show up in Otisville.  Big Sal Romano was not a big fan of Heshy.  He thought Heshy was too loud and annoying.   Many guys felt the same.

I never had a problem with Heshy.  He gave me some old sneakers when I first came in.  They were too big and the soles were worn out, but I didn’t have many options at the time.  I don’t think he even charged me, but then again, you couldn’t give those things away.  He probably found them in the dumpster.

$21 Million Attachment Filed On Greer Residence & School Building

Daniel Greer’s rape victim Eli Mirlis just filed $21 million judgment liens against Goat properties.  Collections Attorney Matthew Beatman, of the aggressive collection law firm Zeisler & Zeisler, beat a path to the New Haven town clerk’s office, knocking over the goat, and filed liens on properties located at:

133 West Park Ave – The Goat’s stately residence overlooking Edgewood Park that he owns with his wife, the Ewe.

765 Elm Street – The Nightmare on Elm Street AKA the House of Horrors.  The yeshiva building the Goat used to lure and rape teenage boys for the last 30 years.

The City of New Haven appraised 133 West Park at $361,000.00.  The City appraised the Nightmare on Elm Street at $6.2 million.

Initially I didn’t think Mirlis could place a lien against the yeshiva school building, as the record owner of that building is “the Gan School.”  But Attorney Beatman filed the liens under the name “Yeshiva of New Haven fka (Formerly known as) the Gan School.”  Beatman knows what he is doing, unlike the bumbling three attorneys the Goat hired.  The Goat attorneys couldn’t get the Goat to settle and lost one of the biggest child molestation verdicts in Connecticut history.  They couldn’t even prepare the Goat to testify at trial.  On the witness stand the Goat was angry, arrogant, evasive, and argumentative.  At one point the Goat went into a rage and castigated Attorney Ponvert.  The Goat’s three attorneys, Ward, Nugent and Grudberg, sat at counsels table staring into space while the Goat bellowed on the witness stand, “I beg your pardon!”

If the Goat continues to beat Attorney Beatman out of child rape victim money, Beatman will have to start foreclosure proceedings against these properties.  Foreclosure proceedings could take a year or more.  In the end  the Goat school would have to move to another location. Hopefully by that time the State of Connecticut will have an empty jail cell waiting for the Goat, and the unlicensed Goat school will be shut down.  The Ewe can visit the Goat in jail.

Beatman cannot kick the Goat out of his house, as the Ewe is one half owner of the Goat house.  The Ewe could let the Goat stay in her half of the house.  But Beatman can still sell the Goat’s half of the house.  I don’t know who would want to buy one half of the Goat house and live there with the Goat and his Ewe.   Avi Hack may be interested in buying the Goat’s half of the house.  Avi can spend the weekends in the Goat house while the Goat seduces him with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts, just like the old days.




Zaidy Is Halfway Home

80 year old Naftuli Shlesinger, whose nickname was “Zaidy,” spent a good part of the last ten years walking around the grounds of the Otisville prison compound picking up trash with his little hand held grip and grap, and noshing on potatoes, onions and tomatoes in the prison mess hall.  Naftuli carefully peeled each potato.  He cut up the potatoes and placed them in a plastic container with finely chopped up onions and tomatoes.  He triple wrapped the container with plastic and placed it in the microwave for 5 or 10 minutes.  Sometimes he put meat in his concoction.  I ate dinner with him many times in the mess hall.  I will admit he was a pretty good cook.  Naftuli is now halfway free.  He was recently released to the Brooklyn halfway house.

Naftuli hails from a powerful Satmar family from Williamsburg.  But that didn’t stop him from getting a 15 year jail sentence.  On New Years Eve of 1998 a building Naftuli owned caught fire.  The Feds charged Naftuli with insurance fraud when he made a claim for fire insurance.  The trial was more like a family feud.  Members of Naftuli’s own family testified against him.  They were all suing each other in civil court in business disputes.  Naftuli didn’t have a chance against the Feds long list of witnesses.  The Feds could have indicted anyone on their witness list as co-conspirators, yet charges were only brought against Naftuli.  Everyone else was immune from prosecution.

At sentencing Naftuli had the entire Satmar Williamsburg community fighting for him.  He argued at sentencing that former Attorney General Michael Mukasey knew him well and would support him if the sentencing Judge requested.  Judge Mukasey was prohibited from contacting the sentencing judge, unless the sentencing judge requested such input.  Naftuli’s sentencing Judge didn’t want to hear from Mukasey.  Federal Judge Fitzsimmons was unfamiliar with this Judicial Canon when she wrote a letter supporting her friend former US Prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein when he was sentenced for stealing $600K from a client.  She has since apologized for her error, after Larry Noodles brought it to the Second Circuit’s attention.  Pickerstein got a thirty day term of incarceration after he robbed his client of over $600,000.00 and then lied about it to try to cover his tracks.

I do not know how Naftuli become friends with Mukasey.  Naftuli used to talk about Mukasey but he never mentioned how he got to know him personally.  Mukasey was close with Rudy Guiliani.  Guiliani was able to beat Dinkins in a very close mayoral race.   The Satmar community supported Guiliani and may have been responsible for Guiliani’s slim victory.  Mukasey was the second Jewish man to be appointed to the position of US Attorney General.  But Mukasey was part of the modern Jewish crowd in Manhattan, while Naftuli was part of the old world Hasidic community.

Mukasey was one of over a hundred former Federal attorney generals,  State attorney generals, law scholars and lock em up former U.S. attorneys, such as Rudoph Guiliani, John Ashcroft, Edwin Meese, Kenneth Starr, Joseph Leiberman, and others, who signed a letter criticizing the Federal government, breaking their Blue Code of silence, accusing the Feds of presenting false evidence, and serious acts of misconduct in the prosecution and sentencing of Sholom Rubashkin.

Rubashkin is doing 27 years after getting convicted of bank fraud.  The unprecedented letter was signed by the same prosecutors who for years supported the draconian Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which resulted in a building boom of new prisons, mostly to warehouse low level drug dealers and non-violent law breakers.  Mukasey even supported waterboarding.  The Supreme Court, after almost 30 years, recently threw out the Guidelines.  Were all these prosecutors closet liberals?

Naftuli had many visitors at the prison.  He had a large family, with many attractive females as part of his mishpacha.  Not just attractive. These Queen Esthers came to prison dressed up as if they were going to a wedding.  Neighborhood Mitch, a former Jewish mobster who worked for the Gambinos, used to flirt with them.  But it was against the rules for an inmate to speak with another inmate’s visitors.  Mitch would sometimes get kicked out of the visitors room for talking to the visitors.  I heard that Mitch was recently moved to the Danbury Correctional Institution, not too far from me.  I would pay him a visit and try to smuggle him in a challie roll, but it is against the rules for former inmates to associate.  Mitch used to like the challie rolls.

Naftuli is now living it up in a halfway house, although the employees who operate the halfway houses are worse than the Federal employees working in the prisons.  Halfway houses are run by civilians.  These civilians are low paid frustrated police officers.

Naftuli’s used to refer to most people he encountered in the prison as “a lowlife.”  At times Naftuli got animated when he didn’t get his way.  The mentality among prisoners is that the longer you are locked up, the more deserving you are of respect.  But you can’t expect prisoners to always follow the unwritten rules.  New guys tended to upset the apple cart.  Change is always difficult, especially when you are in prison.  The only way to survive is to get lost in a routine in order to take your mind off the armed guards and barbed wired fences that surround you 24/7.

I used to write this blog while I was locked up with Naftuli.  This is what I wrote two years ago, among other blogs that were published by the New Haven Independent:   An 80-year-old Hasidic inmate got permission to go to a wedding accompanied by the Blue Boy who is my boss as the warehouse.  Talk about an odd couple. The Blue Boy is a self proclaimed “redneck” who weighs in at about 300 pounds. The Hasid is a 100-pound ornery old man who doesn’t think much of secular Jews, or the “goyim” for that matter.  The Blue Boy had to drive him to the wedding and drive him back to the prison. I asked the Blue Boy if he could bring me back some whitefish and herring. I also reminded him to make sure the inmate brought his Depends with him, you don’t want to have any accidents in the prison van. He proceeded to flip me the bird and tell me to go bleep myself. I said, “Have a nice time.”

I didn’t tell any of my fellow inmates that I was writing these blogs from jail.  Eventually someone found out about it and ratted me out to all the prisoners, including Naftuli.  My life suddenly became a lot more difficult in the prison.  Naftuli read my blog and yelled at me.  I couldn’t understand Yiddish so I didn’t know what he was talking about.  When he stopped yelling he looked at me and smiled and said, “I’m only 79, not 80 years old.”

Looking back, I feel bad about the Depends joke.  I hope you can forgive me Naftuli!