Dr. Salhanick Threatens To Sue Larry Noodles With “Every Cent from Family Members”


May 18, 2016

Larry Noodles can’t seem to catch a break. Not too long ago, Larry Noodles was threatened with legal action by Rabbi Greer’s attorney.   And now a former supporter of Rabbi Greer has threatened to sue Larry Noodles over a recent blog posting, and sent a threatening email to the Law Offices of John Williams.  Larry Noodles hired this legendary New Haven civil rights law firm to defend himself against Rabbi Greer’s attorney.  Rabbi Greer’s attorney still has not sued Larry Noodles.  The attorneys at the Law Office of John Williams are hopeful that Larry Noodles will get sued soon, either by Rabbi Greer or the Doc.  They are hoping to get paid big sums of money defending Larry Noodles. As a former practicing attorney, I know how important money is to attorneys.  Without further adieu, here is the threatening email:

Dear Attorney Merly:

Five minutes ago, I called Mr. Dressler and told him he has 24 hours to remove these references, or I will use every cent and from family members to go after him in the courts. I know defamation is a long process and difficult to prove, but it will be pursued. One does not trample on the innocent.  I ask you, as one professional to another, to bring Mr. Dressler to his senses. My oldest son, a graduate of Fordham Law School, was trained not only in the details of American Law, but in in moral principle as well. Thank you for your efforts.
Arthur I. Salhanick, Ph.D.

Larry Noodles is not sure how much money Dr. Salhanick is worth, or how much money his family is worth, but Larry Noodles would feel very bad if Dr. Salhanick and his family were forced to sell the family farm and file for bankruptcy in pursuit of a lawsuit against Larry Noodles. Larry Noodles does have a moral conscience, in spite of being accused of trampling “on the innocent.”  But one man’s loss is another man’s gain.  Some attorney out there will get “every cent” of Dr. Salhanick’s family fortune to “go after” Larry Noodles.  Larry Noodles realizes that attorneys are struggling out there, and some have resorted to desperate measures to pay their bills.  Rabbi Greer’s attorney William Gallagher stole almost two million dollars from his client’s accounts in order to pay his bills.

Larry Noodles is not sure why Dr. Salhanick mentioned that his son graduated from Fordam Law School.  Dr. Salhanick certainly can forward his son’s resume to the Law Offices of John Williams for Attorney Joseph Merly to review.  He sounds like he will make a good attorney. But he may not make it very far in the legal profession if he was trained “in moral principle.”   As a former attorney I would offer him a bit of advice: Don’t do sub prime mortgages.  That’s what got me in trouble.  Seven closings, where I made a couple of thousand dollars, got me 18 months in the clink, unlike former Federal prosecutor Pickerstein who just got 30 days for stealing $600K.  But I digress.  This blog is supposed to be about Rabbi Greer.  Dr. Salhanick has taken me way off topic with his silly lawsuit.  Dr. Salhanick should donate his family fortune to victims of rape and violence rather than pay an attorney to sue Larry Noodles.

Ex Fed Prosecutor Locked up in Devens



Former Federal prosecutor and prominent criminal defense attorney Harold James Pickerstein is officially “Inmate number 24400-014” and is locked up in the Federal prison in Devens, MA.  It is a modern facility that has a “medical center with and adjacent satellite camp.”  The camp has 127 inmates.  The main prison has about a  thousand guys locked up.

When Pickerstein was sentenced his attorney asked Federal Judge Bolden if he could be sent to Otisville.  Otisville is considered the place to go if you are a white collar criminal.  Not that it is such a great prison, it’s just that all the other prisons are much worse.  The facilities at Otisville are very old and run down.  Its like living in a temporary construction site, with one story buildings that look like tractor trailers. But it is known to offer more “freedom” to inmates than other facilities.

Otisville is never static.  Depending on the mood of the warden, or if they get a new warden, rules get changed all the time, some rules enforced more than others.  Otisville is more strict when it comes to computers and cell phones.  At other prisons guys smuggle in cell phones, and don’t get in too much trouble, or don’t get caught.  Who can blame guys for smuggling in cell phones?  The prison only allows 10 minutes of phone calls a day, and charge you twelve cents a minute.  With a cell phone you can talk as much as you want and not get charged nearly as much as a prison phone.

At sentencing Pickerstein said he had medical issues and thus should be spared incarceration.  That argument may have worked many years ago, but today you have medical and old age prisons such as Devens, which are turning into nursing homes with long prison sentences mandated by the Sentencing Guidelines.  Guys get into fights with their wheelchairs.  Even though Pickerstein asked for Otisville he got sent to Devens for his 30 day sentence.  It doesn’t matter where the Judge orders you to go, after you get sentenced you are turned over to the Bureau of Prisons, and become the property of the BOP.

It is not clear whether Pickerstein chose to go to Devens instead of Otisville because Larry Noodles has been blogging about how Pickerstein got off easy with his high placed Federal connections.  PIckerstein may have feared that the Otisville inmates will prejudge him unfavorably before he gets there.  Unlike sentencing Judge Bolden, who judged Pickerstein to be a “loving man” not the bad guy the Federal prosecutors made him out to be.

Judge Bolden said to Pickerstein at sentencing, “You may not have loved yourself as much as you should and not as much as all of the people around you do.  Martin Luther King Jr. said that before you can love others you have to love yourself.  I urge you to love yourself, you have been loving to others but now is the time to love yourself, truly love yourself.  You can also love yourself by letting all those whose lives you touched show their support for you in this time of need, let them show their love for you.  But if you need it and it does not seem to be there, ask for it and it will be there.  With that love a greater love for yourself and a willingness to let those who love you show that they love you, you’ll make it through the darkest of days…  ”  The Federal prosecutor told Judge Bolden that in a few months from now there will be a case similar to  Pickerstein’s, and Judge Bolden will have to decide whether to give the next guy 30 days for stealing $600K.  Will Judge Bolden invoke the words of Martin Luther King  Jr. to cut a poor Black man with no high placed Federal connections a break?  Time will tell.  And Larry Noodles will be there to report about it.

Larry Noodles has heard that the Head Blueboy in Charge of Otisville has banned copies of this blog from entering the camp. As a former attorney, I believe that the Federal government has engaged in illegal censorship, in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.  If the ACLU is reading this blog, I urge them to file a lawsuit ASAP.

All inmates are given a number and considered “Federal property” by the Department of Corrections.  Pickerstein will soon have his number memorized, because you need to type in your number every time you use the computer for emails, and when you use the telephone for your ten minutes of phone calls a day.

Judgment Liens Filed Against Greer

(May 13, 2016)   Ten days ago Rabbi Greer was sued in Federal Court by Eli Mirlis for child rape.  Attorney William Ward, speaking on behalf of Rabbi Greer, defended Rabbi Greer, and said, “It only takes a moment to make allegations with despicable indifference to the consequences of the damage they would cause to my client, his family, and his reputation that he spent a lifetime building in his community.”  Yet Attorney Ward has not filed a “notice of appearance” in Federal court, an official form that notifies the Federal Court that he has been hired as Rabbi Greer’s official attorney.  Why has William Ward not yet filed this appearance form?

As someone who practiced law for over 20 years, there is an old saying in the legal business, “No appearance until Mr. Green comes in” which means the attorney doesn’t file an appearance until he gets enough up front money for attorneys fees.  The fact that Attorney Ward has not yet filed an appearance indicates that Rabbi Greer hasn’t paid his legal bill.  I would imagine that Mr. Ward would be charging Rabbi Greer a very large sum of money to defend him in this ‘messy’ lawsuit.  My advice to attorney Ward is to get as much money up front as possible.

Rabbi Greer has a history of not paying bills.  Rabbi Greer once stiffed Yale and Hospital of St. Raphael for medical bills.  Rabbi Greer owed Yale Diagnostic Radiologists $291.00.  Rabbi Greer, who inherited most of his money, didn’t pay his radiology bill.  Rabbi Greer hails from a wealthy family from Riverside Drive on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Yale took Rabbi Greer to court and got a judgment against Rabbi Greer for $291.00 plus court costs.  Yale slapped a judgment lien on Rabbi Greer’s house located at 133 West Park Street, New Haven.  After three years Rabbi Greer decided to pay the Yale bill.  But the only reason he paid Yale was because he was looking to refinance his mortgage, and he couldn’t get approved for a mortgage with a hospital lien on his property.  Within a few days of paying his hospital bill Rabbi Greer got his New Haven Savings Bank mortgage.  About a year later the Hospital of St Raphael sued Rabbi Greer and his wife Sarah Greer, and got a judgment for $262.54.  The hospital put a lien on Rabbi Greer’s house at 133 West Park Street.  From my search of the land records, it appears that the bill to the Hospital of St Raphael has still not been paid off.

Ex Fed Prosecutor Gets 4 Weeks Jail for Robbing $600K

pickersetinPickerstein leaving Federal Court


bolden Judge Victor Bolden

(May 12, 2016)  Harold James Pickerstein was sentenced to 30 days in Otisville by Judge Victor Bolden after he stole $600,000.00 from a mobster he was defending.  His Federal sentencing guidelines called for about 3 years.  Pickerstein was holding millions of dollars in trust for the mobster.  After the mobster got out of jail the mobster asked Pickerstein for his money.  Pickerstein told the mobster that he was having financial problems and spent the money on back taxes and personal expenses.  If you are going to rob that kind of money why would you turn it over to the IRS to pay back taxes?  Enter into an offer and compromise, or get into a payment plan.  Or file bankruptcy.  But to go out and steal money to pay back the IRS?  How stupid is that?

Yet Pickerstein is no dummy.  He submitted numerous letters of support from former Federal prosecutors and prominent attorneys who attested to his brilliance as an attorney and to his kindness and good deeds.  He was the Mother Theresa of ex-prosecutors.  The court was jam packed with lawyers supporting him.  Standing room only.  You would think that Pickerstein was the greatest lawyer of all time.  Outside of the State of Connecticut nobody ever heard of him. The former Chief Federal prosecutor for Connecticut, tearfully pleaded with the judge to spare Pickerstein, and cried, “This is a man I love and respect!”  This former prosecutor argued that the Sentencing Guidelines were inappropriate in Pickerstein’s case. He said that the decision on whether to jail Pickerstein should not be determined by “provisions and subprovisions of a set of guidelines nor in the horizontal and vertical lines of a grid but rather on a close examination of what the defendant did, and more fundamentally, who he is…” Pickerstein is a former Federal prosecutor, that’s who he is.  Connecticut Federal magistrate judge Fitzsimmons wrote about how she worked with Pickerstein in the Federal prosecutor’s office, and observed, “Jim’s work in that case was representative of the things most important to him demonstrating compassion for victims, his integrity….”  The victim in Pickerstein’s case was a mobster.  I guess it’s ok not to have compassion for a mobster. I guess you can still have integrity when you rob from a mobster.  If Jim robbed a Federal judge or prosecutor no doubt the Feds would have given him the electric chair.  The moral of the story, it pays to have friends in high places.

The mobster met with Pickerstein and asked for his money back.  Pickerstein begged for mercy and said he had personal bills, medical expenses, and back taxes that he had to pay.  He didn’t mention to the mobster that he had just spent $8K on clothing stores in Fairfield.  The mobster was wired and taped recorded his conversation with Pinkerstein and then went to the Feds.  Usually it is the mobsters that get caught on tape.  You never hear of a case where the mobster rats out his own lawyer!

Pickerstein submitted letters from his doctors.  He has prostrate cancer. He needs more aggressive medical treatment.  He has been receiving treatment for a number of years now.  When I was in Otisville I met many guys with sentences upwards of five or ten years with medical documentation showing they had one foot in the grave.  There is a Federal prison with a top notch medical facility in Devens, MA.  Why does Pickerstein want to go to Otisville instead of Devens?   The medical care at Otisville is provided mostly by EMT’s, nurses and Physician Assistants.  If you want real medical treatment you get shipped out of Otisville and go to a hospital, or get shipped to Devens.  But you may have to wait a very long time for your paperwork to get processed and approved.  There is an Eastern European dental assistant at Otisville who is very popular with the inmates.  The running joke is that this dental assistant survived the Holocaust, not as an prisoner, but as a guard.

I have a feeling that Pinkerstein will not receive a warm welcome in Otisville from the white collar guys who stole a lot less money and got a lot more time, or from the drug dealers who are doing five to ten years.  But he is only in for 30 days.  Big deal.  He can survive for 30 days.  If he complains about anything in the prison guys will be all over him.  Its best he just grab a few books and hide out in the library for 30 days.  Nobody will even notice he was there.  There was a 78 year old billionaire in Otisville who did 2 short months. George Landegger.  Guys weren’t too happy about his short sentence.  He was caught trying to hide close to $10 million in Swiss bank accounts.  But George was a billionaire businessman wheeler dealer who knew how to make people happy when he needed to.  I don’t think Pickerstein is in the same league. Pickerstein is a guy with a sad personal story. He has financial and family problems. His son committed suicide.  But the many guys I met in Otisville had even sadder personal stories.  Yet the Federal judges in their cases, as in mine, didn’t stray far from the “horizontal  and vertical lines” of the Federal sentencing guidelines grid, and locked us up for years without much consideration for our “sob stories.”

Fed Judge Writes Character Letter for Ex Prosecutor

bolden Federal Judge Bolden


Fitzsimmons-Judge Holly

Judge Holly Fitzsimmons


The criminal defense bar in Connecticut is up in arms over the slap on the wrist 30 day jail sentence handed down to convicted felon former Federal prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein.  How did this happen?  Nobody seems to be able to figure out how a guy with a three year guidelines number got a mere 30 days.  But Larry Noodles has a theory.  Larry Noodles believes that it was because Pickerstein got the benefit of an 8 page handwritten letter signed by Federal Magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons on April 2, 2016.  The media reported that Fitzsimmons was a “retired Federal magistrate.”  But according to the Connecticut Federal judicial website, “Effective April 2, 2015, the Honorable Holly B. Fitzsimmons retired from serving as a full time United States Magistrate Judge and assumed the status as a Recalled Magistrate Judge.  She will serve the court as a recalled judge as needed.”  She was retired as a full time judge, but was still on call when needed as a part time judge.  She was a Federal judge when she wrote a character letter for Pickerstein.

According the Federal Code of Ethics for Federal Judges, Canon 2 states:  “A Judge Should Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in all Activities (B) Outside Influence. A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others…. A judge should not testify voluntarily as a character witness.  Testimony as a character witness injects the prestige of the judicial office into the proceeding in which the judge testifies and may be perceived as an official testimonial. A judge should avoid lending the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others. For example, a judge should not use the judge’s judicial position or title to gain advantage in litigation involving a friend or a member of the judge’s family. A judge should not initiate communications to a sentencing judge or a probation or corrections officer but may provide information to such persons in response to a formal request.”

Judge Fitzsimmons wrote an eight page letter, in her own handwriting, voluntarily, not in “response to a formal request” as required by the Canon of Ethics.  She said of Pickerstein: “…judges never hesitated to call him when they needed someone they could count on…”  “To be Jim’s friend was to know absolutely that he had your best interests at heart… He was the first non-family member in my hospital room when my daughter was born… Child rearing advice (the whisky for teething was probably not a suggestion his wife would have approved of), a hug at a down time – his heart was as big as his voice… ”  Did Jim bring a bottle of Scotch to the maternity ward and do shots with the newborn infant?  Was Pickerstein the Richard Dawson of the Federal prosecutor’s office, providing hugs and kisses to fellow prosecutors “at down time?”

Larry Noodles reviewed every one of the 71 pages of letters in support of Jim Pickerstein’s.  Most were from former Federal prosecutors who knew Jim for over 25 years.  One letter came from a law firm that does nothing but collection work, the Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff.  Larry Noodles found this strange because Pickerstein, in spite of stealing $600K, didn’t pay his AMEX bill and was sued by AMEX.  AMEX recently obtained a judgment against Pickerstein for $10K.  He is one of the many deadbeat debtors sued by law firms like Howard Lee Schiff.

Jim also received letters of support from members of the Tribe of Israel, of which he belongs.  Jim is a Conservative Jew who prays at the Beth El synagogue in suburban Fairfield.  Larry Noodles has a cousin who prays over there, but was unable to contact this cousin before press time to find out about Pickerstein.  Jim lived in the Jewish quarter of Fairfield, off of Fairfield Woods Road.  His house is worth $600K, the same amount of money he stole from his mobster client.  Larry Noodles grew up in the gentile section of town in Fairfield, and had to commute to the Jewish hood to go to Sunday School.  The goyim didn’t think much of the Jews and vice versa.  The town was segregated at the time.  Each section of town had it’s own high school, Roger Ludlowe for the goyim and Andrew Warde for the Jews. The Blacks and Spanish were confined to Bridgeport, right over the Fairfield border.  They usually got pulled over by the Fairfield cops if they strayed across the border, and sent back to Bridgeport, if they didn’t get locked up.  None of them had Pickerstein connections.

Jim was the gabbai (sexton) at the Beth El synagogue, and was President at one point.  This must be the reason Jim wants to go to the Otisville prison.  Otisville is the destination for many New York Jews. The shul is run by the Satmar Hasidim from the mean streets of Williamsburg, a different world than suburban Fairfield.  The current jail gabbai is a Satmar by the name of Herman Jacobowitz, who is doing 13 years.  Herman or “MShoolum” as they call him, runs the shul with an iron fist.  Jim will be lucky to get a seat in the shul with a thirty day sentence.  He might as well not even change into the green canvas prison clothing.  Jim won’t have many friends at Otisville.  Guys only become your friend if they think you got some green in your wallet.  Guys would even be willing to put aside the fact that you are a rat or an ex-prosecutor if you got money, or appear to have money.  Jim owes $10K on his AMEX bill, so he is pretty broke, he will be lucky to have enough money to pay for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on the commissary.  And he looks like a guy who likes to eat a lot of ice cream.

Jim is a criminal defense attorney, so guys will probably warm up to him to ask him for advice on their cases.  The prison rules say that you are not supposed to discuss your case with other inmates.  A rule that is almost impossible to enforce.  Jim will piss off a lot of guys if he says he is going to strictly follow the rules and not review their cases.  The 80 year old Satmar, Naftuli, will be the first to ask Jim for help on his many hopeless appeals.  Every time a new lawyer gets locked up Naftuli will be first to befriend him. Nafuli represents what is wrong with the system. They system has no mercy for an 80 year old man who gets 10 years and lets a guy like Pickerstein, who has no taste in ties, get a revolving door of 30 days.

Fed Judge Cuts Ex-Prosecutor a Break


bolden Federal Judge Bolden

Former Attorney and Federal Prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein got a 30 day prison sentence after he stole $600K from his client. Pickerstein’s federal sentencing guidelines called for 3 years jail.  Larry Noodles’ sentencing guidelines called for about 3 years.  Larry Noodles caught a break and got only 20 months jail.  Larry Noodles would have preferred 30 days like Pickerstein, but hey, who is Larry Noodles to complain about these things?

Pickerstein raided his client’s bank account for two years.  He used the money to pay his back taxes and go on a shopping spree.   Pickerstein was caught after his client put on a wire and recorded Pinkerstein admitting that he stole the money.  Pickerstein was sentenced to 30 days jail by Federal Judge Victor Bolden, a judge recently appointed by President Obama.  Pickerstein surrendered his law license and agreed never to seek to reapply to the bar ever again.

Pickerstein received 70 pages of character letters, mostly from attorneys and former prosecutors, and one letter from Federal magistrate Judge Holly Fitzsimmons.   Pickerstein worked for such powerful law firms as Trager & Trager, Pepe & Hazard, and McElroy, Deutsch, Mulraney & Carpenter.  Not one character letter bore the letterhead of Trager & Trager, Pepe & Hazard, or McElroy, Deutsch, Mulraney & Carpenter.  If Pickerstein was such a great guy why didn’t anyone from these firms submit a character letter on his behalf?

Pickerstein received a character letter from former Federal prosecutor Joseph Martini.  Pickerstein officiated at Martini’s wedding.  Martini married an Irish girl.  Pinkerstein, a Jewish man, a gabbai (sexton) no less, gave the blessings at this Italian-Irish wedding.  How often does that happen?  Martini probably gave Pickerstein a copy of the New Testament to review.  Larry Noodles’ advice to Pickerstein is that he not bring a copy of the New Testament into the Jewish prison “camp” at Otisville.  The current gabbai inmate is a militant Hasid from the Satmar sect.  A guy by the name of “M-shulum.”

Former prosecutor Martini used to be a partner with Pickerstein at the powerful law firm Pepe & Hazard.  Pickerstein also received a character letter from former Fed prosecutor James Glasser, the son of Israel Leo Glasser, a Federal judge in New York. Glasser contributed to the Obama for President campaign.  Martini and Glasser are both partners at the powerful law firm of Wiggin & Dana.  Unlike other attorney character letters, the Martini and Glasser character letters were not submitted on Wiggin & Dana letterhead.  But Judge Bolden already knew that Martini and Glaser were partners at Wiggin & Dana.  Judge Bolden used to work for Wiggin & Dana.  Judge Bolden served on the Wiggin & Dana Diversity Advisory Board up until the year 2013.

The Federal Judicial Canon of Ethics state:  “A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to… permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge…. An appearance of impropriety occurs when reasonable minds, with knowledge of all the relevant circumstances disclosed by a reasonable inquiry, would conclude that the judge’s honesty, integrity, impartiality, temperament, or fitness to serve as a judge is impaired. Public confidence in the judiciary is eroded by irresponsible or improper conduct by judges. A judge must avoid all impropriety and appearance of impropriety…”

Greer is Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


May 8, 2016

It has been reported that the Greer school for teenage boys is back in session.  Classes were held Sunday with the two students who still attend the Greer yeshiva.   Meyer Seewald, of the Jewish Community Watch, an organization that investigates child molesters in the Orthodox Jewish community, has been notified of the allegations against Rabbi Greer.  I have been told that his organization has started an investigation of Rabbi Greer.

The parents of the two brothers who are still enrolled in the Greer yeshiva have been notified of the Federal lawsuit, yet refuse to believe that Rabbi Greer is guilty.  The parents have defended Rabbi Greer.  They have referred to Rabbi Greer as “Moshe Rabbenu.”  They are saying Moshe Rabbenu is under attack by Rabbi Muroff (the rabbi who told Larry Noodles about molestation allegations), Eli Mirlis (the former student who filed the Federal molestation lawsuit), and Larry Noodles, who are collectively referred to as the Biblical rebels “Korach, Datan and Aviram.”  But that’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  The parents of these children are part of a rebellious subgroup of Lubavitch Hasidim, a subgroup that believes that Rebbe Schneerson is the Moschiach, ie., the Messiah.  Why these Lubavitch parents sent their children back to a school run by child rapist Rabbi Greer, a man who is part of a completely different Jewish sect, and who is highly critical of the Lubavitch Hasidim is a mystery, especially when there is a thriving Lubavitch yeshiva located right down the street from Rabbi Greer’s House of Horrors. Rabbi Greer’s own grandchildren left the school in the middle of the semester.

May 6th, 2016 was Rabbi Greer’s first Shabbos since he was served with a Federal lawsuit accusing him of child rape.  Rabbi Greer read from the week’s portion Leviticus 18:22, “You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination.”   Ironically, back in 2002, Rabbi Greer cited this same verse to the legislature of the State of Connecticut when he testified before the State Capital in opposition to gay marriage.  Rabbi Greer submitted a copy of the passage of Leviticus 18:22, and marked it “Exhibit B.”  Rabbi Greer testified, “I wish to reiterate Judaism’s longstanding opposition to any same sex relationships. A historic opposition, which is shared by classical Christianity, and again, Islam. The Torah perspective on homosexual relationships is informed by biblical disapproval, a strong disapproval. Leviticus 18:22 – again, that’s set forth as Exhibit B, where that negative injunction follows a detailed list of prohibited sexual associations. It is worth perusing.  I quote, ‘Do not lie with a male as you would with a woman since this is a disgusting perversion.'”

Rabbi Greer’s most loyal employee on the Greer compound is a gay man.  Over the years Rabbi Greer always had a few goyim working in the compound doing odd jobs.  But nobody ever lasted very long working for Rabbi Greer.  Nobody can put up with Rabbi Greer’s erratic and abusive behavior.  But this young handsome Eastern European gay man has worked there for many years, and continues to work at the Greer compound to this day.

At one point a newspaper reporter from the New Haven Advocate appeared at the Greer synagogue.  Rabbi Greer did not like the articles this reporter was writing about Rabbi Greer.  Rabbi Greer has a camera directed at the front entrance to his school / synagogue. You cannot get into the Greer synagogue / school without looking at the camera and getting buzzed in.  Rabbi Greer saw the reporter in the camera.  Rabbi Greer slammed open the front door and physically pushed the reporter down the front outside stairs and yelled at the reporter.

Rabbi Greer barely got a minyan for Shabbos services this past Shabbos. The Greer children were all out of town.   Since the filing of the Federal lawsuit Rabbi Avi Hack has disappeared.  Paragraph 13 of the Mirlis Federal lawsuit alleges the following:  “During the years prior to his sexual molestation of Eli, Greer sexually abused, molested and exploited at least one other minor boy.”  Mirlis must be referring to Rabbi Avi Hack.  Rabbi Muroff told me that someone settled a molestation case against Rabbi Greer “in the millions of dollars.”  Is it possible that Rabbi Muroff was referring to Rabbi Avi Hack? Has Rabbi Avi Hack been paid hush money for years by Rabbi Greer?  The answers to these questions should come out in the Federal lawsuit.  Rabbi Greer has no choice but to fight the lawsuit to the bitter end.  If Rabbi Greer settles the lawsuit and pays money to Mirlis he will be admitting guilt.  Rabbi Greer could then be facing criminal charges.

Rabbi Avi Hack’s father has not left New Haven like the rest of the Greers and Hacks. But Hack Sr. did cut off ties with the man who raped his son.  For at least 35 years, Hack Sr. sat within a few feet of Rabbi Greer in the Greer shul / synagogue, and prayed with Rabbi Greer, and was involved in Rabbi Greer’s business dealings and non-profit organizations.  Hack Sr.’s daughter married Rabbi Greer’s son.  Did Hack Sr. know that Rabbi Greer was molesting his son?

Hack Sr. had a brief encounter with Larry Noodles on Friday night. As Larry Noodles walked to a historical shul in New Haven, Hack Sr. was down the street and waved at Larry Noodles, not fully recognizing Larry Noodles in the distance.  Larry Noodles waved back.  As Larry Noodles got closer, Hack Sr. recognized the infamous blogger.  Hack Sr. immediately turned around and ran away, like one of Greer’s goats being chased out of the compound.  Larry Noodles was not  insulted.  As Larry Noodles walked into shul congregants congratulated Larry Noodles for publicly exposing the corruption of Rabbi Greer.

It takes a lot to offend Larry Noodles, especially after having spent 18 months in federal prison in Otisville New York.  Prison was no vacation. 18 months of harassment by fellow inmates and officers, sleeping on a two inch mattress, and eating food that isn’t fit to be eaten by a Greer goat takes it’s toll.  Rabbi Greer never attempted to visit or contact me in prison.

Many rabbis tried to contact me, visit me, and send messages and blessings to me.  It was difficult to get permission to get visitors.  The visitors have to fill out a form, submit copies of identification, which all gets reviewed for several weeks, before the visitor gets on your “approved” list.   Many times the officers lose the paperwork, because they don’t like having to spend the time processing your forms. If you only have six months to go on your sentence the attitude is that you don’t need any new visitors, if they were so important you should have put them on your list when you first checked in.  It was a lot of effort to get someone on the visitors list, as if the person was asking permission to visit President Obama.  Yet the Feds have very little security in the visitors room, other than armed guards.  There are no metal detectors.  Nobody gets searched.  You just waltz into the visitors room, present your identification, and hug a thug.

Larry Noodles got a number of prison visits from Rabbi Greer’s sons.  Some people have asked why Larry Noodles has been so critical of the Greers after they made prison visits.  Larry Noodles will explain.  Back in 2015 rumors were swirling around New Haven that some kind of allegations were being made against Rabbi Greer by a former student. About this time Rabbi Greer’s sons stopped speaking with Rabbi Greer.  Larry Noodles was locked up so he had no idea what was going on.  It was about this time that Larry Noodles started to get visits from the Greer brothers.  Larry Noodles looked forward to visitors, as does every prisoner.  A prison visit takes a man out of the prison and transports him home, if for but a brief moment.  It is an uplifting experience you will never experience unless you are actually locked up.

The Greer sons never told Larry Noodles about the turmoil that was going on in the Greer compound, which would have been natural to discuss between “friends” who have known each other for many years.  The titanic was sinking and yet Larry Noodles was told that everything was fine in New Haven.  Larry Noodles was told that things were going so well that a new kollel that was being started up in the Greer yeshiva.

The only way to fully understand the warped Greer brain is to look at Aesop’ fables and the Torah.  Aesop’s fables make reference to a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”  Rashi says of evil Billam’s request to bless the Jews, “I don’t need your honey and I don’t need your sting.” And then you have Jacob the “sheep” dressed in the clothing of Esau, the “wolf.”   In my case I was dealing with “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

The Greer family knew for many years that their father was a very sick man, yet they did nothing about it.  The Greer family also knew that I was a parent, and I naturally care about children, and knew many of the children at the Greer school, including the Greer grandchildren, who were also subjected to the verbal abuse of Rabbi Greer, which I witnessed first hand. The Greer family knew that I spent 18 months in jail for a crime that paled in comparison to the one man Greer crime wave.  I pleaded guilty in a case where I made about three thousand in attorney fees in seven closings, the Feds conceding that I knew nothing about fraudulent loan applications, blown out buildings & massive bank fraud perpetrated by guys who either never got indicted or guys who got short prison terms for their “cooperation” with the Feds.

It is possible that the Greer sons were worried that I, as a parent, would come out of prison angry at a legal system that lets a child rapist freely walk the streets. It is possible they were concerned that I had information that could be used against them in this recently filed Federal lawsuit.  Either way, I do not need the Greer honey and I don’t need the Greer sting.

Greer Students Locked up in Shalos Seudas Room With Giant Challah Knife



(May 5, 2016)

I have spoken with a former student of the Greer House of Horrors and what he told me was frightening.  Former student Eliyahu Mirlis filed a lawsuit against Rabbi Greer, for acts of sexual molestation, acts of depravity that went on for a number of years.  I spoke with a  former student of the Greer House of Horrors.  This student told me that the Greers believed in solitary confinement for students who misbehaved.  Students were placed in the solitary confinement room, ie., the SHU, for days on end, with the other students coming in at various times to deliver food and water.  The SHU was the room that was located on the second floor of the synagogue building that was used for “shalos seudos” or  “the third meal” on Shabbat. I have been in this room many times.  This room has very large windows, with no locks on the windows.  It would not be very hard for a suicidal student to jump out of one of the windows.

The “assistant principal” mentioned in the Eliyahu Mirlis lawsuit, was Rabbi Avi Hack, who would lock a student in this room.  Before Avi Hack locked a student in the room he would leave a giant knife, used for cutting challah bread, on a table in the room.  One student who was locked up in the Greer SHU took the knife and purposefully cut himself on the hand so that the Greers would release him from the room and take him to the hospital. Another student told me that Rabbi Avi Hack locked him up in this room with another student whom he believed to be psychotic.  Before Avi Hack locked the doors he made sure to leave the giant challah knife on the table.

I was also told that Rabbi Greer and Rabbi Avi Hack each had personal pets, in the form of favored students.  One such pet student rarely attended class, and never got in trouble for skipping school.  This pet was taken out by Rabbi Greer on Sundays for “field trips.”  What went on during these “field trips” is anyone’s guess.  I suspect this student was being repeatedly molested by Rabbi Greer in the ways Eliyahu Mirlis describes in his lawsuit.  Mr. Mirlis is a brave man for coming forward with his case.  This must be very embarrassing for Mirlis and his family. I hope that this other victim comes forward.

Another former student told me that Rabbi Avi Hack was fond of “nibbling” on student’s ears.  He would come up from behind the student, massage the student’s neck and shoulders and then proceed to “nibble” on the student’s ear.  One such student recoiled his head so fast when this was happening he nearly ripped his ear off.

Another former student told me that Rabbi Greer was fond of massaging student’s neck and shoulders.  This occurred frequently with the boys.  Another former student told me that Rabbi Avi Hack asked him whether “his door swung both ways.”