Former Prosecutor Locked up In Devens

(June 27, 2016)  Former Federal prosecutor and prominent criminal defense attorney Harold James Pickerstein is officially “Inmate number 24400-014” and is locked up in the Federal prison in Devens, MA.  It is a modern facility that has a “medical center with and adjacent satellite camp.”  The camp has 127 inmates.  The main prison has about a  thousand guys locked up.

When Pickerstein was sentenced his attorney asked Federal Judge Bolden if he could be sent to Otisville.  Otisville is considered the place to go if you are a white collar criminal.  Not that it is such a great prison, it’s just that all the other prisons are much worse.  The facilities at Otisville are very old and run down.  Its like living in a temporary construction site, with one story buildings that look like tractor trailers. But it is known to offer more “freedom” to inmates than other facilities.

Otisville is never static.  Depending on the mood of the warden, or if they get a new warden, rules get changed all the time, some rules enforced more than others.  Otisville is more strict when it comes to computers and cell phones.  At other prisons guys smuggle in cell phones, and don’t get in too much trouble, or don’t get caught.  Who can blame guys for smuggling in cell phones?  The prison only allows 10 minutes of phone calls a day, and charge you twelve cents a minute.  With a cell phone you can talk as much as you want and not get charged nearly as much as a prison phone.

At sentencing Pickerstein said he had medical issues and thus should be spared incarceration.  That argument may have worked many years ago, but today you have medical and old age prisons such as Devens, which are turning into nursing homes with long prison sentences mandated by the Sentencing Guidelines.  Guys get into fights with their wheelchairs.  Even though Pickerstein asked for Otisville he got sent to Devens for his 30 day sentence.  It doesn’t matter where the Judge orders you to go, after you get sentenced you are turned over to the Bureau of Prisons, and become the property of the BOP.

It is not clear whether Pickerstein chose to go to Devens instead of Otisville because Larry Noodles has been blogging about how Pickerstein got off easy with his high placed Federal connections.  PIckerstein may have feared that the Otisville inmates will prejudge him unfavorably before he gets there.  Unlike sentencing Judge Bolden, who judged Pickerstein to be a “loving man” not the bad guy the Federal prosecutors made him out to be.

Judge Bolden said to Pickerstein at sentencing, “You may not have loved yourself as much as you should and not as much as all of the people around you do.  Martin Luther King Jr. said that before you can love others you have to love yourself.  I urge you to love yourself, you have been loving to others but now is the time to love yourself, truly love yourself.  You can also love yourself by letting all those whose lives you touched show their support for you in this time of need, let them show their love for you.  But if you need it and it does not seem to be there, ask for it and it will be there.  With that love a greater love for yourself and a willingness to let those who love you show that they love you, you’ll make it through the darkest of days…  ”  The Federal prosecutor told Judge Bolden that in a few months from now there will be a case similar to  Pickerstein’s, and Judge Bolden will have to decide whether to give the next guy 30 days for stealing $600K.  Will Judge Bolden invoke the words of Martin Luther King  Jr. to cut a poor Black man with no high placed Federal connections a break?  Time will tell.  And Larry Noodles will be there to report about it.

Larry Noodles has heard that the Head Blueboy in Charge of Otisville has banned copies of this blog from entering the camp. As a former attorney, I believe that the Federal government has engaged in illegal censorship, in violation of the First Amendment to the Constitution.  If the ACLU is reading this blog, I urge them to file a lawsuit ASAP.

All inmates are given a number and considered “Federal property” by the Department of Corrections.  Pickerstein will soon have his number memorized, because you need to type in your number every time you use the computer for emails, and when you use the telephone for your ten minutes of phone calls a day.

Fourth of July Spent in Prison

(July 4, 2016)  According to Wikepedia, Independence Day is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 declaring that the thirteen American colonies regard themselves as a new nation and no longer part of the British Empire.  Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States.”

In jail Independence Day is commemorated with special meals and extra food.  Everything in prison revolves around meals.  You don’t get many choices in food, so if there is anything different guys make a big deal about it.  Everyone is waiting for the next meal.  It is like living in a nursing home.  Independence Day will be one of the one of the few days in the year that you get to eat watermelon.  The watermelons are cut up in the kitchen.  The blueboyz watch the kitchen worker inmates cut up the watermelon.  An extra slice of watermelon could fetch a dollar in the prison.  The blueboyz know this and want to avoid inmate fights over the watermelon.

Two new guys arrived at the camp just before the Fourth of July, a guy named Jack and a guy named Maximus, or “Max” as guys are calling him.  Max is very quiet.  He doesn’t talk to anyone.  He reads high school text books in the library by himself.  He also reads books on how to speak Russian.  Guys think his wife is Russian.  Either way, guys think Max is very aloof and a snob.  Plus some guys are saying that Max is a rat.  How dare Max think he is better criminal than the rest of the white collar wiseguys in here!  A rat no less!

Jack, on the other hand, is just the opposite of Max.  Jack wasn’t here more than two hours before he picked a fight with everyone in the camp.  He went over to the medium prison next door for his dental appointment and told the sadistic bluboyz over there that he didn’t need a dental exam, his teeth were just fine.  Jack used his middle finger as a pointer to show the guards his teeth.  The bluboyz didn’t find it funny that Jack was flipping them the bird and threatened to throw him in the SHU, ie., solitary confinement.

When Jack first arrived he noticed that certain inmates got better food than the other inmates.  He didn’t understand why some inmates got better food than others.  He started to complain to the inmates who run the kosher kitchen, like Lubavitcher strongman inmate Jacobowitz.  Jack told Jacobowitz that he was related to the infamous Lubavitcher Sholom Rubashkin, former owner of the largest kosher meat company in America, who is doing 27  long years next door in the medium.  Jack’s connections to Sholom Rubashkin didn’t help with the shortage of food Jack was facing. Jack is one of many in the Rubashkin family who have been indicted over the years, including Moshe Rubashkin, Aaron Rubashkin, Heshy Rubashkin, Milton Balkany, Yaacov Weiss.

There wasn’t one inmate in the camp who didn’t get in a fight with Jack.  Even me.  But there was one inmate who had a secret crush on Jack.  Jack always bragged that he was a ladies man and the girls all thought he looked like a movie star.  Brad Pitt?  Tom Cruise?  But Jack was always fighting with his girlfriend on the pay phone.  The entire camp could hear him screaming and then slamming down the receiver.  Jack told me that someone was leaving him chocolate on his bunk at night.  I said, hmmm, chocolate,  what kind of chocolate?  Jack said someone was leaving him Hershy’s kisses.  I was like, whoaaa!  Now this is bloggable material.  I promise you Jack, if this blog ever makes money, I will send you royalties.

In Otisville prison we didn’t have any picnics, concerts, fireworks, carnivals, fairs, family reunions, political speeches or ceremonies.  Most guys watched television or played basketball, tennis, or softball.  Some guys worked out in the very hot weight room, no air conditioning.  I heard fireworks at night coming from the little towns that border the prison.  It sounded like gun shootings.  There is a shooting range on the prison complex for the blueboyz, so we hear guns all the time during the day.  Now I get to hear guns day and night.

The only fireworks going on in prison are the emotional outbursts of unstable human beings caged up like animals.   New inmate Max had a breakdown in the visitors room while he was visiting his wife.  His head was down and in her arms.  You are not supposed to touch a female visitor in this way, against the rules.  The blueboyz let it slide, they could see that Max was losing it.  Some blueboyz have a soul.  The inmates were all talking about it. Max was in her arms for hours, in tears.  Not sure what he was upset about, he doesn’t talk to anyone, so nobody knew.  Every inmate has at least one “friend” whom they confide with.  He had no friends we could talk to in order to see what was going on.  I wrote about Max in my blog in the computer room. Some inmate looked over my shoulder and saw what I was writing and got upset.  One inmate went around the camp saying that I was mocking a guy who was having an emotional breakdown.  I was shocked. Since when do inmates care about the feelings of other inmates?  I said, first of all, what are you doing reading my emails, and second, I have a heart, I wasn’t mocking him, even if I was to admit that I blogged about him.

But most guys were focused on a new inmate named “Profit.”  He was a tall, light skinned African American.  He transferred from another prison, so he didn’t have that shell shocked look when he first arrived, like you get with most white collar guys.  He claimed to be locked up for mortgage fraud, but you couldn’t believe a word he said.  Guys thought he was a rat.  They watched him in the computer room and saw that he was logging onto an unusual screen that inmates have never seen before.  Another inmate got drug tested and thrown in the SHU after he befriended Profit.  This inmate was also Black. The Black inmates in the camp stick together, so he may have confided in Profit that he was using drugs, and Profit ratted him out.

Eventually guys started to take action to get Profit thrown out of the camp.  Some guys thought that Profit had a recording device on his walkman, so they cut his speaker wires.  Profit has no job at the camp.  None of the bluboyz would hire him, because they thought Profit would rat them out to the blueboyz who investigate other blueboyz.  The blueboyz have internal affairs for the blueboyz in the prison.  So Profit would hang around the camp all day trying to talk to guys.  But nobody will talk to him.  Inmates stole Profits clothes when he put them in the washing machine.  Profit resorted to doing his laundry in the shower, and hanging up his clothing next to his bed to dry.  Nobody will share a cubicle with Profit, so he is staying in the dorms, the communal room.  Other guys wrote on the bathroom walls, “PROFIT IS A RAT”.  After a few months Profit was taken away by the blueboyz and thrown in the SHU.  The blueboyz told us that he was placed in the SHU for his own protection, he complained that he felt threatened.  This is a man who is over six feet tall and is no weakling.

Bad Boy Russell Gets 24 Months for Probation Violation

(July 8, 2016)  While I was locked up in Otisville there was a tough guy who ruled the prison.  His name was Russell.  Russell had many muscles.  And a bad attitude. He also had a distinctive tattoo of a girl in a bikini on his leg.

Russell left the prison about a year after I arrived.  He went to a halfway house and then home where he was placed on probation. He wanted to go into the reptile business but the Feds wouldn’t let him.  He used to breed and sell reptiles.  He asked the Feds if he could start up his business. But the business entailed traveling around the country to sell the reptiles.  The Feds didn’t want Russell traveling around selling snakes all over the country.

Instead Russell went into drug dealing.  He sold drugs and used drugs.  During his probation, or supervised release as it is called by the Feds, Russell submitted dirty urine samples.  He failed the drug tests.  I guess he didn’t study enough.  When the Feds made a random visit to Russell’s place of residence they found Russell with drugs and in the company of other felons.  Russell violated the terms and conditions of his supervised release and was thrown back in jail.

Russell was sentenced to 24 months for violating his probation.  But he faced a lot more time.  He has a criminal record and  a lot more than 24 months hanging over his head in probation.  But after Russell is released in 24 months the Feds want nothing to do with him.  The Feds didn’t give Russell any probation.  When Russll gets out he will not be monitored by the Feds.  The Feds gave him a light sentence and no probation.  The Feds don’t want to waste anymore time with drug dealers like Russell.  What’s the point?  Yet the blueboy press releases still repeat the same old  tired script:  The Feds lock up drug dealers for deterrence and rehabilitation purposes. Yet the blueboyz gave up on Russell.

When Russell was locked up in Otisville he had two flunkies who followed him around the camp day and night.  It was an odd relationship.  These two guys were white collar thieves.  One was named Moshe Butler and the other Jewmark.  They stole millions of dollars.  But they were gambling addicts and blew their stolen money at the casinos.  Whats the point in stealing money if you are just going to blow it at the casinos?  Sounds like temporary insanity.  The casinos should be held partially responsible.

Russell’s two flunkies walked on either side of Russell.  When Russell left the camp these two flunkies looked like lost sheep.  Guys made fun of them.  They didn’t have Russell to protect them.  Not that Butler and Jewmark needed any protection.  Actually, Butler needed protection.  He was always getting into trouble. Moshe Butler was the type of guy who was always  wheeling and dealing and scheming.  But he had poor ideas for schemes. He couldn’t con anyone.   He was voted most likely to get in trouble after he got out of prison. Butler eventually did get out of jail a few months back.  I googled Butler to see what he was up to.  I found a sweatshirt for sale on Amazon that says, “I love Moshe Butler.”  It sounds like a typical Moshe Butler scheme.

Greer Unloads Real Estate for $90K

(August 29, 2016)  A couple of months ago the Greer Family sold off one of their properties in their vast real estate empire in New Haven.  Greer is not a property flipper or wheeler dealer.  Greer likes to hold onto his properties for the long term.  He gets tax write offs on properties that are owned by his non profit entities.  He gets a steady stream of cash from his rentals from the State in the form of Section 8 vouchers.  And he gets to apply for all kinds of government grants to “improve” his neighborhood, and increase the value of his many properties.  The taxpayers have been subsidizing the Greer empire for years.  Mayor DiStefano has been a fan of the Greers for the last twenty years that he was mayor.  The new mayor Toni Harp is also in bed with the Greers.  Although Greer prefers to sleep with teenage boys, he makes an exception when it comes to sleezy politicians.

Greer transferred 559 Winthrop Avenue for the sum of $90K to a limited liability company.   The property was appraised at $70K by the City of New Haven Tax Assessor.  Greer made a good profit. He didn’t have a large mortgage on the property.  The property was owned by one of the many Greer entities, this one was called Lishmor, LLC.  Lishmor, LLC was not one of the entities that was sued by Greer rape victim Mirlis in his Federal lawsuit against Greer. Greer must need the money in order to fund his legal defense in the child rape case.  Even though Greer didn’t hire a big name lawyer, the legal bills can pile up.  Greer rape victim Avi Hack recently testified in the case.  After he testified he moved to Virginia, where he will be far from Greer.  He should have left for Virginia 20 years ago.  Why this poor man continued to work for psychopath Greer year after year is a mystery.

It has been reported that Greer had eight young guys in their late teens / early twenties, who stayed for several weeks at the compound over the summer in order to help Greer make his quorum of ten men for his daily prayers.  It is not clear what is going to happen to the Greer elementary school and boys high school.  There are rumors that a few kids may enroll in the elementary school, but the two boys who were in the high school are not coming back for the fall.  Greer has burned all his bridges in New Haven.  He is persona non-gratis.  His own children left Dodge many months ago.  Most of his friends left him.

Greer still has a few holdouts who continue to support him at the compound.  Every martyr has his disciples. Jim Jones had a significant following, before he convinced them to drink the cool aid.  Jones was a voracious reader and studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler and had an intense interest in religion, because he found making friends difficult.  Childhood acquaintances remembered Jones as being a “really weird kid” who was “obsessed with religion”  and “obsessed with death” and he frequently held funerals for small animals on his parents’ property and had stabbed a cat to death.  Jim Jones sounds a lot like Greer.  Greer’s personality  was much like the dictators whom Jones studied.  Greer was also obsessed with killing animals.  Just ask Yankee, the Greer family pet goat, whom Greer had killed because it head butted Greer.  And “Rabbi” Greer is also obsessed with religion.  Religion allows Greer to run a cloistered all boys Jewish Yeshiva whom Greer can victimize.

Judgment Lien Filed Against Greer & Business Partner Doris Zelinsky



(August 19, 2016)  Larry Noodles previously reported on May 13, 2016 that Rabbi Greer had two judgment liens filed against him, one for $291.00 owed to Yale Diagnostics and another in the amount of $262.54 owed to Hospital of St Raphael.  Larry Noodles has now uncovered another judgment lien filed against Rabbi Greer.  This judgment lien was for the amount of $935.27 plus $20.00 in court costs.  This judgment lien was against Greer and his business partner at the time, Doris Zelinsky.  Doris Zelinsky was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Laticrete International, a global manufacturer of building and construction material.  No doubt she got her experience in the  construction trade when she worked with Rabbi Greer and his wife buying, selling and rehabbing New Haven properties in the Hood.  Doris Zelinsky is married to prominent Yale law graduate and  law professor Edward Zelinsky.

Edward Zelinsky is described by Wikipedia as “a tax scholar on the subject of United States tax law, professor at Cardozo Law School in New York City, and frequent visiting professor at the Yale Law School.  He has also taught at Cornell, NYU and Columbia.”  Edward went to Yale Law School with United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.  Edward has testified before Congress before the Judiciary Committee and served seven times on the New Haven Board of Alderman and the New Haven Finance Committee.

You can see why Rabbi Greer wanted to befriend the Zelinsky family.  Rabbi Greer likes to surround himself with people of  wealth and power, whether it is the Mayor, the Police Chief, or members of the Board of Alderman.  Greer is always looking to raise more money for his non-profit institutions. People with position and power give Greer an air of prestige and credibility. The Zelinskys, along with many others, were duped by this madman.  They sent their boys to the Greer Asylum. For people who were so smart, how could they be so stupid?

The Zelinskys gave birth to a budding lawyer named Nathan Zelinsky.  Nate is currently in a prestigious fellowship program with Yale University and Cambridge University in England. When Nathan was an undergrad at liberal Yale he was an outspoken right wing nut job, much like Rabbi Greer.  He referred to his fellow Yalies as “liberal internationalists.”  He sounds like someone who was trained in the politics and style of Rabbi Greer. Outspoken, haughty & condescending.  Nate was excoriated by the liberal Yalies as being a racist when he attacked the New Haven aldermen for proposing a living wage.   We can only hope that Nate wakes up and realizes that his pompous and elitist attitude was the result of being exposed to psychopath Rabbi Greer.

Nate Zelinsky publicly attacked the New Haven cops, calling them thugs, for roughing up a few Yalies when the cops raided a downtown bar called Elevate in a crackdown on underage drinking. One of the Yalies, a football player named Jordan Jefferson, was tasered by the cops.  This crybaby is suing the City of New Haven in Federal court for emotional distress. The case is still pending after 5 years. Fellow Yalies called Nate a hypocrite for never saying a word about how Blacks get roughed up by New Haven cops all the time.  The Internal Affairs investigation cleared the cops of any wrongdoing.  What a surprise!

Nathan’s prominent father Edward Zelinsky has been subjected to vicious attacks on the internet as being elitist and condescending.  The legal community has recently debated whether to shorten law school from 3 years to two years, due to the high cost of tuition and the fact that every law student knows that the last year in law school is a complete waste of time.  Larry Noodles knows this from personal experience. But  Prominent Law Profesor Ed Zelinsky took a strong stance against shortening law school.  He has proposed that law school be increased to four years.  He has been lambasted all over the internet for making such a pompous Greer-type proposal and has been referred to as a “dung beetle.”  Hopefully he will come to his senses and realize that his exposure to Greer caused him to suffer permanent mental damage.

At one point in time, some years ago, the Zelinskys were very close with the Greer family.  Doris Zelinsky was a partner with Rabbi Greer and his wife on a number of New Haven properties.  Edward Zelinsky was also involved in some of these real estate transactions.  There is a plaque hanging in the Greer synagogue with Edward Zelinsky named as a prominent donor to the Greer institution.  The Zelinskys sent their children to the Greer school.  One child turned out ok, he is a mathametician.  As for Nate, he has been quiet lately, but you will hear from him, he is graduating soon from his prestigious law fellowship.  He has a few years of right wing Greer-like rantings bottled up, ready to explode.  He has written articles for the Washington Post, the Atlantic, Commentary, the National Review. But he has yet to be published by the Wall Street Journal, Rabbi Greer’s favorite newspaper.

Edward Zelinsky is still involved with the Greers.  He is listed as agent for service on three of Greer’s non profit entities:  Edgewood Village Inc, Edgewood Elm Village Inc., and F.O.H. Inc.   He was recently served by Marshal Miller as agent for service for these non-profits in the Federal child rape lawsuit brought by Plaintiff Mirlis. Zelinsky was not named as a defendant in the Mirlis lawsuit.  He was served as agent to accept service of process for Greer.  Rabbi Greer has been hiding in the compound, refusing to accept service of papers from Marshal Miller, directing his secretary to tell the Marshal that he is not around.  Zelinsky probably regrets the day he ever met the Greers.

It is not clear why  Rabbi Greer and Doris Zelinsky were sued by Michael Boerner and Rachel Broatch in the New Haven housing court.  But Greer and Zelinsky were supposed to pay them $935.27.  They never paid, forcing Boerner and Broatch to file a judgment lien against Greer property.  Boerner and Broatch were represented by Attorney Mort Dimenstein at the time.  Dimenstein did some jail time up in Somers for stealing money from clients.  Boerner and Broatch also appear to have had some run-ins with law enforcement, from the criminal records database that Larry Noodles accessed.  What kind of people were Greer and Zelinsky associated with at this time?

Larry Noodles did further research and found a release in the land records signed by Boerner and Broatch, which would indicate that the judgment lien was paid off by Greer and Zelinsky.  Except the release was filed ten years after the judgment.  Why did it take Greer and Zelinsky over ten years to pay off $935.27 plus court costs?  Larry Noodles apologizes to readers that he doesn’t have all the answers to this latest Greer mystery, but he will keep digging!

Larry Noodles Leads Protest of Greer Pals Mayor Harp & Chief Esserman


(August 16, 2016)   This afternoon Larry Noodles stood outside City Hall with a bullhorn pointed in the direction of the window to Mayor’s Office making demand that Toni Harp come out and speak to the crowd, who were demanding that Police Chief Esserman lose his job.  Toni never came out of her office.  She hid in there like a coward.  Larry Noodles tried everything to get her to show her cowardly face, but she wouldn’t budge.  She was probably hiding under her desk with one of the Greers, her biggest fans.  Larry Noodles shouted to the Mayor that this was a peaceful demonstration.  What was she afraid of, there were dozens of cops outside City Hall watching the protesters.  Larry Noodles told Toni that he was going to call in Tony and some of the boyz to drag her out.

More protesters formed at the police station and then walked to meet the protesters at City Hall.  Some City employees looked out of their windows of Fortress City Hall but wouldn’t get the Mayor when Larry Noodles shouted at them to bring out the Mayor.  It was a sad day in New Haven when City employees, including the Mayor, can’t even come out of the building in order to speak with the peaceful peasants.  There was no sign of mainstream reporter Paul Bass from the local rag.  Larry Noodles told the crowd that the Mayor and the media were protecting the Chief Bully In Charge.

Larry Noodles demanded that Mayor Manners explain why she fired her two top aides Paca and Blue, whose only offense was that they disagreed with the Mayor on policy.  Yet the Mayor kept on the Chief Bully in Charge of the Police Department who has run roughshod over women, the elderly and minorities.  Paca and Blue never got a second chance.  Paca and Blue never got suspended.  There were no discussions, back room meetings, no debate.  The Mayor ruthlessly fired them and that was it.  The Chief Bully in Charge gets the benefit of a second chance, third chance, fourth chance…  How many chances is Mayor Enabler going to give this man?

Larry Noodles was relaxed during the rally, in spite of the heavy police presence.  After spending a long time in jail one develops a natural fear of police officers, having been under the control of unpredictable guys with guns and badges 24/7.  In prison nobody has cell phone cameras to record what is going on.  The blueboyz can do whatever they want with impunity.

Larry Noodles was going to ask some of the police officers to arrest Rabbi Greer for child rape, but decided not to stir things up.  There were no signs of the Greers at the rally, even though they are members of the Mayor’s Community Police Task Force.  The Greers have always sided with the police.  Its a form of insurance policy to protect Rabbi Greer from getting arrested for child rape.

Larry Noodles ran into a reporter who covered the Walter Forbes case, the billionaire Larry Noodles was locked up with.  Forbes was tried three times before he got convicted.  The reporter was a big fan of Forbes.  Larry Noodles also ran into a few radicals in the crowd from the Black Lives Matter movement.  They were not big fans of the police.  They called the police “the PIGS.”  But they said nothing racist against Whites or Jews.  They felt that there were not enough people of color in the police department.  They wanted more community policing.  Larry Noodles told the crowd that the phrase “community policing” is a joke of a phrase that politicians and police chiefs have been muttering for the last 30 years, to make the public think that they are doing something to reduce crime. You need more than community policing to reduce crime.  The cops are just running around putting out fires.  The cops can’t do anything to reduce poverty, drugs, gangs and violence.  These are problems the clowns in public office are supposed to solve.

Larry Noodles met a guy from an organization called “Showing Up for Racial Justice” a group that describes itself as “white people for racial justice.”  He asked Larry Noodles to join.   Larry Noodles would never join an organization that would have Larry Noodles as a member.  Besides Larry Noodles is not white.  Larry Noodles is flesh colored.  Larry Noodles also saw the Federal Judge who sentenced Larry Noodles get into her car in front of the Federal courthouse.  Larry Noodles thought about approaching her and explaining how he was railroaded by the Federal prosecutors, but at the last minute decided against it.

Larry Noodles also ran into his attorney Joseph Merly, who is defending Larry Noodles against Rabbi Greer’s defamation lawsuit.  Attorney Merly told Larry Noodles that Rabbi Greer will be facing the wrath of the Merly defense team, it will be scorched earth for Rabbi Greer, a legal tsunami of Biblical proportions, the battle of Gog and Magog.   Larry Noodles looks forward to seeing child rapist Greer suffer the Wrath of Attorney Merly.

Greer Cop Friends Mired in Scandal


(August 3, 2016)    New York City Police Chief William Bratton was given his walking papers yesterday by the City of New York yesterday.  He retired amidst a rampant bribery scandal that has rocked the New York Police Department for the last year.  Top cops bribed with diamonds, hotel rooms, basketball game tickets, video games and prostitutes.  And a Federal investigation into campaign election fraud of Mayor De Blasio.  Two Orthodox Jews got caught up in this ongoing scandal. Rechnitz and Reichberg.  At the present Rechnitz and Reichberg are rats helping the Feds get others indicted.  Larry Noodles would never lower himself to rat out another criminal.  Larry Noodle is old school.  He believes in honor among thieves.

Reichberg and Rechnitz are not cops or politicians. Reichberg describes himself as a Boro Park “community liason.” Boro Park is home to tens of thousands of Hasidic Jews.  Similarly, Greer and his crew are not cops or politicians.  The closest the Greers have come to a police badge is when they were children playing cops and robbers in the compound.

The Greers have been described by the local New Haven news rags as “community activists”   It’s not clear what “community” the Greers represent.  Most of Greer’s “community” has abandoned the compound.   Greer has to pay people to show up at his synagogue to make a minyan.  At least Reichberg has some substance.  He can back up his claim that he is the capo of a large gang of Hasidic Jews.  Greer can only claim that he leads a gang of goats in his garage.

Chief Bratton was a good friend of Greer.  He was honored at Greer’s annual fundraiser.  When asked about the scandal plaguing the New York Police Department, Bratton said that the corruption was far worse during the days of the Lindsay Administration, when it was “pervasive throughout the department.”   Rabbi Greer served in the Lindsay Administration.  He was called Lindsay’s top Jew.  Things haven’t changed.  Greer always seems to be in the center of corruption whether it is New York or New Haven.

The NY Times reported that Reichberg and Rechnitz were “motivated by more than just the thrill of meddling in police politics, they wanted the department to serve as a private police force for themselves and their friends, they got cops on call, senior police officials were quick to play the roles of chauffeur, bodyguard and concierge for them, driving them around town and to the airport, with lights flashing and sirens blaring. Other times, the police sent underlings to help them, who were involved in the diamond trade, against a business rival or to retrieve gemstones that were the subject of disputes over payment.”

Reichberg and Rechnitz sound like the Greers in New Haven.  The Greer listen to their police scanners every night and drive out to the scene of a crime before the police even arrive.   I once was at the scene of a shooting at a laundromat.  I didn’t hear the shooting as I was inside, but when I got outside I saw a lot of police activity. Then I saw the Greer boyz drive up in their pick up truck.  It was part of a Greer undercover investigation.  They should have been so thorough in investigating their father when he was sodomizing Jewish children at his Jewish school for boys.

But Reichberg and Rechnitz were not into having forcible sex with children.  They had their own “Mile High Club” in which they flew top cops on a private jet to Las Vegas with prostitutes dressed up as stewardesses.  For the uninitiated, you become a  member of the Mile High Club when you engage in intimate relations on an airplane that is at least a mile up in the air.

Greer’s cop buddy, New Haven Police Chief Esserman is also on the ropes.  Esserman was also honored at one of Greer’s fundraisers.  Esserman has a bad habit of having fits and tantrums in which he  publicly berates and humiliates people, like women, the elderly, waitresses, low ranking cops and other easy targets.  Sounds much like the way Rabbi Greer runs the compound.  The police union is trying to get rid of this low class, crude behemoth of a man.  The Greers, as far as I can tell, are standing behind Chief Esserman.  Birds of a feather flock together.

Greer Evicting Elderly & Impoverished Jews


July 13, 2016  Rabbi Greer recently filed two eviction cases against Jewish tenants living in the compound.  One case is Edgewood Village v. Andrea Riskin.  The other is captioned Edgewood Village v. Adam Greenblatt.

In the case against Andrea Riskin, Ms. Riskin is being evicted along with her 87 year old elderly mother Irma Riskin, who suffers from dementia.  Andrea Riskin tried to defend herself against heartless landlord Rabbi Greer.  She filed the following answer to Rabbi Greer’s eviction complaint:  “I spoke with the landlord and explained that the nursing home where my mother was residing kept her social security check despite the fact that she has dementia and I have power of attorney.  My landlord never said we would be evicted.  When I recevied the notice to quit I was shocked.  I contacted the landlord’s attorney explaining the social security situation.  I emailed confirmation of our conversation and the social security paperwork.  He never said this would be a problem.  I then received a summary process summons, again surprised.  I tried to contact Attorney Margolis.  No one at his office returned my calls for days.  Finally I reached Margolis, who said Rabbi Greer didn’t authorize him to return my calls, and that if it had been him, he would have made a different decision.  I am baffled as to why this happened.  My 87 year old mother lives with me, I am her caretaker, and we are Jewish.  My landlord is a rabbi.”

Rabbi Greer dragged Ms. Riskin into the New Haven Housing Court to get the housing judge to order her, and her elderly mother who is suffering from dementia, kicked out of the Greer apartment in the Compound.  Rabbi Greer ended up reaching an agreement with Ms. Riskin where Ms. Riskin, and her 87 year old mother, would pay rent arrearages and move out by August 31, 2016.  It will be very difficult for Ms. Riskin to find another apartment for herself and her elderly mother.  The Greer eviction will show up on Ms. Riskin’s credit report and no landlord will want her as a tenant.  Rabbi Greer could care less if Ms. Riskin and her elderly Jewish mother end up in that rat infested and bedbug infested homeless shelter on Grand Avenue where all the drug dealers hang out.

In the eviction case against Adam Greenblatt, Rabbi Greer took Mr. Greenblatt to the housing court.  Rabbi Greer ended up reaching an agreement whereby Adam would pay past rent arrears and be reinstated as a tenant in good standing on August 1, 2016.  A court clerk by the name of Suzanne, for Judge Avallone, signed off on these agreements, which are now court orders.

Rabbi Greer also recently tried to evict a tenant by the name of Anthony Morris.  Not sure if Mr. Morris is Jewish, but Rabbi Greer treats everyone the same, no compassion for anyone.  Rabbi Greer took Mr. Morris to Housing Court and reached an agreement with Mr. Morris where Mr. Morris would pay back rent arrears and be reinstated as a tenant in good standing on the date of January 1, 2017.  Mr. Morris never made the arrearage payments.  Mr. Morris is currently in the process of being physically ejected from the Greer apartment.  Rabbi Greer will probably enlist the services of State Marshal John Barbieri Jr., who Greer used to serve Larry Noodles with the defamation complaint.  John Barbieri Jr. is the grandson of infamous political strongman and mob connected Arthur Barbieri, who ruled the New Haven Democratic political machine for many years, back in the day when Greer was also on top of the political trash heap in New Haven.  Rabbi Greer’s son is now trying to climb the political trash heap, as a member of the Mayor’s Community Member police task force, and was just  featured in a New Haven Independent article about a change in Police Department rules where people will be able to carry cameras to record police officers.  Greer’s son should have put a video body cam on Rabbi Greer to catch him engaged in his numerous criminal activities.

Rabbi Francis Fired From Jewish Day School


enan-francisJuly 3, 2016

Rabbi Francis settled into New Haven, CT, about 6 years ago.  He was hired as the principal of the largest Orthodox Jewish day school in Connecticut, the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy.  He was featured in a recent article in the Connecticut Jewish Ledger, as a “mover and shaker” in the Jewish community.  This is what the CEO of the New Haven Jewish Federation, Sidney Perry, said about Rabbi Francis to the Jewish Ledger:  “If you ever doubt that a teacher can change a student’s life, come meet Rabbi Enan Francis, he hasn’t made a difference for just one of his pupils, Rabbi Francis has truly turned Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy into an exciting educational environment for every one of the 230 students in the school. He is a gifted pedagogue, a recipient of several degrees in education, and is presently undertaking yet another Master’s degree in special education.  Blessed with a dynamic personality, Rabbi Francis is a successful principal in substance and style. One admires the way he puts first principles foremost for the students, teachers and the families.”

Larry Noodles interviewed numerous parents who send their children to the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy.  Larry Noodles, who is cynical by nature, could not get one parent to say anything negative about Rabbi Francis.  In fact, parents are very upset that Rabbi Francis was fired for no apparent reason.  But they can’t speak out, lest the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy raises their kid’s tuition bill.  Nobody at the Jewish Ledger is writing articles about the firing of Rabbi Francis. Sidney Perry isn’t saying anything.  Larry Noodles is the lone voice to speak out against the injustices in the world.

Rabbi Francis was fired a few months ago just after Passover.  He was told he will not have a job in the fall of 2016.  That didn’t leave him with any time to find another job.  He is going to have to wait out a entire academic year before he gets another job in teaching.  He left a lucrative public teaching career in the New York public school system to come to New Haven to teach Jewish children.  Now he will be lucky if he collects unemployment.  He has no recourse.  Under Connecticut employment law, he was “an employee at will.”   He could be hired or fired at the will of his employer.  If he had a job in the New York Public School system he would be protected by the union and could only be terminated “for just cause.”   Plus he would have accumulated pension and retirement benefits, and got periodic pay increases.

There was no “just cause” to terminate Rabbi Francis.  The only reason he was terminated is because the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy is run like a dictatorship.  Many small private schools, Jewish and non-Jewish, are run like dictatorships.  “Dictatorship” is defined  by Websters as “autocratic rule, a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a dictator or a small clique, a government organization or group in which absolute power is so concentrated, a despotic state.”  There are some private Jewish  day schools that are run more democratically, like the Jewish day school in Waterbury.  Teachers work for free but get free tuition for their kids, with bonus Shoprite bucks.  Everyone works together to raise money for an organization they feel they are all part of.

Less than two years ago the Jewish Ledger quoted the dictators at the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy:  “We saw in Rabbi Francis a young person who could bring some fresh new experience and outlook to the school, which was very important to us, as well as someone educated at Yeshiva University with a strong knowledge of both secular and Judaic studies, Francis embodies the educational mission of the school, serving as a tireless ambassador in the Jewish community. He is very personable and knowledgeable and consistently fosters the idea of parents, teachers, and administrators working together.”

What has changed in less than two academic years that it now became necessary to fire Rabbi Francis?  The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said “If you see what needs to be repaired and how to repair it, then you have found a piece of the world that G-d has left for you to complete.  But if you only see what is wrong and ugly in the world, then it is you yourself that needs repair.

Crack Dealers, Evictions & Mortgage Fraud in the Greer Hood

hicksDr. Hamilton Hicks

AKA Dr. Drag Queen

 (June 30, 2016)  Yale Doctor Hamilton Hicks harbored two vicious pit pulls that attacked Jocelyn Winfrey, causing her tremendous suffering in which her arm, leg and half her face were bitten off.  She died one week later.  May she rest in peace. The Yale doctor was a Crimson Drag Queen when he was a student at Harvard.

What was not reported by the mainstream press is this: Just before the attack Jocelyn had been evicted from her apartment at 265 Norton Street, around the corner from Dr. Drag Queen.  The execution of eviction was issued on June 14.  She was attacked on June 20. Was she living on the streets at the time of the attack?  She had just sold her house at 395 Ellsworth Street in December of 2015.  She was renting for the last six months.  In the eviction proceeding Jocelyn tried to defend herself.  She claimed she was disabled and the State of Connecticut had delayed giving her money because she didn’t file the correct paperwork.  The landlord chose to evict her anyway.

Jocelyn was having many personal problems at the time of the pit bull attack.  She was arrested for drugs late last year.  She was behind on her rent after only about five or six months in her apartment on Norton Street.  Was the doctor selling this poor broken woman drugs?   Dr. Drag Queen had three bags of crack in his car.  He had two vicious pit bulls, not unusual for an inner city drug dealer.  But this man is a Yale doctor. You would think a Yale psychiatrist would be trying to help this poor woman who had just been evicted from her apartment.  Instead he was selling her crack cocaine.

The attorney who evicted Jocelyn was Larry Levinson.  Larry Levinson was investigated by the Feds as part of the seven million dollar massive New Haven mortgage fraud ring headed by one Joseph Levitin, the Prodigal Son.  But Larry Levinson was never charged. The Feds asked Larry Noodles to rat out attorney Larry Levinson. The Feds had already indicted four lawyers in the case.  Almost half the indictments in the Levitin mortgage fraud case were closing lawyers.  After the Savings & Loan crisis the Feds indicted 1000 bankers.  After the 2008 housing crash the Feds indicted a couple of bankers and probably a thousand closing attorneys.  Either way, Larry Noodles was represented by legendary New Haven civil rights attorney John Williams.  John Williams told the Feds there was no way Larry Noodles was going to rat anyone out.  So Larry Noodles got a 20 month sentence instead of a 20 day sentence.  Thanks a lot John.

Jocelyn was getting evicted from 265 Norton Street, an apartment building formerly owned by New Haven Team Realty operators Cvi Frydman and Anna Feigelman.  Bonnie & Clyde.  Bonnie & Clyde were also under Federal investigation in the Levitin mortgage fraud case. As their closing attorney Larry Noodles wrote Bonnie & Clyde two checks, one for $224,617.44 and another for $264,072.40.  At the time Bonnie & Clyde cashed these checks their run down houses weren’t worth much more than the dirt they occupied. Attorney Larry Noodles made a total of $800.00 in attorneys fees on these transactions. After spending 18 months in jail, Larry Noodles is currently struggling to pay $500 a month to the Feds towards a $418,000.00 criminal restitution order while Bonnie & Clyde are enjoying their summer poolside in their house in the burbs.   Larry Noodles had his wages attached by the Feds from his dishwasher prison job in which he made thirteen cents an hour.

Bonnie & Clyde got to keep the half million dollars they made off the sale of their slum properties in New Haven.  Bonnie & Clyde did work for Rabbi Greer listing rental properties in the compound. They may still do the listings, now that Rabbi Greer’s sons abandoned him.  And they get to keep Greer money too, no Federal restitution order for Bonnie & Clyde.