$21 Million Attachment Filed On Greer Residence & School Building

$21 Million Attachment Filed On Greer Residence & School Building

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Daniel Greer’s rape victim Eli Mirlis just filed $21 million judgment liens against Goat properties.  Collections Attorney Matthew Beatman, of the aggressive collection law firm Zeisler & Zeisler, beat a path to the New Haven town clerk’s office, knocking over the goat, and filed liens on properties located at:

133 West Park Ave – The Goat’s stately residence overlooking Edgewood Park that he owns with his wife, the Ewe.

765 Elm Street – The Nightmare on Elm Street AKA the House of Horrors.  The yeshiva building the Goat used to lure and rape teenage boys for the last 30 years.

The City of New Haven appraised 133 West Park at $361,000.00.  The City appraised the Nightmare on Elm Street at $6.2 million.

Initially I didn’t think Mirlis could place a lien against the yeshiva school building, as the record owner of that building is “the Gan School.”  But Attorney Beatman filed the liens under the name “Yeshiva of New Haven fka (Formerly known as) the Gan School.”  Beatman knows what he is doing, unlike the bumbling three attorneys the Goat hired.  The Goat attorneys couldn’t get the Goat to settle and lost one of the biggest child molestation verdicts in Connecticut history.  They couldn’t even prepare the Goat to testify at trial.  On the witness stand the Goat was angry, arrogant, evasive, and argumentative.  At one point the Goat went into a rage and castigated Attorney Ponvert.  The Goat’s three attorneys, Ward, Nugent and Grudberg, sat at counsels table staring into space while the Goat bellowed on the witness stand, “I beg your pardon!”

If the Goat continues to beat Attorney Beatman out of child rape victim money, Beatman will have to start foreclosure proceedings against these properties.  Foreclosure proceedings could take a year or more.  In the end  the Goat school would have to move to another location. Hopefully by that time the State of Connecticut will have an empty jail cell waiting for the Goat, and the unlicensed Goat school will be shut down.  The Ewe can visit the Goat in jail.

Beatman cannot kick the Goat out of his house, as the Ewe is one half owner of the Goat house.  The Ewe could let the Goat stay in her half of the house.  But Beatman can still sell the Goat’s half of the house.  I don’t know who would want to buy one half of the Goat house and live there with the Goat and his Ewe.   Avi Hack may be interested in buying the Goat’s half of the house.  Avi can spend the weekends in the Goat house while the Goat seduces him with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts, just like the old days.




3 thoughts on “$21 Million Attachment Filed On Greer Residence & School Building

  1. Anyone have an approximate ETA of when the Goat will run the course of his frivolous appeals so that the liens can be executed?

    Unless a judge puts a stop to Crudberg imitating the Seinfeld spoof of Johnny Cochrane, I’m not sure there’s any end to the Goat’s grunt-filled antics on the horizon.

  2. that was a most uplifting post, larry. i am glad that mirlis is going after greer and that there is a way to get greer to pay. even if there is in the end only a little bit of money coming his way, mirlis will still have the satisfaction of having left the yeshiva of new haven ( greed’s baby and hunting ground) in rubbles.

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