$427,637.86 Awarded Against Sarah Greer

$427,637.86 Awarded Against Sarah Greer

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Daniel Greer is currently locked up in Cheshire prison, where he was sentenced to 12 years of incarceration after he was convicted by a State jury of sexually molesting one of his male high school students who was enrolled in his yeshiva. The victim also won a $15 million Federal civil verdict, after Mr. Greer was found liable for sexual assault. With interest and attorneys fees the judgment against Mr. Greer has gone up to about $22 million. The State of Connecticut brought criminal charges against Greer shortly after the victim obtained one of the largest civil verdicts for sexual molestation in Connecticut. It is doubtful that the State would have brought criminal charges against Mr. Greer had the victim lost his civil case. Mr. Greer had a chance to quietly settle the claim before it was filed in Federal Court. Mr. Greer refused to offer any meaningful sum of money to settle. Had Mr. Greer settled, he may not be sitting in jail right now.

Shortly after the jury awarded the victim $15 million, Mr. Greer transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to his wife Sarah Greer. The victim sued Sarah Greer and claimed that these transfers should be deemed fraudulent conveyances. Federal Judge Shea agreed with the victim and yesterday awarded the victim $427,637.86 in damages. I would expect Sarah Greer to appeal the decision of Judge Shea.

Sarah Greer is one half owner, with her husband, of two high priced condos located in Newport, Rhode Island. The victim would be able to attach that property, although it is not clear whether he would be able to foreclose, as the property falls under the laws of the State of Rhode Island. Sarah owns one half of her residence at 133 West Park Avenue, with her husband Daniel Greer. The victim would not be able to foreclose on that property as Sarah has a homestead exemption. In his order Judge Shea allowed the victim to attach Ms. Greer’s retirement accounts.

I am surprised that Daniel Greer has not filed any motions to get out of jail due to the recent spike in the coronavirus. He tried a couple of times but he lost on each attempt. He has even enlisted the help of Attorney Alan Dershowitz to help him get released from prison. Mr. Greer is living in a solitary jail cell in the basement of the Cheshire prison. Mr. Greer has little to no contact with other inmates. Mr. Greer’s life would be in danger if he were placed in general population.

Judge Shea made the following findings in the Sarah Greer case: “Sarah Greer and Daniel Greer had a joint checking account at Start Community Bank. In May 2017, about a week before the jury returned its $15 million verdict, Sarah Greer drafted a check drawn on the Start Account in the amount of $5000 payable to herself. The May check, for which she gave no or insufficient consideration, was deposited into an account solely owned by her. On June 16, 2017, after judgment entered in the underlying case, Sarah Greer wrote another check payable to herself on the Start Account – this time in the amount of $13,000. She gave no or insufficient consideration for the check. The June 16 check was deposited into an account solely owned by her. Sarah Greer and Daniel Greer also had a joint checking account at Liberty Bank. The funds in the account were deposited by Daniel Greer. Sarah Greer did not make any deposits into the account. On June 5, 2017, after the $15 million jury verdict in the underlying action and a day before judgment was entered, Sarah Greer drafted a check drawn on the Liberty Account in the amount of $220,000, payable to herself and gave no or inadequate consideration for it. Sarah Greer opened an account in a bank which only has offices and branches in Rhode Island, and deposited the check into that account.” Judge Shea also found that the Yeshiva of New Haven, which employed Sarah Greer and Daniel Greer, transferred thousands of dollars of retirement fund monies to Sarah Greer over a number of years.

Mr. Greer is currently appealing the judgment of foreclosure entered against his Yeshiva building located at 765 Elm Street. The victim brought a foreclosure case against the Yeshiva of New Haven, as the $15 million verdict was also against the Yeshiva of New Haven. The trial court found the building to be worth $620,000.00 and the outstanding balance of the child molestation judgment to be $22 million. Mr. Greer appealed on the grounds that the trial court did not properly calculate the value of his building. Even if Mr. Greer wins the appeal it is not going to make any difference monetarily, as interest on the judgment and attorneys fees will more than eat up whatever happens to the value of the building on appeal. He will still lose the building because the judgment dwarfs the value of the building.

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  1. Who the phudge is this Mr. Greer you are referring to? Do u mean DA GOAT!

    is the use of the term “the GOAT” now considered … wait for it… wait ….. here it comes….
    did you get a certified letter from the ADL and/or the former defender of Jeffrey Epstein and Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law EMERITUS at Harvard Law School instructing you to cease and desist from using the highly offensive phrase “the Goat” ?

    I wonder if Prof. Dershowitz and Prof. Charles WUHAN Lieber ever hung out together on campus?

    1. eventually some of it will be collected, not sure if he will get everything, as Mrs. Greer only has so many assets, and it can take some time to foreclose on her property in Rhode Island, as the Greers challenge and appeal everything in court

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