6 More Nights of Satmar Super Spreader Events

6 More Nights of Satmar Super Spreader Events

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On March 23, 2020 Satmar Grand Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum tested positive for COVID-19. Last night Rebbe Teitelbaum was the honored guest of a massive wedding joining two Hasidic royal families. The wedding was held in the insular Satmar community of Kiryas Yoel, a Satmar independent township located in Monroe, NY. Outsiders are not welcome in Kiryas Yoel. The Satmar private security patrol is armed and dangerous. The Satmars run their own schools, hospitals and social service agencies. The only involvement they have with the State, local or Federal governments is when they cash welfare checks or end up in Federal prison for welfare fraud.

There were four separate wedding feasts last night in Kiryas Yoel that were attended by thousands of Hasidim. For the next six nights, in accordance with Jewish law, there will be six more nights of post wedding festivities, ie., sheva brachos. A one night big, fat Greek wedding is nothing compared to a one week big, fat Satmar wedding.

Tonight a massive post wedding sheva bracha is being held in a new synagogue building located near a new Satmar development on the corner of Marcy and Myrtle Avenues, between Williamsburg and Bedford Stuyvesant, across the street from a dangerous housing project. The Satmars own half the real estate in New York City. They keep a low profile. They have the politicians in their back pockets. They believe in gentrification. Buy cheap, sell high.

Governor Cuomo did nothing to stop the massive wedding hosted by Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum of Kiryas Yoel even though Cuomo knew about it beforehand. Mayor DiBlasio announced that the Satmars would be fined $15,000.00 for holding a 7,000 person wedding in Williamsburg. The Satmars ended up spending about $2 per guest to the City of New York, a small sum to pay to break the law, while Medicare and Medicaid will end up spending $50K in medical costs for each patient who is hospitalized with COVID19, not to mention the funeral expenses. Oy gevalt!

The Satmars can’t take all the blame for spreading COVID19. The Donald has been guilty of hosting super spreader events on the White House lawn. The Donald blamed illegal alien Obama for coughing on the White House lawn before he left office. White House medical expert Dr. Wasserman has been investigating this claim.

The Donald’s Jewish grandchildren were recently kicked out of the exclusive Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School located in Washington DC because Jared and Ivanka failed to comply with COVID protocols. The Donald and the Satmar Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum have a lot in common. The Donald and the Grand Rebbe both survived COVID19, they both have Jewish grandchildren, they both control billion dollar real estate empires and they both don’t pay taxes.


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