92 Yr Old Rebbetzn Gettinger Named As Goat Star Witness

92 Yr Old Rebbetzn Gettinger Named As Goat Star Witness

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The Goat named 92 year old Rebbetzin Rochel Gettinger, wife of Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, z”l as his star witness and defender when he appears in criminal court next month to face trial for felony charges of child rape

Rabbi Emanuel Gettinger, z”l, long-time Rabbi of the Young Israel of the West Side passed away in Chicago in 2015. Rebbetzin Rochel Gettinger resides in Chicago and is cared for by her daughter Dr. Sarah Ungar and Sarah’s husband Dr. Julian Ungar Sargon. Dr. Julian is a neurologist who practices medicine in Illinois and Indiana. One of the services Dr. Julian provides for patients is Botox injections. Dr. Julian must be very popular with the female frum crowd in Chicago.

The Goat named Rebbetzin Gettinger as his star defense witness in his upcoming child rape trial, scheduled for next month. The Goat has requested that the Court allow him to take the Rebbetzin’s deposition in Chicago and submit said deposition, under seal, to the Court. The Goat indicated that Dr. Julian Ungar is Rebbetzin Gettinger’s caretaker and will be assisting with the deposition. The Goat believes that the Rebbetzin will exonerate the Goat of all charges.

Rabbi Gettinger spent many years in New Haven. Rabbi Gettinger was provided with an apartment on Elm Street, across the street from the Goat’s yeshiva building. Rabbi Gettinger’s name was listed on the letterhead of the Goat’s Yeshiva as “Rosh HaYeshiva” with the Goat listed under Gettinger’s name as “Dean.” Rabbi Gettinger was Avi Hack’s mentor. Rabbi Gettinger is the father of Rabbi Rafoel Moshe, Rosh Yeshiva of Medrash Chaim of Lakewood and Rabbi Yisroel Gettinger, Rav of Khal Bnei Torah in Indianapolis. Avi Hack used to go to Indianapolis and learn with Rabbi Yisroel Gettinger.

In the 1990s Rabbi Gettinger split his time between New York and New Haven. In the 2000’s he spent less and less time in New Haven. Gettinger was a founding member of Young Israel of the Upper West Side and spent over 50 years there. The Young Israel building is a giant historic marble structure with room for hundreds of congregants, as opposed to the Goat’s run down Roger Sherman School Yeshiva building, with plastic wrap taped on the windows in the winter. The Goat was too cheap to pay for heat. I still recall seeing the bochurum, the students, and the adults wearing winter jackets during morning services. The Goat was always dressed in his expensive wool suit and tie, the cold never bothered the Goat, his fur protected him from getting the chills.

Rabbi Gettinger was ordained by Yeshivat Chaim Berlin and was a close disciple of the Rosh Yeshiva-HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Hutner. Rabbi Gettinger has an advanced degree in mathematics from Columbia University. Rebbetzin Rochel Gettinger is a great grand-daughter of the Netziv – Rav Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin. Why Gettinger chose to associate himself with the Goat is anyone’s guess.

I met Rabbi Gettinger many times when he was at the compound. Gettinger gave the Goat legitimacy. The Goat didn’t have the best reputation in the Orthodox Jewish world, but nobody questioned Rabbi Gettinger’s reputation. The Goat was proud to have Gettinger in the compound. I don’t know why Gettinger hung around for so long. I remember many times the Goat giving Gettinger a hard time with Gettinger rolling his eyes. I think Gettinger knew that the Goat was unbalanced. The Goat may have put Gettinger’s name on the Yeshiva’s Board of Directors at one point without Gettinger even knowing about it.

I don’t think that the Goat ever informed Rebbetzin Gettinger that she was named as the Goat’s star witness and defender in the Goat’s criminal case. The Goat pulled the same stunt with Rabbi J. Yehuda Bleich and Dr. Moshe Siev in the civil child rape trial. The Goat named Rabbi J. Yehuda Bleich and Dr. Moshe Siev as witnesses in his Federal civil child rape case without even notifying them that they were named as star witnesses. They never showed up to defend the Goat. Dr. Siev hired a lawyer to repel the Goat.

Rabbi Gettinger passed away on Shushun Purim 2015. Mirlis filed his child rape case against the Goat just before Passover of 2016. Many people told me that Gettinger was lucky he wasn’t alive to learn that the Goat was a pedophile. Gettinger was very close with Avi Hack. If Gettinger knew that the Goat molested Avi, Gettinger would have beat the Goat with a stick.

Gettinger would have been shocked to learn that he was duped by a lowly pedophile Goat. The Goat was so good at fraud, deceit and trickery that he was able to dupe a Yale pediatrician, ie., Dr. Moshe Siev, for over 30 years. When I got out of prison in 2015 I met with Dr. Siev to discuss the rumors going around town about the Goat. Dr. Siev defended the Goat and said that Dov Greer was trying to take over the compound and push the Goat aside. I thought Siev was crazy. It wasn’t long before Siev realized that the Goat was a monster. Once Siev figured out this out he packed his bags and and moved himself and his wife out of town after having spent 30 years in New Haven.

Dr. Siev was not the only Yale doctor to get conned by the Goat. Dr. Michael Ben-Avie, of the Yale Child Study Center, also got duped by the Goat. Dr. Ben-Avie was a big fan of the Goat, until he realized that he too was played for the fool. Ben-Avie fled the compound, never to return. If Dr. Siev, who specialized in the treatment of children and Dr. Ben-Avie, who specialized in child trauma and abuse, could not recognize a pedophile standing on his hind legs right in front of them, nobody is safe. The only person who hasn’t fled the compound is Sarah Greer. The Ewe is the Goat’s only fan left in the compound. The Ewe is still being played for the fool, because she is a fool.

Rebbetzin Gettinger is the daughter of Rabbi Naphtali Riff, a great-grandson of the Netziv. The Goat and his Ewe are not descended from Rabbis. The Goat’s father and uncles’ Jewish birth name of Goldberg was embarrassing so they changed it to the goyish Greer, which turned out to be even an even worse embarrassment than Goldberg. None of the Goat’s aunts, uncles or cousins ever visited the compound. The Goat’s own brother moved to Chicago, after spending only a couple of years in New Haven, and rarely returned. None of Sarah Greer’s siblings or extended family ever set foot in the compound.
Rebbetzin Gettinger has two sons who are prominent Rabbis, ie., Rabbi Rafoel Moshe, the Rosh Yeshiva of Medrash Chaim of Lakewood and Rabbi Yisroel Gettinger, the Rav of Khal Bnei Torah in Indianapolis, pictured above, who is examining a new strain of hemp he grew in his backyard garden this past summer.

The State’s Attorney for the State of Connecticut filed an objection to the Goat’s motion, in the picture above, to name Rebbetzn Gettinger as the Goat’s star witness. The State’s Attorney wrote in it’s objection the following: “The State objects to deposing Mrs. Gettinger, as she is incompetent as a witness under the Connecticut Code of Evidence. On August 8, 2019 Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Maxine Wilensy spoke by phone with Julian Ungar, Mrs. Gettinger’s son-in-law. Mr. Ungar indicated that Mrs. Gettinger is not lucid in the morning, and experiences sun downing (confusion) in the morning. He further indicated that she is more lucid in the afternoon.”

The State also filed a motion to introduce evidence of “uncharged misconduct” committed by the Goat. The State stated in it’s motion, “The Defendant has been charged with four counts of sexual assault. All the charged crimes occurred in various residences in New Haven between 2002 through 10/21/03, and involved the Defendant engaging in kissing, fondling, anal and oral intercourse with the victim when he was 15 years old and enrolled and living in the Defendant’s boarding school. The prior uncharged misconduct with the victim and two other students should be admitted to show how the defendant developed and maintained a sexual relationship with the victim and two other students over a sustained period of time. The uncharged misconduct establishes how the defendant continually groomed and engaged them in sexual acts while maintaining a dominant role over them while students at the Defendant’s school. The victim reported that the defendant began grooming him by kissing him and supplying him with alcohol, and then progressed to anal and oral sexual abuse when he was a 15 year old sophomore. The sexual assaults of the victim occurred in New Haven, Woodbridge, Branford and the State of Pennsylvania. Another student attended the defendant’s school from a very young age. In 1991 and 1992 the defendant began to sexually abuse another student on a weekly basis, which included kissing, fondling, mutual masturbation oral sex and a onetime attempt at anal sex by the defendant. These assaults happened in New Haven, Woodbridge, Bethany, Branford Motels, and in other States. The sexual abuse stopped when the student graduated, but began anew when the student returned as an employee at the Defendant’s school in 2000. During 2002 and 2004 the Defendant engaged both the victim and the employee in various acts of sexual intercourse. Through observations of the Defendant’s behavior and his admissions to them, the victim and the employee realized that the Defendant was engaged in sexual intercourse with both of them. In 2004 the employee married and ended the sex between he and the defendant, but the defendant continued to engage the victim in sexual intercourse. In 2009 another student was sent to the defendant’s school when he was 13 years old. Once there the defendant became verbally aggressive with the student, who then threatened to leave. The defendant apologized and arranged to personally tutor the student. When the student informed Greer of his good grade, he was given alcohol in celebration. When the student received a second good grade, the Defendant took him to Edgewood park, engaged in conversation, gave him wine and nuts, and then kissed him full on the mouth. Throughout this student’s time the defendant complimented him and told him when the time came he would allow him to take over the school. Additionally, while tutoring the student, the defendant, while sitting at his desk would have the student stand next to him and touch his genitals or buttock over his clothing.”

The State also asked the Judge to allow the introduction of evidence of the Goat’s crude goat-like behavior during the criminal trial. The State wrote: “The defendant became bellicose and antagonistic towards the victim, other students, and adults when he found something with which he disagreed. As punishment, students were placed in virtual isolation, for periods of time, in nearby apartments owned by the defendant. This behavior caused his students to fear him and the repercussions from him because of perceived transgressions.” The State also disclosed that it would be calling two expert witnesses to testify about child sexual abuse, sexual offenders, and pedophiles. You can read the motions filed by the State and by the Goat’s attorney by clicking the link below:

The criminal trial of the Goat is scheduled for next month. It doesn’t look good for the Goat. The Goat doesn’t have a prayer in Gehenna.

The only thing that will save the Goat from a lengthy prison sentence at this point is Moshiach.


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  1. Mr. Greer senior, father of Daniel, was a loyal member of Young Israel of the West Side. Rabbi Gettinger gathered around himself a group of college students with whom he shared serious advanced Talmudic learning. They were an outstanding group combining academic accomplishment with Talmudic prowess. I know some of them well. Daniel Greer was to some extent a member of the group but with too much hubris to be really popular. You know the rest of his story. Later in the life of Rabbi Gettinger the shul no longer had the crowd and luster of earlier years and he often had no minyan. At that point Daniel Greer took advantage of the situation and offered Rabbi and Mrs Gettinger jobs in New Haven. This was really an exploitation of his erstwhile mentor.

    1. I was told that the Goat grew up at the Young Israel of the Upper West Side, with Rabbi Gettinger as his rabbi. The Goat had his Bar Mitzvah at the YI. The Goat later went to the Lincoln Square shul, where he got engaged to Bleema Rubin, which was announced in the Lincoln Square bulletin, which was broken off, the Ewe was sloppy seconds

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