Abuse Reported at Greer School for Girls

Abuse Reported at Greer School for Girls

(May 11, 2016)

There was a period of time when Rabbi Greer and his wife, Rebbetzin Greer, ran a high school for teenage girls.

It was called the Tikva School for Girls and consisted of a handful of young girls who lived on the Greer compound in one of the Greer three family properties that surround the Greer school / synagogue.  Rabbi Greer was reported as being verbally abusive to the girls.  Rabbi Greer has a reputation for being verbally abusive to just about anyone, other than politicians who he is trying to curry favor.  I have personally watched Rabbi Greer verbally lambast his own children and grandchildren in front of the entire congregation in his synagogue, as he stood in front of the holy Torah scrolls.

Yet Rabbi Greer knows how to control himself when he is trying to shmooze politicians and businessmen raising money for one of his many non-profit organizations, especially the Edgewood Elm non-profit housing operation.  The synagogue and school were a front.  They existed only to get grant money to fund the Edgewood Elm housing operation.  The school never made a profit.  Most of the children were either Greer or Hack grandchildren, ie., “Gracks” who were not paying any tuition. It cost a fortune for Rabbi Greer to heat a building built for hundreds of students and yet Rabbi Greer didn’t have more than 20 students in the building at any given time. Rabbi Greer was always going around turning off the lights trying to save money on his electric bill.

Rabbi Greer had an annual summer fundraising event, called “the gathering” in which he invited politicians of all stripes, including Senator Richard Blumenthal, Governor Dan Malloy, Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven, Representatives and Senators from the Connecticut State Capital such as Pat Dillon and Martin Looney, New Haven police chief Esserman, a New Haven judge, business leaders, representatives from utility companies, high ranking officials from Yale New Haven Hospital, military contractors, and prominent lawyers.  Rabbi Greer usually paid a prominent right wing ex-military guy to speak at these annual events.  Rabbi Greer works the crowd well, wining and dining the dignitaries, not yelling at anyone.   And the man who Rabbi Greer raped as a child,  Rabbi Avi Hack, had an important role in the ceremonies. Rabbi Greer and Rabbi Avi Hack gave eloquent speeches about how their school with 20 “Gracks” is “stabilizing the neighborhood” and they need grant money to fix up their three family houses.

In 2013 Rabbi Avi Hack honored Police Chief Esserman and said, “who better than Chief Esserman to embody shalom, peace, the work of a pro-active community policing advocate, the work of peace among neighbors, families and among us all…”  Did Rabbi Hack ever mention to the police chief that Rabbi Greer was a child rapist?  This is how Rabbi Avi Hack concluded his speech in 2013:  “it is these moments for which we stand, dedicated to ideals of community and neighborhood, that passionate energy for Torah and community have inspired us to honor the efforts of Yeshiva of New Haven and Edgewood Elm Housing, to rejoice with you, to support us to make that possible we gather to the light and effect of the New Haven community and neighborhood that is home to our school.  Thank you for serving as the Almighty’s heaven sent emissaries and partnering with us in this holy mission. G-d bless.”

In 2013 Rabbi Greer had New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton speak at his annual fundraiser.  I was under Federal indictment at the time.  I didn’t get an invitation to the annual gathering, as I had in previous years.  A few days before the gathering I got a call from the son of Rabbi Greer asking me to attend prayer services in order help make the “minyan”, ie., the quorum necessary for a prayer service.  I told Greer Jr. that I wasn’t interested in patronizing his operation anymore.  Greer Jr. was shocked, after all these years why would I abandon the Nightmare on Elm Street?  I was honest and told Greer Jr. that I felt insulted that I wasn’t invited to the annual fundraiser.  Greer Jr. told me that the reason I wasn’t invited was because the Greer family “assumed” that I didn’t want to go because of the Federal indictment.  I guess the Greers didn’t want an indicted lawyer in the crowd, it would be bad publicity.

Rabbi Greer’s school for girls only lasted about five years.  I have been in contact with people who know former students, and they report abuse at this school.  I didn’t hear of any allegations of sexual molestation, as I heard at the school for teenage boys. But I heard reports of constant searches of the girls belongings, for such things as secular magazines. I heard reports of lock ups of girls as punishment, similar to what was going on in the school for boys.  Even more disturbing is that I heard that an abusive teacher was hired by the school to teach secular studies.  I heard that when girls complained to Rebbetzin Greer about this abusive teacher, their complaints fell on deaf ears.  The Greer school for girls didn’t last long.  It shut down after a few years.  Rabbi Greer had no use for girls, he was attracted to the teenage boys.

Sources have told me that the Greer School for Teenage Boys cut it’s hours in half since the PhD who taught math, ie., “Doc 2” quit after it was reported that Rabbi Greer was sued in Federal Court for child rape.  The Greer high school for boys new schedule is 9AM til noon.  I wish my high school ended at noon!

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