Alan Dershowitz: the King Of Trump Pardons

Alan Dershowitz: the King Of Trump Pardons

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‎The redemption of Jewish captives, פִּדְיוֹן שְׁבוּיִים, unjustly imprisoned by the Government is considered a huge mitzvah, ie., a good deed, in the Jewish religion. Alan Dershowitz is number one on the top ten list of attorneys who have secured pardons, commutations, and clemency for Jewish prisoners, as well as non-Jewish prisoners, from President Trump.

Alan Dershowitz claimed credit for the early release of international pot kingpin Jonathan Braun, who got sentenced to ten years in Federal prison. The Justice Department was ready to give Braun a walk due to his cooperation, but Braun shot himself in the foot with his usurous money lending business. Braun threatened debtors who didn’t pay up, including a Rabbi from Crown Heights. Braun got hauled into State court with private lawsuits, protective orders and investigations by the Attorney General of the State of New York and the Federal Trade Commission. Braun was involved in his shady loan business while he was on house arrest waiting to be sentenced by the Federal court. The Federal Judge didn’t go easy on Braun when his shenanigans came to light at sentencing. Dershowitz got Braun’s ten year sentence commuted to time served. Braun recently walked out of Camp Otisville a free man, or semi free, he will still be on probation. When Dershowitz was told that Braun was accused of numerous acts of violence, Dershowitz said that he donated monies that he received from Braun to charity.

Alan Dershowitz claimed credit for the recent full pardon of Irving “Scooter” Libby by President Trump. Scooter was born in New Haven to Irve Lewis Liebowitz Sr., a prominent investment banker, and attended Yale University and Columbia Law School. Scooter’s 30 month prison sentence was commuted by President George W. Bush, but his felony conviction for perjury, lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice for leaking the name of CIA operative Valerie Plame while he worked under Vice President Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz remained intact. President Trump issued Scooter a full pardon. No more felony conviction for Mr. Libby. 70 year old Scooter is now free to possess a firearm without risking a five year minimum prison sentence. Scooter is also free to attend a secret meeting of mafia dons in upstate New York without risking getting charged with a Federal crime.

Alan Dershowitz claimed credit for the commutation of the sentence of kosher slaughterhouse macher Sholom Rubashkin. Rubashkin was doing 27 years in the Otisville medium. Rubashkin was ready to transfer to the Otisville camp when he was released by the Donald. If you have less than ten years left on your sentence you can transfer to the Otisville camp where there is a tennis court in the parking lot, a soccer field and a baseball diamond. The sports facilities are run down. I saw a guy trip on a pothole in the tennis court and break his arm. The baseball diamond has giant puddles of water and mounds of sand, it looks more like a golf course than a baseball diamond. The basketball court uses the same blacktop as the tennis court.

Dershowitz also helped secure the commutation of Rubashkin’s Otisville bunkie Shalom Weiss. Weiss was sentenced to 845 years in prison for an insurance scam with losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Weiss had to be extradited from Europe after he skipped bond. It took the Feds a couple of years to find him. Weiss was a business partner of the owners of Scores strip bar in Manhattan which included mobsters such as John Gotti Jr. AKA Junior.

Alan Dershowitz claimed credit for the commutation of Eli Weinstein’s 24 year sentence. Weinstein was involved in a ponzi scheme and real estate investment scam in which he defrauded members of his Lakewood Jewish community out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Weinstein continued to scam victims while he was waiting to be sentenced. I was locked up with a few guys who were involved with Weinstein, ie. Alex Schleider and Ari Glucksman. Schleider only had to do about 6 months because he cooperated against Weinstein. Glucksman was involved in numerous other crimes, so he was stuck in Otisville for a few years. Glucksman was questioned and interviewed by law enforcement authorities while he was locked up in Otisville. Nobody knew what was being discussed. He could have been providing information about Weinstein or other criminal associates.

Dershowitz claimed credit for the commutation of 85 year sentences handed out to New York real estate fraudsters Mark A. Shapiro and Irving Stitsky. Mr. Trump commuted the 20 year sentence of Ronen Nahmani, an Israeli-born Florida man convicted in 2015 of selling synthetic marijuana. If you wanted to purchase all natural organic marijuana you went to Jon Braun, if you preferred knock off marijuana you went to Ronen.

Dershowitz not only helped secure pardons and commutations, but he also got Trump to lift Treasury and State Department sanctions against Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler for corrupt and abusive mining practices in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mr. Gertler was accused in 2017 by the Trump-era Treasury Department of using his connections to the former Congolese president to arrange corrupt mining and oil deals that cost the citizens of Congo more than a billion dollars in lost revenue. The lifting of sanctions was condemned by human rights organizations who are hoping Biden will reimpose the sanctions.

Dershowitz recently failed in his attempt to get the 10 year child porn sentence of Lebanese American George Nader commuted. Nader has an extensive criminal record of sexual molestation and exploitation of teenage boys. Nader has been involved in Middle Eastern politics for many years and has hobnobbed with United States Presidents since George H.W. Bush. Nader has lobbied on behalf of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Nader may have had a hand in the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel. Nader was also accused of being involved in multi million dollar illegal campaign contribution scandals to funnel money to Hillary Clinton as well as to Donald Trump in order to buy influence on behalf of the UAE and the Saudis. Nader cooperated with the Mueller investigation into Donald Trump, in exchange for immunity, and was questioned about whether UAE money was funneled into Trump’s campaign. Nader is currently locked up in “administrative segregation” ie., solitary confinement, in the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia (ADC), a State prison that accepts high profile Federal inmates. Chelsea Manning, Aldrich Ames, Paul Manafort, 911 bombers, and members of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban have spent time in ADC.

Nader recently filed a motion for compassionate release on the grounds that he is at risk of getting COVID due to the fact that he is 61 years old, suffers from progressive coronary artery disease for which he underwent triple-bypass surgery, has hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Dershowitz also failed to help convicted pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer in Greer’s attempt at freedom. Dershowitz submitted a letter to the State’s Attorneys Office protesting that the State’s attorney argued that Greer could flee to Israel if Greer wasn’t incarcerated. Dershowitz’s name appeared as one of Mr. Greer’s attorneys on a petition for habeas corpus to free Mr. Greer from prison.

In spite of Dershowitz’s failures to help Daniel Greer and George Nader, Dershowitz remains number one on the top ten list of lawyers who you want to hire if you are looking for a pardon. Nader is pictured below with President Trump:

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