America’s Dad & America’s Goat

America’s Dad & America’s Goat

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America’s Dad and America’s Goat have much in common.  They could both pass for ornery goats if they went to visit the Bronx Zoo together.  An 80 year old black he-goat and a 78 year old white he-goat. They both like to curse the legal system, the system that victimized them.  America’s Dad lashed out in Court after he was convicted and called the prosecutor an A-hole in open court.  America’s Goat lashed out at Attorney Ponvert during cross examination during the Federal trial when Daniel Greer was sued for child rape.  America’s Goat refused to directly answer a question, and when pressed, bellowed, “I beg your pardon!”

America’s Dad was convicted of the crime of raping women.  America’s Goat was found liable for raping Eli Mirlis in a civil trial in the amount of $20 million.  The Goat’s criminal case is pending.  Cosby will be incarcerated in the State of Pennsylvania.  Daniel Greer the Goat will be incarcerated in the State of Connecticut.

America’s Dad was tried twice.  The first criminal case resulted in a mistrial.  The State of Pennsylvania tried him again and got a conviction.  In the first trial the State Prosecutor was not allowed to introduce evidence of similar uncharged misconduct.  In the second trial the State was allowed to present five women who testified that they were raped in the same way as the victim.

In both trials Cosby attacked the victim and claimed that they had consentual sex.   Consent is the best defense in these cases.  Cosby’s attorney pointed out that the victim showed up at Cosby’s apartment in a sexy outfit and had a few drinks with Cosby.  The victim was a nobody and wanted to get into show business.  Cosby could open a lot of doors for her.  If Cosby invited ten nobodies to his apartment, at least a few of them would have had sex with him.  Cosby didn’t have to drug them.  Harvey Weinstein never drugged any of his victims.  Weinstein, much like Greer and Cosby, could easily pass as a he-goat.

The Goat can’t raise the defense of consent in his upcoming child rape trial.  Mirlis was incapable of consenting to having sex with the Goat, as Mirlis was a minor, and a minor is incapable of giving consent.  Cosby’s victim was incapable of giving consent after she was drugged by Cosby. But Cosby’s victim didn’t have medical evidence to prove that she was drugged by Cosby.  Most victims of rape are not in the right frame of mind to collect forensic evidence.

In the second Cosby trial the Judge allowed the State of Pennsylvania to present testimony of five other women who were also raped by Cosby.  Evidence of uncharged sexual misconduct is admissible if it can prove that the defendant had a tendency to engage in the type of sexual behavior with which he was charged, as long as it is not too remote in time, it is similar to the offense charged, and it is committed against persons similar to the prosecuting witness.

In the upcoming Goat criminal trial the State of Connecticut may try to show the jury the videotape of Avi Hack.  Avi testified that he was raped by the Goat as a teenager, in a similar way as Mirlis.  The State may want to present the testimony of former student Rafi, whom the Goat tried to French kiss in Edgewood Park.  The Goat tried to seduce Rafi with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  Similarly, the Goat seduced Eli Mirlis with a bottle of wine and a bag of cashews.  The Goat would have offered the boys oysters, which is an aphrodisiac, but oysters are not kosher.  The Goat is very strict about what he puts into his mouth, unless it is the male organ, in which case the Goat is very lenient Halachically.

The Goat also tried to seduce one of his longtime employees who worked on the buildings in the compound, a guy named Paul.  Paul was called into one of the Goat’s apartments, where he found himself alone with the Goat, a bottle of wine, and a bag of nuts.  Paul, who is gay, told the Goat that he only has sex with other humans and does not engage in bestiality, which is a grave sin, even for a goy.  Paul learned this after eavesdropping on one of the Rabbi Goat’s halacha classes.

I heard from a former student that another the worker in the compound used to tell the students that the esteemed Rabbi was not who he appeared.  There was another side to the Goat. This worker told a former student never to go downstairs into the boiler room, all kinds of depravity went on in the boiler room.  Avi Hack testified that his first date with the Goat was in the boiler room behind the 100 year old furnace, where there was a little side room with a bed.  Avi said the Goat touched him and kissed him, making him feel “squishy.”

For many years the Goat’s depravity was well known by the goyim working in the compound, yet the Jews in the compound knew nothing.  Harold Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer, and the wives of these men had no clue as to what was going on?  The goyisha water carrier and the wagon driver knew all the Goat’s secrets, and yet the Goat’s former buddies the Yale child psychologist and the Yale pediatrician knew nothing.

Speaking of Yale, Yale’s official mascot reprobate Saifullah Khan, who recently beat the rape rap, never drugged his victim.  Khan’s victim drugged herself, admitting she drank heavily that evening.  You are not a credible witness when you admit to getting so intoxicated that you can’t remember what happened.  It doesn’t help when all your girlfriends testify that they also got hammered out of their minds, one ending up in the Yale drunk tank that night.  The State made a mistake bringing that case.  According to attorney Norm Pattis the Khan case was a conspiracy hatched in the inner sanctum of Yale University.  More likely it was hatched in the inner sanitarium of the Yale Board Of Director’s Office.

I will be looking into what kind of corruption occurred at the Yale Board of Director’s Sanitarium Office during the Khan trial.  I have to give some respect and credibility to Attorney Norm Pattis.  Norm Pattis had access to all the documents in the Khan file that were never publicly available.  It’s always the crazy ones who seem to know the truth.

So far I have discovered the following Yale corruption:  The Yale Daily changed an on line article about Khan during the trial.  The article was changed to trash Khan.  My impression after speaking with the jurors is that they read the article and felt that the article was unfair and unbalanced reporting.  The article backfired.  The article was probably changed by rabid left wing Yale student reporters and the Yale Sanitarium had nothing to do with the dirty tactics.  Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress that he couldn’t control his own Communists who worked at Facebook.

I also discovered that victim Anita’s on line presence was completely scrubbed prior to the Khan verdict.  I thoroughly searched the internet for information about Anita during the Khan trial.  I was only able to find one picture of Anita in a bedroom in which she appeared disheveled and sickly.  I was only able to find a single article about Anita which was written many years ago when she was in High School.  That was it.  If I google Anita today I will find pages and pages of information about Anita.  I know everything there is to know about Anita now.  I know her friends, I know where she works, I know how she dresses, and I know what she is doing in her free time.  Anita has many hours of YouTube videos I can watch that she personally downloaded over the last several years.

Who scrubbed Anita from the internet during the Khan trial?  Was it Yale University?  Was it the State of Connecticut?  Was it Mark Zuckerberg?  Irv Pinsky?  Is Anita capable of doing this herself?  Out of the mad mind of Norm Pattis, and the criminal mind of Larry Noodles, I suspect a conspiracy…

8 thoughts on “America’s Dad & America’s Goat

  1. They scrubbed Adam Lanza and his mother’s entire internet history with the quickness as well. For some odd reason they didn’t want it to get out he had Asperger’s form of autism.
    I WONDER WHY? Is it because a certain group is predisposed to it?
    I’d chalk that scrubbin’ up to Zuckerstein and the ADL. lol

    1. Autism and Aspergers does not cause one to be a murderer, plenty of killers who were not autistic

    1. Dick Dreyfuss, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Lauer, James Toback, Louis CK, Mark Halperin, Harvey Wallbanger Weinstein, Mark Rattner, Jeremy Piven, The Goat, Steven Seagal, Eric Schneiderman, Larry Nasser, Douglas Greenberg, James Deen, Abe Reisman, Tom Brokaw…..

      This is obviously just a huge case of …..

      ANTI-SEMETISM. Somebody call the ADL!

      1. Its a vast white right wing conspiracy against the Jews. First they took down Hillary Clinton, and now they are taking down the Jews, one by one. Somebody call the National Guard!

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