Amicus Curiae Brief Request Filed By Rabbi Knopfler In Greer Appeal

Amicus Curiae Brief Request Filed By Rabbi Knopfler In Greer Appeal

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Pedophile rabbi, Connecticut lawyer and “Mayor of Edgewood” Daniel Greer was sentenced to 12 years in jail back on December 2, 2019. The Connecticut legal regulators filed papers to have Attorney Greer suspended from the practice of law on January 7, 2020. Greer’s attorneys filed a request to have the matter continued on the grounds that “Daniel Greer is incarcerated and counsel needs more time to review this matter with him.” Greer’s continuance request was granted. Greer’s attorneys had 8 months to review “this matter with him.” After 8 months of review Greer’s attorneys filed no paperwork objecting to his suspension. Judge Abrams ordered Greer suspended from the practice of law two days ago.

Daniel Greer used to practice law in New York City when he graduated from Yale Law School back in the 1960s. But I couldn’t find any listing of Greer ever being a member of the New York Bar. The Goat may have lied about practicing law for a white shoe law firm back in the 1960s. The Goat probably failed the New York bar exam. His paws probably couldn’t grip a number two pencil.

The Goat is currently appealing his criminal conviction. The Goat’s legal brief is due on January 21, 2021. The Goat is being represented by Attorney Richard Emanuel, an expert in criminal appeals.

The State of Connecticut tried the Goat last fall, just before COVID19 shut down all the courthouses. The Goat was looking for a continuance at the time. Fortunately the State didn’t agree to the continuance request, even though it would have given the State more time to prepare. It was a difficult case for the State. The crime happened many years ago. Key witnesses were out of state. The State had boxes of transcripts to review from the Goat’s civil trial. The Goat had a high powered legal dream team defending him. Fortunately Judge Jon Alander scheduled the trial just before the month of Jewish holidays in September. Judge Alander told the Goat and his attorneys that there would be a verdict before the holidays. Judge Alander was true to his promise, the Goat was convicted Erev Rosh Hashanah. This is a good example of where the legal system actually works for a change. I may appear to be cynical but my cynicism is only for the benefit of my cynical readers, who comprise 90% of my readership. I personally am not cynical, at least not all the time. I took a poll of the 86 billion neurons in my head. 50% are optimistic, 20% are pessimistic and 30% are indifferent.

Rabbi Yisrael A. Knopfler submitted a request to file an amicus curiae brief, a friend of the Court brief, to the Appellate Court hearing the Goat appeal. Knopfler stated that he runs the Beis Din Tzedek rabbinical court in Lakewood, NJ. Knopfler wrote: “We have learned of a transcript of an argument where a lawyer for the State argued that many Orthodox Jews who have been accused of crimes flee to Israel. Our organization has a strong interest in opposing stereotypical statements like this regarding all Jews, including Orthodox. We believe we could offer helpful expertise to the Honorable Court about challenges faced by Orthodox Jews, and the difficulty of avoiding stereotypes and possible discrimination. We have learned from researching this case that Rabbi Daniel Greer is elderly and in poor health. Our organization is very concerned about an elderly inmate being incarcerated during the health emergency that we are all now struggling with.”

I asked my sources in Lakewood about Knopfler. Knopfler was arrested this past Spring on Lag B’Omer for violating New Jersey stay at home orders after he had a Lag B’Omer party. I don’t know what happened to the charges. Knopfler does not have a large following contrary to what he claims in his letter to the Court. Knopfler runs a little cult in Lakewood with a small group of followers. Knopfler has been trying to elbow his way into the Lakewood Haradi community, offending the local Lakewood establishment. A lot of money flows into the pockets of the leading Lakewood rabbis. Knopfler wants a piece of the action. I can’t blame him. Its a tough economy out there! Moshiach NOW!

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