Angry Mob Calls for Top Cop & Greer Pal to Retire

Angry Mob Calls for Top Cop & Greer Pal to Retire



(August 10, 2016)  After Larry Noodles posted blogs about the Head Bully In Charge (HBIC) getting served with a contempt citation for failing to pay his ex-wife $105,000.00 per the divorce court order, Larry Noodles was contacted by a reliable source who said the HBIC paid the $105,000.00 to his ex wife, and the motion was dropped.  It is not clear from this reliable source whether it was the Larry Noodles blog that pressured the HBIC to shell out the cash.  Larry Noodles cannot tell from the court file when the money was handed over to the ex wife.  People in power, and their puppets in the press, don’t like it when the peasants find out these things.  Larry Noodles is no ordinary peasant and will follow the trail of slime no matter where it leads…

People like the HBIC and Rabbi Greer think they are above the law.  The HBIC violated a court order when he didn’t pay the $105,000.00, forcing his ex-wife to file a motion for contempt.  The HBIC showed nothing but contempt for the judge’s order.  A court order has the same force and effect as any other law.  You can get locked up in jail if you violate a court order.  The chief of police was at risk of going to jail.  Would the HBIC be able to run the police department from a prison cell?   What kind of Mayor keeps on a Police Chief who shows nothing but contempt for the laws he was sworn to uphold?
The peasants of New Haven have had enough of the HBIC and the Mayor.  Last night the peasants packed the New Haven public library and demanded that the HBIC fall on his sword.  The peasants should have also demanded that Rabbi Greer turn himself in to the HBIC and confess to his crimes of child rape.  They should have also demanded that Mayor Enabler fall on her sword.

Larry Noodles, along with Mayor Enabler and the HBIC, were unable to attend this democratic gathering of the peasants last night.  Rallies such as this do not happen often.  Such a rally is a sign of a healthy democracy.  But a rally where the Mayor and the HBIC fail to show up is a sign of slimy politicians hiding from the peasants.  What was the Mayor and the HBIC doing last night that was so important that they couldn’t meet with the peasants?  Playing cards?  Getting haircuts?  At least Larry Noodles had a good excuse: nobody told him about it.

The New Haven rag reported today details about how the HBIC threatened to yank all the cops from guard duty for Michelle Obama and her pot smoking daughter during a political re-election campaign rally for sleezy Governor Malloy, who is under investigation for illegal campaign contributions.  This happened in 2014.  Larry Noodles was locked up at the time in Federal prison, and was probably either playing cards or watching television when the HBIC had this temper fit.  The HBIC railed at Secret Service agents about all the money it was costing the City of New Haven to defend Obama. The HBIC then threatened to pull all the New Haven cops off duty.

Shocking as this may sound, Larry Noodles will defend the HBIC on this particular flare up.  Why should the little broke city of New Haven subsidize the protection of Obama and her pot head daughter?  Smoking pot is still a Federal offense.  This is another example of slimy politicians who show nothing but contempt for the laws they were sworn to uphold.  The HBIC should have sent all those cops to walk the beat on Dixwell Avenue and protect Larry Noodles from getting hit by a stray bullet.  Let Obama call in the National Guard to protect his wife.

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