Another Goat Victim Contacts Larry Noodles

Another Goat Victim Contacts Larry Noodles

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I was contacted today by another victim of the Goat.  This former student said that the Goat tried to French kiss him as he ate a bag of peanuts.  Disgusting!

This student was invited by the Goat to go to Edgewood Park at midnight.  The student was only 13 years old.  The student told the Goat that it was fine with him to go to Edgewood Park.  This student wasn’t sure why the Goat wanted to go to Edgewood Park, but he was a youngster, and young adults are taught to obey grownups, especially people in authority such as the “rabbi” who is in charge of a Jewish yeshiva.

The Goat asked this student what he liked to drink.  The student told me that he was confused by the question.  This 13 year old youth did not drink alcohol.

The Goat picked up this student and took him to Edgewood Park.  The Goat presented the student with a bottle of wine and a bag of peanuts.  Mirlis also testified that his first goat groping occurred when the Goat brought out a bag of cashews and a bottle of alcohol.

While this student munched on peanuts the Goat lurched forward and put his mouth on this boy’s mouth, and proceeded to try to put his goat tongue inside of the boy’s mouth.  The boy backed away and thought the Goat lost his mind.  The Goat apologized and drove the boy back to the dorm.  The Goat was inebriated at this point, and almost crashed his minivan.  The Goat made it home and must have passed out immediately.  The former student said that the goat still had peanuts stuck in his beard the next morning during prayer services.

The State of Connecticut can prosecute the Goat for raping Mirlis.  There is no problem with the Statute of Limitations.  On May 23, 2002, the Connecticut legislature extending the limitation period for prosecuting a case of sexual assault of a minor. The statute provides: “no person may be prosecuted for any offense, except a class A felony, involving sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or sexual assault of a minor except within thirty years from the date the victim attains the age of majority or within five years from the date the victim notifies any police officer or state’s attorney…”  This statute is not retroactive. The thirty years only applies to the rape of a minor committed after May 23, 2002.

Mirlis testified that he first got raped by the Goat in the 10th grade.  Mirlis would have been about 15 years old, which would have made him a minor.  Mirlis said he reported the rape to the police department in 2015.  The police have five years, or until the year 2020, within which to prosecute the Goat.

Avi Hack testified that he was getting raped by the goat from 1992 until his engagement in 2004.  The 30 year statute of limitations would not apply to the rape of Avi as a minor, because the statute only applies to sexual assault of a minor committed after 2002.  Avi was not a minor in 2002.  The prosecution of the Goat for the rape of Avi would fall under the old statute of limitations.  The State’s attorney would be barred from prosecuting the Goat.

The Goat’s attorney William Ward failed to raise the issue of Avi and Mirlis getting raped at the same time.  One of his many blunders.   According to the testimony presented during trial, the Goat raped Mirlis during high school, which would have been the same time he was raped Avi Hack.

The State’s Attorney’s Office can still prosecute the Goat for raping Mirlis.  In such a case Avi’s testimony may or may not be allowed in evidence, depending on how the court rules. The case law would seem to allow the admission of such evidence.   “In sexual assault cases evidence of prior sex offenses committed with persons other than the prosecuting witness is admissible to show a common design or plan [when] the prior offenses (1) are not too remote in time; (2) are similar to the offense charged; and (3) are committed upon persons similar to the prosecuting witness.”  State v. DeJesus.

If evidence of Hack getting raped does not come into evidence, the State’s Attorney would have a tough case to prove.  The Goat could argue that the rape of Avi Hack was too remote in time.  It would then be the word of Mirlis against the word of the Goat.  The Goat would be able to completely avoid getting on the witness stand.

Others need to come forward, such as the Goat’s own children, and testify about prior sexual offenses committed by the Goat, in order to show a pattern of behavior.  The Judge would have to allow such evidence before the jury.  The Goat would be sent to jail where he belongs.

4 thoughts on “Another Goat Victim Contacts Larry Noodles

  1. thanks for illuminating the legal aspects. i guess that is why the penn state case went to criminal trial: there were many victims coming forth and a whole history could be established.
    i am sure, as your informer indicates, there were many other attempts to lure boys into a sexual relationship, and quite likely others who were victimized. the wine and nuts scenario appears to have been an initial try out.


    The goat deserves a taste of his own medicine behind bars!

    Prison wine and a “bag of nuts.”

  3. it seems from a previous link that you, larry, provided, that rabbi Notis is linked to yeshiva aderes hatorah with a donation mailing address in lakewood. frankly, i do not know what is going on with some of these rabbis and yeshivas: some sort of twisted logic, no common sense, a devaluation of the secular and of non-jews, making decisions that seem just plain weird and are justified in a convoluted fashion. if you want to “save” bad jewish boys, then putting them in an environment where they and their rebbe rub shoulders with a convicted rapist, tells them first of all what they are worth. you would not put “good ” jewish boys in this situation. you model for them cutting corners, making deals with unsavory characters and criminals in order to get stuff, to live in denial and to be fake,to obfuscate the truth and to shy away from transparency. a great lesson for a bad jewish kid.

    1. Good points! These boys feel down on themselves anyway, the last thing they need is to be placed in a school controlled by a pedophile.

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