Another Greer Building Torched

Another Greer Building Torched


Back in late 2013 Greer’s building located at 33 Pendelton Street went up in flames.  Tenant Amy Yamaguchi is still suing the Greer gang for her injuries.  Aviad Hack and Eliezer Greer were named as defendants.  Her lawsuit is still active.  She is represented by the legendary New Haven law firm of Lynch, Traub, Keefe and Errante, the same law firm that is representing Avi Hack in the child rape case.

Barrister Hugh Keefe needs to hire secretaries who know how to spell.  The Yamaguchi lawsuit named Aviad “Heck” as the defendant.  The Hacks do not like to be called Hecks.  But they do like to cash in on the old goat, at least up until the time Mirlis brought his child rape lawsuit.  After the lawsuit the Hacks fled the compound.  That’s a Heck of way to treat the old goat, after all the money he gave them over the years.

In her lawsuit Amy Yamaguchi claims that the Greer building didn’t have easy access to emergency exits when it went up in flames.  She was forced to jump out a window to escape the fire.  Plus she is claiming lost earnings from her job at Yamaguchi Tires in Japan.

A few days ago another Greer building went up in flames.  This building was right down the street from the Nightmare on Elm Street.  The building that got torched was 834 Elm Street. It is owned by Edgewood Village.

After the fire the New Haven Building Inspector served the old goat and his wife with an order to vacate. The building must be vacated and secured, and either repaired or demolished, as it is now a public nuisance.  The old goat is also a public nuisance.  He should be locked up.

I heard from a reliable source that the tenants who fled the Greer death trap were female students.  They were told by Greer that there has never been a fire in the compound before.  The old goat probably forgot about the 2013 fire and the lawsuit brought by Yamaguchi.  The old goat is getting old and losing his memory.  In goat years he is at least 150 years old.

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