Anthony Weiner Is VIP At Bronx Halfway House

Anthony Weiner Is VIP At Bronx Halfway House

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Exclusive pic of Anthony Weiner going into the bathroom in the Bronx Halfway House

I was recently provided with exclusive photos of Anthony Weiner hanging out in the Bronx Halfway House. My sources informed me that the officers at the Bronx Halfway House cleared out the computer room at the Bronx Halfway in order to make a private room just for Anthony Weiner. Most inmates share rooms. Anthony Weiner has been provided special privileges not available to other inmates. Weiner’s private room is located right next to the officer’s office. The officers have to keep an eye on Weiner. If anything happens to Weiner it would be an embarrassment for his gracious host, ie., the Federal Government. By law the Feds are required to guarantee the safety of all inmates, even when they are locked up in halfway houses. Inmates are not supposed to get beaten, raped or abused in prison. But laws are made to be broken, even by the Feds, the same people who enacted the laws.

Weiner did about 15 months in Federal prison in Devens, MA, which is known to house a large medical facility. Weiner was released to the Bronx halfway house. He is expected to be released from the Bronx halfway house in May of this year.

Weiner has been getting special treatment in the Bronx. Weiner is allowed to have take out food delivered to his room, mostly pizza. Weiner is very skinny for a guy who eats pizza all the time. He must work off the weight from the exercise he gets from sending thousands of text messages out every day. Weiner is allowed to have a smart phone and get access to the internet on his computer. If Carlos Danger can’t control himself he may end up back in prison before he gets out of the halfway house.

When Weiner first checked into the Bronx halfway house the media swarmed all over the facility. Reporters tried to talk to Weiner as he went in and out of the halfway house. Reporters also spoke with a number of inmates about Weiner. The information I obtained about Weiner is the most reliable. My sources are independently vetted and verified. Larry Noodles does not peddle in fake news, unlike mainstream media outlets such as CNN, FOX, WSJ, BET, SNL, Al Jazeera, InfoWars, Judge Judy, and the Times.

My sources told me that Weiner said he didn’t enjoy his stay at Devens prison. Devens has a medical facility on site. It’s not much of a medical facility, but it’s better than most doctor offices in Federal prisons. Medical “facilities” in Federal prison haven’t been updated since the 18th century. When I walked into the Otisville medical examination room I thought I was on Shutter Island. I still get nightmares.

Weiner told an inmate in the Bronx halfway that Devens was very depressing. He said he saw many sick inmates die. Devens is hospice for old, decrepit and sick inmates. My sources told me that Weiner said he couldn’t get into Otisville because he was too “high profile.” If Michael Cohen could get into Otisville why couldn’t Anthony Weiner? Weiner may not have been Jewish enough to get into Otisville. Plus Weiner was once married to a Muslim woman, ie., Huma Abedin. Huma’s mother is a professor at a college in Saudi Arabia of all places. Its bad enough when a Jew marries a shiksa, but to marry a Muslim? The hard core Jews in Otisville would have strongly disapproved of Weiner’s alternative lifestyle. There would have been riots. Weiner would have never survived Otisville. It would have been very embarrassing for the Feds.

It’s possible that Weiner chose to go to Devens in order to show his sentencing judge that he was serious about continuing his “sexual compulsivity” treatment. Weiner had a psychotherapist send a letter to his sentencing judge that said Weiner wanted to continue this treatment even after sentencing. I know for a fact that Otisville does not offer sexual compulsivity training for male inmates. Otisville offers training in anger mismanagement, car mechanics, sewage treatment plants, and yoga. Even though Devens has a medical facility I highly doubt Devens offers therapy for sexual compulsivity disorder. The only reason you go to Devens is because you are knocking on death’s door. The Bureau of Prisons will be sure to hasten your demise.

Every day Weiner leaves the Bronx halfway house at six in the morning and doesn’t return until evening. Weiner gets picked up by a car service. My sources told me that Weiner has a job working for a friend.

Most of the inmates in the Bronx halfway are Black and Spanish and don’t get the same kind of perks as the Weiner. Is it because Weiner is White? Or is it because Weiner is a Jew? Either way it sounds like White Weiner privilege to me.

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