Anthony Weiner & The Goat

Anthony Weiner & The Goat

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Anthony Weiner is getting sentenced tomorrow in Federal court after he pleaded guilty to a single charge of sending naked pics of himself to a 15 year old girl just before the 2016 Presidential elections.  Weiner was not charged with downloading child porn, which gets you 15 to 20 years in Federal prison.  Unlike Rabbi Greer, Weiner is not pedophile.  Weiner has been sending pics of himself to adult women for years, which ultimately led to his downfall.

The 15 year old high school girl bragged to the FBI that she tried to set up Weiner because she wanted to influence the Presidential elections and make some money at the same time.  She sounds like the typical high school girl, very bright and yet devious.  High school boys would never come up with such an ingenious plan.  Currently she is shopping around for a publisher.  So far she made $30K from a British tabloid and $10K from Special Edition.  It has been reported that she spent all of this money at the local shopping mall on perfume, jewelry, makeup and handbags.

When the high school girl first contacted Weiner she was lucky he even replied.  She begged him for days to send naked pictures of himself. Eventually he complied.  He told her if she was over 18 he would have sex with her, but not under 18.  He then stopped talking to her.  They only spoke over a period of a few weeks.  Weiner went back to sending his pictures to older women under his alias name “Carlos Danger.”  Daniel Greer’s alias was “Mr. Green” when he checked into a cheap motel room with a minor boy in order to have real sex, not just look at goat pictures.  Ironically Mr. Greer had hired a man named Mr. Green as a secular studies teacher in the Goat school for many years.  Mr. Green was let go after the Goat’s children and grandchildren, who comprised most of the student body, fled the compound.

After the British tabloid published the girl’s story Weiner went into sex addiction treatment with Dr. Barbara Levinson.  Dr. Levinson concluded that Weiner was sexually dysfunctional, but not a pedophile, unlike the Goat.  Weiner went into therapy.  Weiner also was evaluated by Dr. Shoshana Must, from the Federal Government’s Department of Probation, who also determined that he was not a pedophile.  The Goat, on the other hand, has refused to admit that he is a pedophile, and has refused to seek treatment.

The Feds never prosecute these types of cases in New York, unless it is part of a case involving producing, downloading or distributing child pornography. If Weiner was just an ordinary New Yorker, and not Anthony Weiner, this case would have never been prosecuted.

The Weiner story was released by the British tabloid just before the Trump – Clinton election.  The Feds leaked information that they were investigating a case involving Anthony Weiner and a minor after trolling through the Hillary emails.  Weiner was married to Huma Abadin, Hillary’s best friend forever.  Huma is a Jewish woman from the Upper West Side.  No, that was the Goat’s wife, the Ewe.  Huma Abadin is not Jewish, her father is from India and her mother from Pakistan.  Huma didn’t have enough conflict in her family life, so she married Anthony Weiner, and had a baby with him.

Huma wrote a letter to Weiner’s sentencing Judge Denise Cote in support of her disgraced husband.  Not unlike the Ewe, who testified on behalf of her disgraced Goat in Federal Court during his civil child rape trial.  But Huma left Weiner, unlike the Ewe, who still lives with her Goat in the stable they share across from Edgewood Park in New Haven.  Weiner’s parents and brother also wrote letters in support of Weiner.  The Goat’s brother from Chicago, and the Goat’s children have completely disowned him and no longer speak with the Goat.

Weiner initially was looking at ten years in jail under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  The Federal prosecutors admitted that ten years was a ridiculous amount of jail time for sending pictures to a gold digger looking to cash in.  Having actual sexual contact with a minor doesn’t get you ten years in jail, which are usually prosecuted by the State, not the Feds.

The Feds looked into their magic Federal crystal ball and have asked the Judge Cote to give Weiner two years in jail.  No reason for two years.  They could have asked for one year.  Or three years.  Or no years.  Does it make a difference?  Once you are locked up, your life turns upside down, but you adjust.  A few months more or less doesn’t make much of a difference in your life.  You are in a time warp anyway, time stands still,  you are doing nothing useful other than eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom.

Federal sentencing Judge Cote has been compared to Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  She bears a slight resemblance to Lady Fairchilde.  She was accused of being a wooden hand puppet for Amazon in a case of price fixing against Apple.  It is very rare for Federal Judge to be compared to a hand puppet from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  It is also rare for a rabbi to be compared to a Goat.

The bottom line is that Judge Cote was appointed by Slick Willie back in 1994.  She is a former US Attorney, so she is naturally tough on crime, but she is also part of Club Clinton.  She attends the parties, hangs out with the politicians, and plays the game, like a good soldier.  Cote may go easy on Weiner because of her Clinton connection.  Or Cote may send Weiner to jail, to make her friends in the US Attorneys Office happy.

In Goat news, the Goat had a full house over the two days of Rosh Hashana which carried over into Shabbos.  The nursery room was filled with children of parents who were there to attend the services.  Cars with New Jersey plates lined up on Elm Street.  The Goat was in full glory.  The question remains: Will these fans from Lakewood visit the Goat in jail?  Or will they disown the Goat, like his family did?

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