Appraisers Scheduled To Visit the Compound

Appraisers Scheduled To Visit the Compound

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The $21 million jury verdict obtained against the Rabbi Greer the Goat remains outstanding.  Victim Eli Mirlis obtained this judgment last May in the Federal District Court in Hartford.  Mirlis has yet to collect one shekel.  Shortly after the verdict the New Haven Police arrested the old goat.  The Goat is currently fighting criminal charges pending in the New Haven Superior Court.  The Goat remains free on a $100K bond that he posted with a bail bondsman.  The Goat is being represented by Willie the Dow, one of the top, and most expensive, criminal defense attorneys in the State of Connecticut.

The Goat is also paying attorneys David Grudberg, Amanda Nugent, and William Ward to represent him in the appeal he filed with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to try to get the $21 million verdict overturned.  The Goat is paying attorneys Jeffrey Sklarz and Lauren McNair to defend him in the collection cases filed by Attorney Beatman on behalf of Eli Mirlis.

The Goat would rather pay his wet dream team of attorneys to drag out legal proceedings than pay the victim of his crimes.  The Goat’s wet dream team is required to file status reports with the Federal court notifying Judge Shea on the progress of Goat payments towards the $21 million verdict.  Recently the attorneys filed a status report which stated that the Goat produced substantial financial documentation and information to Attorney Beatman.  The status report also says that the Goat has proposed to make payments towards the verdict, but does not specify the amounts of each payment.  Beatman and Mirlis are currently reviewing the Goat’s offer and the Goat’s financial documentation.

The status report also indicates that Beatman is going to send an appraiser out to the compound to conduct an appraisal of the Goat’s shul.  Mirlis started a foreclosure lawsuit against the Goat’s shul.  The Goat has offered to pay Mirlis the value of the property, in exchange for Mirlis dropping the foreclosure lawsuit.  This would allow the Goat to keep his shul, which is currently occupied by Lakewood Rabbi Notis and his gaggle of misfits and ne’er do wells.

Avi Hack testified that the first time the Goat molested him was in the basement of the shul.  Avi’s first date with the Goat was on an old couch next to the 80 year old boiler and oil tank in the shul dungeon.  The sign on the outside of the door to the basement says something like, “DANGER – KEEP OUT – BOILER ROOM.”  The Goat left this door open on occasion.  I have peered into the Goat cobweb dungeon many times but never realized that the Goat’s basement was the scene of a crime.  The dungeon is not on the top ten list of venues in New Haven that a person would take someone on a first date.  But the Goat is not a person, the goat is a depraved animal.

Eli Mirlis testified that the Goat kept porno magazines in the room above the shul on the third floor.  Mirlis was raped by the Goat on the third floor.  The large shul room that contained the holy scrolls and seforim was on the second floor.  The Goat was machmir / careful not to molest teenagers on the second floor.  The Goat utilized the third floor and the basement below the first floor in order to rape children.  On the first floor was the Goat’s private office with no windows.  The Goat used to take his male grandchildren into that office, lock the door, and “tutor” them on weekdays after morning prayers.

The three family building right next to the shul building was the male dorm building.  Teenage boys paid the Goat tuition to reside in that building and attend the Goat rape school.  Eli Mirlis testified that he was raped by the goat in that building.  Mirlis testified that during one such rape, the Goat’s son Ezi banged on the door in an attempt to stop his depraved goat father.

The Goat and Ezi were very close with the New Haven Police Department.  The cops rented the Goat’s office building on the corner of Whalley and Norton.  Ezi used to brag to the press that he packed heat.  Ezi still serves on the Mayor’s New Haven Community and Police Task Force, even though he moved to Waterbury after the rape case was filed.  Ezi should apply for a job as sheriff of the Broward County Police Department.  Ezi can replace disgraced Broward Sheriff Peterson, who guarded the Broward high school while kids got shot inside, many of whom were Jewish kids, as Broward county had a sizable Jewish population.

This past Shabbos Tetzaveh, the Torah commanded, “You shall offer one first year sheep (lamb) in the morning and the second lamb in the afternoon,” (29: 39), ie., the korban tamid offering as part of the dedication and sanctification of the Mishkan.   Speaking of sheep, adult sheep, the Goat was with his Ewe in New Haven for Shabbos.  The Goat has threatened to sacrifice his Ewe if she ever tries to leave him.

A number of teenage Jewish boys were spotted walking around the compound on Shabbos.  My spies reported seeing boys playing basketball in the Goat’s basketball court next to the shul building and behind the dorm building where the Goat raped Mirlis.  In order to attract more Jewish teenagers the Goat should put a billboard on the side of his shul with the words:  “DANGER – CHILD RAPIST INSIDE”

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