Aspiring Mobster Peter Kelly Jr. Spawned By Updike Kelly Partner

Aspiring Mobster Peter Kelly Jr. Spawned By Updike Kelly Partner

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Governor Andrew Cuomo is the Godfather of the Cuomo organized crime family of New York.  Every day his soldiers in the New York State police force protect him from getting whacked.  Cuomo’s consigliere used to be a guy named Joseph “Herb” Percoco.  All mobsters have nicknames.  Percoco’s nickname was “Herb.”  The late Governor Mario Cuomo gave Percoco his nickname when Percoco worked for Mario.  The nickname was in reference to Republican Herb London, whom Cuomo beat in the elections.  The Cuomo family didn’t like Herb London’s hair.  Percoco had a similar hairstyle.  Percoco is currently defending himself in a Federal criminal trial in New York brought by the Feds.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is a free man.  Mario Cuomo is currently six feet underground and is being consumed by maggots.

Percoco greased the wheels of the New York Democratic machine with payoffs, kickbacks and bribes obtained from co-conspirators Aiello, Gerardi, Ciminelli, Laipple, Nicolla, and Peter Galbraith Kelly Jr.  Since when did the Cuomos start accepting guys named Kelly into their organized crime family?  The Sicilians don’t discriminate when it comes to accepting money, as long as it’s kelly green.  Andrew Cuomo even married a member of the JFK Democratic organized crime family, ie., Kerry Kennedy.  A Sicilian-Irish Democratic royal wedding.

Peter Galbraith Kelly, Jr. is the son of Peter Galbraith Kelly Sr.  Peter Sr. is the founding member and partner at the powerful Connecticut law firm of Kelly Updike Spellacy and member of the powerful lobbyist firm Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly.  Trump’s campaign manager Paul J Manafort resigned from this firm after he got indicted by the Feds. This is not the first controversy for the Manafort & Kelly lobbyists.  They have represented brutal dictators in Africa.  They provided false information about Iraq to the United States government, which was influential in the Bush decision to invade Iraq.

Peter Kelly Jr. is known to his co-conspirators as “Braith.”  He is sometimes referred to as “the Fat Man.”  The old man, Peter Kelly Sr., a Yale grad, is known as “Old Man Kelly.”  Actually, I just made up that nickname.  I don’t know Sr.’s nickname, or whether he even has a nickname.  Lawyers don’t have nicknames.  Nicknames are popular with mobsters and prison inmates.

Old Man Kelly held powerful positions in the National Democratic Party, and senior positions in the Presidential campaigns of Al Gore and Slick Willie Clinton.  Old Man Kelly probably knew my bunk mate at Otisville Federal prison, ie., Hassan Nemazee, who also served in senior positions in these campaigns.  Nemazee is still locked up in Otisville, he still has a few more years to go on his 12 year sentence for his crime: $250 million bank fraud.  Old Man Kelly probably knew Old Goat Daniel Greer, they both graduated from Yale Law School at about the same time.  I wonder if the Old Man also knew Yale Goat buddies Jerry Brown or Mordechai Biser.  I doubt Old Man Kelly hung out with the Jews at Yale back in the late 1950s, it would have been bad for his image in those days.

“Herb” Percoco was Gov Cuomo’s right hand job man according to the Feds.  Just like Avi Hack was Daniel Greer’s right hand job man.  According to the Federal indictment, Percoco was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Fat Man in exchange for a $100 million contract at the $900 million power plant where the Fat Man was a powerful executive.  To sweeten the pot the Fat Man hired Percoco’s wife Lisa at the energy company and pay her $7,500 a month for a no show job.  The Fat Man said in an email that he delivered the “7,500 boxes of ziti.”  Why did the Feds spare Percoco’s wife Lisa?  Lisa was just as guilty as the rest of these reprobates.  I was locked up with many guys whose wives got locked up in Danbury, the same prison where Leona Rosenthal Helmsley and Martha Stewart did time.  Lisa Percoco didn’t even have to show up at the job site and sit in a beach chair like the mobsters did in the Sopranos.

When Percoco got indicted by Westchester resident Preet Bharara, Percoco was living in an $800K colonial in Westchester.  Preet didn’t want to live near Italian mobsters so he had Percoco indicted.  Italian mobsters should stay in Staten Island where they belong.  Percoco was living in a dump in Staten Island before he began collecting bribes for Cuomo. After the money started flowing Percocco purchased his 4,000 square foot mansion in Westchester.

After the Feds busted Governor Cuomo’s capos, Kelly lost his job as executive at the energy company.  It was tough for him to find a job after he got indicted.  I was able to continue to work as a lawyer up until the day I turned myself into prison, much to the anger of lawyers and judges.  My clients could care less, I had more street cred.  One New Haven family judge refused to allow me to appear in her court.  I was late to court when she called the court calendar.  She told my clients that she thought I was incarcerated by the Feds.  My clients were shocked.  I was only five minutes late.  I showed up and told the judge I didn’t make the rules, the Connecticut Bar let me keep working. I wasn’t doing closings anymore.  How could I get in trouble in family court?  The only way you get into trouble in family court is when a client or litigant shoots you, which actually happens now and then. I was threatened at least once by an angry ex-husband when I represented his ex-wife.  The Feds were the least of my worries.  The Feds could care less if a lawyer gets shot in family court.

The Fatman Braith decided to start up his own business while he was waiting for his criminal trial.  Braith used his stolen money to buy a boat.  Braith decided to charter the boat for fishing expeditions in North Carolina. After you get indicted you are not allowed to leave the tri-State region.  Braith needed permission to travel to North Carolina to charter his fishing boat.  Braith filed a request to travel to NC with the Federal Court. Judge Sarah Netburn granted his request. Braith stated in his request that he needed to support his family with his fishing boat.  The Fatman is going to need to catch a lot of fish to pay his legal bill, unless his highly paid father  at Updike Kelly Spellacy picks up the tab.

Herb and the Fatman hired top Jewish lawyers to defend them against the overzealous Feds.  But they didn’t hire the infamous Ben Braffman, the most popular criminal defense attorney in the Otisville white collar prison.  Braffman is an Orthodox Jew, without the kippah, in the tradition of Jared Kushner and Joseph Lieberman.  Herb hired Barry Bohrer, a Reform Jew and a former US Attorney for the Southern District, a Jew light.  The Fatman hired Daniel Gitner, another Jew light, and also a former US Attorney for the Southern District.  These attorneys are part of the revolving door of Federal prosecutors who eventually cash in as high paid defense attorneys.  They charge a million dollars or more in a high profile Federal prosecution, and do about as good a job as your average small town defense attorney.  Their clients think that since these guys once worked for the Feds they will be able to work out a better deal.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Once a cop always a cop.  These high paid defense lawyers only care about whether the check clears the client trust account.

No Federal prosecution is complete without a rat.  The rat in this case is former lobbyist Todd Howe.  Todd pleaded guilty to eight felonies and has agreed to testify for the Feds in exchange for a walk. The Feds have an email where Todd told “Herb” Percoco to clear out the “Herb cave” for him to crash, in case things went South.  When things did go South with the Federal indictments, Todd moved West, to Idaho, far away from the New York gangsters he will be testifying against this week.

Todd has a long list of private sector jobs where he got fired for financial improprieties.  In the public sector Todd was high up on the staff of Governor Mario Cuomo.  Todd also worked for Andrew Cuomo, when Andew ran HUD, ie., the Dept of Housing and Urban Development, under Bill Clinton.  HUD is the agency that was responsible for irresponsible lending by the big banks prior to the housing crash and economic meltdown of 2008.  The closing attorneys were rightly punished for committing this massive crime that led to the destruction of the world economy.  I can attest to that, I spent 18 months in Otisville prison.  One third of my fellow inmates were closing attorneys. Every day we joined hands and expressed remorse for causing the world economic meltdown of 2008.  HUD is still operational.  The big banks are still making record profits with new scams.

But I digress.  This blog is supposed to be about the Goat.  Has anyone seen the Goat?  Where is the Goat?  The Goat’s court date is coming up next month.  If the Goat misses his court date he can be charged with “failure to appear.”  Failure to appear is not a felony, but it is a crime nonetheless. It would be embarrassing for the Goat to be charged with an additional crime.

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