Attorney Goat Facing Disbarment

Attorney Goat Facing Disbarment

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Judge Alander sentenced Daniel Greer aka “The Goat” to serve 20 years in jail, suspended after 12. The Goat has been locked up since December 2, 2019 in solitary confinement in the Connecticut Correctional Institution located in Cheshire, Connecticut. I have spoken with a number of felons who have done time in Cheshire. Guys have told me that the Goat is in a solitary confinement cell located in the basement. One guy told me that the noise level is deafening. He said he almost lost his mind in there. Another guy told me that the Goat will be allowed to order packaged food in the commissary, as well as other items such as tissues, toiletries, clothing, etc… The Goat will not be allowed to receive items from any visitors or anyone on the outside. Everything has to be purchased through the prison commissary. The Goat is allowed to receive mail from the outside, and paperback books, nothing with a hardcover that could be turned into a potential weapon. One guy told me that the Goat is allowed to purchase a small television set for about $300.00. The Goat never watched television. The Goat felt that Hollywood promoted immoral behavior. Another guy told me that the Goat will be taken out of his cage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in order to be hosed down. The Goat will be taken out in shackles and led to the prison shower. The Goat can purchase goat soap on a rope in order to bathe himself. The only way the guards would give the Goat a cellmate is if another old pedophile arrived in Cheshire and the guards determined that they would make a good shidduch. The Goat is locked up in solitary for his own protection. Every guy I spoke with who did time in Cheshire has told me that it is far too dangerous to put the Goat in general population.

Lawyers who end up in jail usually get treated well by the other inmates. Everyone has a case or an appeal pending. Guys are always looking for help in preparing their paperwork. The Public Defender’s Office doesn’t provide top legal services. For the price of a package of commissary tuna you can obtain the services of a former high profile criminal defense attorney, such as former Federal prosecutor Harold Pickerstein, who did a month in Otisville after stealing $600K from his client. The heavy hitters in the Connecticut bar all showed up at sentencing and begged for leniency for their colleague Pickerstein, who used the $600K to pay off back taxes and credit card bills, rather than buy a Ferrari, which most guys would do. Federal Judge Fitzsimmons, who worked with Pickerstein years ago as a Federal prosecutor, put her reputation, and her job, on the line when she submitted a lengthy handwritten letter attesting to Attorney Pickerstein’s good character. Fitzsimmons violated the Judical Code of Ethics when she submitted her letter. I called her out on it. She failed to get reappointed to the Federal Bench. Her lapse in judgment wasn’t that bad, she only defended a common crook. At least she didn’t put her neck on the line for a depraved pedophile.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a person has good or bad character traits. But there are red flags. For example, a big red flag would be if your friend was convicted and sentenced for molesting and raping three teenage boys and a civil jury found you liable for $15 million to your rape victims. There is no way to put lipstick on a pig, or a goat, for that matter. Rabbi Albert Feldman put his reputation on the line when he put lipstick on the goat and stated to Judge Alander: “After knowing Daniel Greer for better than a half-century, I can fully vouch for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s upright moral and ethical character and behavior in all situations.” Rabbi Feldman still holds his position as Rabbi Emeritus at the Westville Shul. He should be defrocked of this title, just as Judge Fitzsimmons turned in her robes.

Daniel Greer is due back in the New Haven courthouse on the date of February 24, 2020, in Courtroom 5 E for a presentment hearing initiated by the Connecticut Grievance Committee, the lawyers responsible for policing members of the bar. The Goat will have to appear and explain to the Judge why he should not be stripped of his law license. The Goat has been a Connecticut licensed attorney since May 4, 1976. The Goat practiced law for a few years before he opened his Nightmare on Elm Street yeshiva. The Goat had far more fun raping little boys than running a law practice, so he gave up the law business. The Goat hasn’t practiced law in years. The Goat couldn’t even get a job in Cheshire as a jailhouse lawyer. I doubt that the Goat will show up in Court on February 20th, unless the Goat wants to take a ride in the prison van from Cheshire to New Haven and get some fresh air. It must be very damp and musty in his basement cell. The Goat would not be very safe in the prison van. There have been a number of incidents over the years of extreme violence, and rape, that have occurred in those vans. The Goat should stay in his cell and count the days. The Goat has only about 11 years and 10 months to go.


Joseph A. Orlow The noise would get to me. I think I could survive in a pit on a near starvation diet as long as I could have peace and quiet to think. But deafening, echoing, constant noise would be hard to tune out.

Naomi Klein Hahahahahahah!!!!!!


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