Attorneys Ask Court to Extend Deadlines

Attorneys Ask Court to Extend Deadlines

The Goat’s attorneys filed a motion yesterday, with the consent of the attorney for Mirlis, looking to have deadlines extended for obtaining information and filing motion paperwork before trial.  The Goat’s attorneys are still digging for information about whether Avi Hack had a homosexual relationship with a former student who was an inmate the compound.   The attorneys for Mirlis and Avi objected to Avi providing this information at Avi’s deposition.  It will be up to a judge to decide whether it is relevant to the case.

The Goat’s motion states that the Goat’s attorneys took the deposition of Mirlis on January 23, 2017.  Mirlis was asked to produce medical records.  Mirlis produced six pages of medical records.  The Goat is looking for more medical records from Mirlis.  It is not clear whether more medical records exist.  The medical records were not filed with the court.

If the judge allows the Goat’s attorneys to question Avi Hack about a homosexual relationship with former student, this would open up a can of worms.  The Goat’s attorneys would then want to take the deposition of this former student.  This student will reveal more secrets about the compound, which would be damaging to the Goat.  Be careful for what you wish for.

I witnessed the Goat mistreat this particular student.  The Goat had many mental breakdowns at the compound. Every now and then the Goat abused students for no reason other than that the Goat was having a bad day and had to take out his frustrations on someone. Living the life of a pious rabbi while secretly raping children can be stressful at times.

At times the Goat abused his own two sons and grandchildren.  Other times he abused the students.  The abuse that I witnessed consisted of the Goat yelling and degrading people in public. One time the Goat yelled at me for drinking from a bottle of beer.  The Goat only permitted people in the compound to drink out of cups.

The Goat’s boorish behavior served a purpose.  The Goat did not want many people in the compound, lest someone discovered his crimes.  Avi Hack, Harold Hack and Goat sons Dov and Ezi were always there to diffuse tense situations.  Defenders of the Goat.  I will never understand why these enablers hung around the Goat for so many years when everyone else avoided New Haven like the plague.  Stockholm Syndrome?

Jury selection is still scheduled for May 10, 2017 at the Federal Court in Hartford.



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