Atty Ben Brafman Suing Rabbi Balkany for $500K

Atty Ben Brafman Suing Rabbi Balkany for $500K

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Criminal defense Attorney Ben Brafman, of the Five Towns, represents some of the biggest Jewish criminals accused of white collar shenanigans. I was locked up with guys who paid Brafman over a million bucks. The best criminal defense money can buy.

Brafman represented French politician and head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Dominique was accused of sexually assaulting hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo. The charges got dropped by the State of New York. Brafman represented Rabbi Martin Wolmark, who was part of the Jewish get gang led by Prod Father Rabbi Mendel Epstein. Brafman briefly represented Harvey Weinstein. They didn’t get along. Weinstein fired Brafman and replaced him with shiksa lawyer Donna Rotunno. Weinstein got convicted. See what happens when you dump Brafman for a shiksa.

In 2010 Rabbi Balkany got in trouble with the Feds. Balkany tried to shake down hedge fund king Stephen A. Cohen. Balkany told Cohen that an inmate in Otisville was going to rat out Cohen to the Feds for insider trading unless Cohen paid Balkany $4 million. Balkany requested that Cohen write a check for $2 million payable to the Bais Yaacov Yeshiva and write another $2 million check payable to the Torah Vodaath yeshiva. Cohen went to the Feds and ratted out Balkany. Balkany got busted and went to trial. Balkany was found guilty and did three years in jail. Stephen Cohen recently almost got busted for insider trading. The Feds agreed to let Cohen pay a one billion dollar fine in exchange for a deferred prosecution agreement.

Balkany hired Ben Brafman to represent him at his criminal trial. Brafman charged Balkany $512,000.00 for his criminal defense. Brafman just sued Balkany and claimed that Balkany didn’t pay his legal bill. Balkany claimed in his defense that he paid Brafman $155K and that Brafman isn’t entitled to any more money. Balkany claimed that Brafman committed malpractice and abandoned him in the middle of his trial. Balkany claimed that he never had a written agreement with Brafman and he never received a bill. Balkany claimed that if there exists a written agreement then Brafman must have tricked him into signing it. In his defense Balkany claimed that $512K is an outrageous sum of money to charge him for his case. Balkany claimed that Brafman deviated from his legal strategy which cost Balkany millions of dollars.

Balkany, along with his wife, are being sued by a guy named David Brenner, the treasurer of the Bais Yaacov Yeshiva. Brenner alleged that when Balkany was on the Board of the Bais Yaacov Yeshiva, Balkany improperly sold a Bais Yaacov building to Torah Vodaath. Brenner alleged that Balkany also improperly mortgaged a Bais Yaacov building. Brenner claims that Balkany owes Bais Yaacov $500K. Balkany filed counter claims against Brenner. That case is pending in the New York Supreme Court.

Balkany got out of Federal prison seven years ago. I doubt that Balkany has any assets in his name. No criminal is that stupid to put assets in his name. Balkany is getting sued for over a million bucks by Brennan and Brafman. It is rare for attorneys to sue their own clients. What’s the point? They will never collect. Brafman needs to find new clients to bill.


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