Atty Ponvert’s Scathing Response To The Goat’s Motion for New Trial

Atty Ponvert’s Scathing Response To The Goat’s Motion for New Trial

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A month ago the Goat’s wet noodle dream team of cheerleader attorneys David Grudberg, Willie the Ward, and Amanda Nuuugent submitted a Motion for a New Goat Trial. They shamelessly argued to Judge Shea that the $21 million verdict against the Goat was a “miscarriage of justice.”  They wrote these words with a straight face.  I watched this wet dream team write their memo in their fancy Carmody & Torrence Offices at the top of the 19th floor on the Green in New Haven.  I was disguised as a window washer.  The wet dream team tried to push me out the window but they failed, just as they will fail in their ridiculous motion for a new Goat trial.

Ponvert just filed a memorandum of law in opposition to the Motion for a New Goat trial.  Ponvert minced no words in his blistering attack against the Goat, and the Goat’s attorney Willie the Ward.  In most cases legal memos tend to be rather boring and mostly contain case analysis and legalese.  Ponvert’s memo ripped the Goat, and his attorney Willie the Ward, to shreds.

Ponvert opened his memo with a graphic description of the multiple crimes perpetrated by the Goat. Ponvert quoted many portions of the trial transcript:

“The first time he abused him, Greer plied Eli with alcohol, pretended to care about Eli’s family and history, acknowledged Eli’s parents’ financial struggles, and then kissed him.  When Eli reacted with shock and disgust, Greer responded ‘oh, it’s nothing. I do this to my kids all the time.’ Greer’s abuse then progressed to physical touching and a litany of forced sex acts, including ‘oral sex, anal sex, kissing. Anything within the realm of sexual conduct….’ Greer abused this child approximately a dozen times at the Branford motel alone, where, in a detail almost too disgusting to relate, there was a ‘hot tub.’  Greer’s sexual assaults usually lasted ‘an hour, hour and a half.’  When Greer raped Eli each of the dozen times at the Branford motel ‘it was longer, three, four hours.’ Greer kept Eli at the Paoli motel for 26 hours.  During Eli’s sophomore, junior and senior high school years, ‘it was on the order of at least weekly or every other week, sometimes more often than that.’  ‘[I]t was once per week definitely in 10th grade.’ Whenever Eli refused Greer’s demands, ‘I’d get screamed at in classes or my grades would suffer.’

Ponvert then took aim at the Goat’s wet noodle dream team of attorneys, who sunk to new lows in defending their Goat client:

“Incredibly, in the face of this overwhelming factual record, the defendants actually argue that the Court should question whether the claimed abuse occurred at all, and they appear to insinuate that, even if the abuse did occur, Eli enjoyed it.  The defendants continue to claim – and to insist that this Court find – that the plaintiff is a liar and a cheat.  Even more amazingly, the defendants argue that Greer’s sexual abuse could not have occurred, or if it did occur could not have harmed the plaintiff, because Eli associated with Greer after high school and invited Greer to participate in important life events.  The defendants traipsed this ‘post high school’ claim before the jury over and over again during trial, and argued it ad nauseam during closing; and the jury rejected it as meaningless, nonsensical, and devoid of factual support or common sense. The defendants’ feverish insistence that the Court re-weigh the evidence to make factual findings plainly rejected by the jury on a full and complete evidentiary record betray a profound misunderstanding of applicable law, a strategic blind spot of incomprehensible breadth, and the same arrogance and contempt that was their undoing at trial.”

Ponvert provided Judge Shea with an example of the “arrogance and contempt” the Goat and his attorneys displayed during the trial.  Ponvert focused on when Attorney Ward tried to have the highly respectable blogger Larry Noodles thrown out of the Courtroom:

“The defendants’ tactics remind one of Attorney Ward’s remarkable insistence at trial that Judge Shea immediately enforce an alleged state court restraining order that even a cursory examination revealed was never granted. “THE COURT: Next time read it more carefully….”

Ponvert continued his scathing attack and exposed the Goat’s reason for not offering any kind of defense whatsoever during the entire course of the litigation:

“The defendants chose not to hire an expert psychologist or psychiatrist to interview the plaintiff. They called no damages fact witnesses, chose not to publish to the jury a single page of Eli’s therapy records, and failed even to depose the plaintiff’s expert before trial. These deliberate choices reflect a tactical decision to avoid discovering and submitting even more evidence of the severity of Eli’s injuries and their impact on his life.”

Ponvert concluded with these heartbreaking words, words that should make the many protectors and enablers of the Goat hide their heads in shame, individuals who took money from this monster for years, without any concern for the people he victimized:

“The sad and horrific fact is that there is no other sexual abuse case with damages meaningfully comparable to this one, where a trusted religious mentor 50 years older than the victim, exercising complete control and custody of the plaintiff, inflicted 90 separate sexual assaults over a period of three years while the principal of the victim’s boarding school with actual knowledge of the assaults deliberately failed to report or stop them, resulting in, among other things: the plaintiff’s total emotional unavailability to his wife and children; chronic, severe and permanent PTSD; a desire on the part of the plaintiff’s wife to kill herself; 70 total years of mental and emotional suffering; and the victim’s complete and permanent loss of trust in any other human being and even God.”

2 thoughts on “Atty Ponvert’s Scathing Response To The Goat’s Motion for New Trial

  1. Wow! Antonio is da man!

    Do they award Pulitzers for legal briefs?

    I suggest someone file a complaint with the State Bar against Willie Wart & Crudberg. I hadn’t realized that these two lowlives with briefcases were pushing this outrageous slander that Eli “enjoyed” it. Even if there was a kernel of truth to it – which there is not – the Law does not recognize feelings of a minor to in any way be consensual. A minor is too vulnerable & will suffer long lasting after effects which is why the Goat’s heinous behavior amounts to nothing more than a collection of vicious rapes and assaults even in the “best” case scenario.

    Willie Wart & Crudberg are supposed to be Officers of the Court yet they are cheerleading for child rape. At the very least this appears to be an ethical violation.

    For shame!

  2. it is mind boggling and so sad to read attorney convert’s response. i finally get a concrete sense of the suffering of mr. mirlis and his family. it takes great strength on mr. Mirlis’s part to pursue justice and to open up the sordid past of this abuse. i hope that he will be rewarded for his courage ( and his wife also) with joy and happiness.

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