Atty Weissman & Rav Haimoff Busted: $7M Extortion

Atty Weissman & Rav Haimoff Busted: $7M Extortion

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Rabbi Haimoff is a prominent rabbi in Key Garden Hills.  Attorney Mark Weissman aka Meyer, is a prominent attorney and real estate wheeler dealer in the Five Towns, ie., Lawrence, Long Island.  Mark Weissman is connected to Manhattan personal injury attorney Marcel Weisman.  Mark Weissman owns Weissman Realty Group, LLC.  Mark Weissman posted a $250K bond secured by a $2.5 million home owned by Marcel Weisman located at 119 Harborview East, next to the Lawrence Yacht & Country Club.  You can view the appearance bond by clicking this link. Most of it was redacted, but I was able to make out the last part of the address.

The Feds indicted Rabbi Haimoff and Attorney Weissman because they attempted to extort an Otisville Federal prison graduate out of $7 million.  Their crime was right out of the playbook of Rav Milton Balkany’s $4 million extortion scheme. Rabbi Balkany’s scheme to extort hedge fund king Stephen A. Cohen landed him in Federal prison for a 3 years.  You would think that they would learn from Balkany’s mistakes.

Balkany told Stephen A. Cohen that Otisville prison inmate Hayim Regensberg was about to rat out Cohen to the Feds. Balkany demanded $4 million to keep Regensberg quiet. Stephen A. Cohen went right to the Feds. The Feds sent in undercover agents and wiretapped Balkany’s phone.

Balkany called Cohen and demanded $4 million in one lump sum. Cohen told Balkany he wanted to pay in installments.  Balkany called up the US Attorneys Office, the same guys who were spying on Balkany.  Talk about stupidity.

Balkany called the US Attorney and told them that Regensberg had incriminating evidence against Steven A. Cohen.  Balkany figured that the Feds would open up an investigation and put pressure on Stephen A. Cohen to cough up the $4 million to keep Regensberg quiet.

Balkany called Cohen and told him that he had inside information that the Feds were going to open up a criminal investigation.  Cohen told Balkany he would make a down payment towards the $4 million.  Balkany reluctantly agreed.  Cohen handed Balkany a $100K check.  Balkany tried to cash the check. The check bounced at the bank.  Insufficient funds. The Feds were waiting in the bank lobby.  Balkany was busted. Balkany went to trial.  The jury found him guilty on all counts.

Attorney Weissman was the brainchild behind the scheme to extort an unnamed graduate of Otisville Federal prison.  Weissman told the Otisville graduate that he had a client, who also did time in Otisville federal prison, who had information about the graduate that could land the graduate back in prison for many years.

For some reasons the Feds did not mention that Weissman is an attorney in their press releases.  The Feds only say that he is a “Long Island man.”  The Feds usually boast about busting attorneys.  In my case some of the biggest mortgage fraudsters were not even indicted.  Of the 25 or more people involved in my conspiracy the Feds only indicted about 10 guys and girls.  Half of the ten were closing attorneys.  The big banks all got off by paying billions in civil fines in civil fraud lawsuits brought by the Department of Justice.

The Weissman indictment does not name the Otisville graduate or the client Weissman represented.  Weissman contacted the graduate and told him that he needed $6 million to keep his client quiet.  The graduate and the client were co-conspirators in a prior Federal criminal case that landed them both in Otisville.  They both owed $12 million in restitution to the Feds.

Weissman told the graduate that because his client owed $12 million in criminal restitution to the Feds he wanted to keep the money out of his name.  Weissman told the graduate that the $6 million would be donated to a rabbi who ran a non profit.   Weissman told the graduate that he was interviewing various rabbis in the Key Gardens Hills community to see who would play ball.  After a few weeks Weissman told the graduate that most of the rabbis he spoke with “didn’t want to be involved in transferring the money.”

Eventually Weissman called the graduate and said that he found a rabbi willing to take the money.  He said rabbis usually take a 10% cut to launder the money, which is what “charities typically take.”  When I was locked up in Otisville I met many guys who were locked up for laundering money through charities and non-profits.  I remember learning that 10% was the going rate to launder money through non profits or through someone in Israel.

Weissman recruited a rabbi named Igal Haimoff.  Haimoff is an Ashkanzi rabbi who moved to Kew Gardens Hills to build up the Bukharian Jewish community.  Haimoff was very successful.  You can view his Youtube dvar Torah videos all over the internet.

Weissman told the graduate that the payments would be structured similar to the way  “we structure personal injury settlements.” Weissman prepared letters for Haimoff’s non profit stating that the $6 million would be a tax deductible charitable pledge for the construction of a yeshiva building in Queens.  One letter signed by Rabbi Haimoff stated, “thank you so much for your chesed the you doing because of your good open hart for mitzvahs we will be able to expand our building to the maximum capacity now, we will be able to double the amount of our children now!!”

The graduate started to get cold feet about paying $6 million.  The graduate wanted to hear from Rabbi Haimoff directly.  Haimoff called the graduate and assured him that no additional monies would be demanded after the $6 million was paid.  The graduate told the Rabbi that he had $6 million available from a prior fraud he had committed.  Weismann’s client probably already knew about the prior fraud, and may have been involved.  He may have been stiffed out of his cut.  The reason why he wanted the money.

Weissman and the Rabbi agreed that the graduate would wire Rabbi Haimoff $200K as an initial down payment.  Wiessman and Haimoff had no idea that the graduate had gone to the Feds from the very beginning and were monitoring every conversation.   The Feds withdrew $20K from a Department of Justice “law enforcement offshore account” and wired it to Haimoff.  The Feds were only $180K short of the promised $200K.  The Feds didn’t want to get scammed.

Weissman contacted the graduate and asked him about why he was $180K short.   The graduate said that the $20K was just a “test wire” and more money would be wired soon.  The graduate expressed concerns about whether the client would demand even more money.   Weissman could smell a government rat a mile away.  Weissman backed out of the deal and told the victim to contact the Rabbi directly.

Rabbi Haimoff suffered from sinus infections and could not smell a rat as well as Weissman.  The graduate called Rabbi Haimoff.  The Rabbi told the graduate that $6 million wasn’t enough.  The client now demanded $7 million. The extra million was for the extra work Haimoff had to do now that Attorney Weissman was out of the picture.

The Feds finally decided to bust Rabbi Haimoff and Attorney Weissman.  There was no money left in the “law enforcement offshore account” to make another payment to Weissman and  Haimoff. The Feds were having budget problems at the time.

The Feds never busted Weissman’s client who told Weissman to demand $7 million.  Time will tell if that changes.  The client may be cooperating with the Feds to put away Rabbi Haimoff and Attorney Weissman.  Rabbi Haimoff and Attorney Weissman will eventually end up in Otisville prison.  You can read their indictment by clicking this link.


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7 thoughts on “Atty Weissman & Rav Haimoff Busted: $7M Extortion

  1. I’m sorry I have not been keeping up with your blog but most of this schtuff is well documented in a book I’m re-reading as I watch the globalists do all they can to discredit our great President.
    The World’s Foremost Problem: The International Jew.

    give it a look kids.

    1. Your story here is wrong, the “graduate” is Steven Moskowitz of Kew Garden Hills, and he never went to Otisville. He should have though. He scammed many people and continues to do so.
      Weissman did nothing wrong here. His mistake was even thinking that Moskowitz would help anyone other than himself.

  2. Your Candidate is Steven Moskowitz who plead guilty but never served time because he wore a wire to entrap others to save his scheming ass.
    Weissman did nothing wrong here.

  3. first off; searching for wiessman on google lead me to your blog. very nicely done Mr. N.

    everyone out there has people saying both good and bad about them. its rare to find someone that doesn’t have “haters”. i don’t know the other folks in your well written article but i do know Mr. W for a few years now. not to make this sound like an obituary. but the man is a special kind of good. he is a real mentch.

    i wish you well. and your blog much success.

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