Avi Hack AWOL

Avi Hack AWOL

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Avi Hack was groomed by Rabbi Daniel Greer with alcohol and bags of peanuts to engage in sexual activities from when Avi was a teenager. The Goat had no qualms about raping the son of Harold and Adelle Hack, a couple who helped the Goat build and maintain his Empire, his compound, his school, his Ego, for 30 years in the City of New Haven

Rabbi Daniel Greer, the Goat, will be fighting for his freedom from incarceration on Monday morning in the Superior Court, Criminal Division, 235 Church Street, New Haven, Courtroom 4 B. The Court is open to the public. Supporters of the victims are encouraged to attend. Supporters of the Goat may not be allowed in the courthouse, only licensed service animal goats are allowed in the building. Unless you are a goat providing physical or emotional support to a human you will not be allowed to see the trial of your King Goat. You won’t miss much as the Goat will NOT be taking the witness stand in order to defend himself against THREE victims of his madness. The only explanation for the Goat’s behavior is mad goat disease. Instead, the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow will attempt to “poke holes” in the State’s case. Willie Goat will talk about how the burden is on the State to prove that the Goat is a rapist “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Willie the Dow will explain to the jury that the Goat doesn’t “have to take the witness stand.” The Goat has the “Constitutional right” to sit in his chair in front of the jury and chew on his goat beard. The Goat is “presumed innocent” as he chews his cud. Rabbi Daniel Greer is a special variety of Goat who chews his cud and pulls his pants over his wingtips. When was the last time you saw a Goat in wingtips chewing his cud? You don’t want to miss this trial! I will be selling goat hats and t-shirts. All monies will be donated to G-Street.

Daniel Greer has asked to be referred to as “Rabbi Daniel Greer” instead of Daniel Greer. Early in the proceedings there was some question about how the Goat wanted Judge Alander to refer to him. Judge Alander took the bench after meeting in chambers with the State’s Attorney and Willie Goat and announced in the Courtroom to Willie the Dow, “OK, for the record it is my understanding that we will be referring to your client as Rabbi Daniel Greer, is that correct?” The Dow responded, “Yes, your Honor, I know we talked about referring to him as Daniel Greer but he wants to be called Rabbi Greer.” There was no reaction from the Goat as he sat at counsel’s table. I wanted to laugh hysterically but I controlled myself. The Goat has been paying internet scrub companies big bucks to keep my blog postings off the first page of Google. The Goat is also paying big bucks to SEO companies to produce multiple blog sites of his own in order to divert attention from Larry Noodles. The Goat’s websites have described him as a “motivational speaker.” Other sites have him described as a Rabbi. The Goat is trying to get away from his identity as a member of the clergy. Guilt by association. The Goat is probably paying at least $5K a month for these internet SEO and scrub companies to salvage his image.

Star witness for the State Avi Hack is AWOL. I have notified the authorities as to Avi Hack’s potential whereabouts. My sources have told me that Avi Hack is on extended leave at his place of employment at the Jorge Alvarez High School. Avi could probably get away with taking off a couple of weeks from work, just enough time for the Goat trial to conclude. The State should have tried to haul Avi in months ago. The Goat dragged out his criminal case with the help of the well connected Dow for the last two years. I guess the State’s Attorney did not expect that Avi Hack, who is the Rabbi of a Rhode Island synagogue and a public high school teacher, would go to such lengths to dodge the authorities. You would think that Avi would appear in court in order to support the two other victims of Daniel Greer. The other victims will appear voluntarily without having to be subpoenaed. Because the Goat has refused to plead guilty the Goat has forced his victims to suffer flashbacks and PTSD by appearing in Court to come face to face with the snarling Goat. Avi doesn’t want to suffer flashbacks, so he has skipped town. Some day Avi may have to seek the help of witnesses and the legal system if he or a member of his family is the victim of a crime. You can bet the goat farm that Avi will be very upset if nobody shows up to help him obtain justice against a depraved Goat, and there is no shortage of goats in the Jewish world.

Vitims Eli and Rafi will be appearing in court to testify against the Goat. The only difference between Eli and Rafi is that Eli and Rafi were born into poor, dysfunctional families, while Avi had all the advantages of a stable and supportive home that Eli and Rafi did not. Avi graduated from Yale University and went on to become a Rabbi and a public high school teacher, and seems to be doing well with the support of his wife, parents, siblings and in laws in Rhode Island, while Eli and Rafi did not graduate from Yale, if they even went to college. In the civil trial Mirlis and his wife testified that Mirlis has been suffering marital problems for years. Rafi has struggled in his adult life. Avi is going to sit back and let Eli and Rafi subject themselves to painful Goat memories while Avi hides out like a chicken at the goat farm? Avi’s failure to appear and support Eli and Rafi should outrage members of the Jewish community, especially where Avi is a public figure, a Rabbi of a shul. What kind of message is Avi giving to other victims?

If law enforcement shows up at Avi’s house and Avi doesn’t answer the door the cops cannot break down his door and drag him out unless they have an arrest warrant. Judge Alander has not issued a bench warrant for his arrest. The State of Connecticut has not asked for such a warrant. If I were the prosecutor I would have asked for such a warrant as it is obvious that Avi is hiding. The Goat’s attorney Willie Dow told Judge Alander that he did not expect Avi to appear voluntarily and he thought that Avi would not be able to be located by the process servers with their subpoena. Avi’s own attorney appeared in court and objected to Avi being hauled into court.

If Avi doesn’t appear in Criminal Court the State will be able to enter the transcript deposition of the testimony Avi provided in the civil case filed by Mirlis. Had the Goat settled the civil case with Eli Mirlis before Mirlis filed his lawsuit there would be no transcript of Avi in the civil case. Because the Goat was a miserly old goat, refusing to pay Mirlis a shekel, he is now stuck with Avi Hack’s transcript being used against him in his criminal trial. What a putz! The miserly old Goat had no problem paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to attorneys to defend him in the civil case, yet he wouldn’t pay Mirlis a dime. And now the Goat is stuck with Avi’s testimony being used against him, even though Avi would not have shown up in the criminal case to testify against the old Goat. What goes around comes around. Below you can read the transcript of the testimony of Avi Hack that will be used against the Goat:

We’re marching on, from the Criminal Court at 235 Church Street, New Haven, Courtroom 4 B, on to conviction with a doubt, to the outer edges of the flat earth, we’re marching bitterly, goat farm after goat farm we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

If you wish to help the Larry Noodles website defray the costs of court documents, transcripts, depositions, investigations & research, and make a tax deductible contribution to a non profit organization that works to help bloggers like Larry Noodles protect themselves against bullies like Daniel Greer, and the Department of Injustice, please donate your hard earned dollars, shekels, and dinars to this organization:  First Amendment Watchdogs Incorporated, PO Box 2951, New Haven, CT 06515.  For IRS non profit status and EIN number click this link


If you have been the victim of government prosecution and / or persecution, and must surrender to a correctional institution, and are in need of advice, counseling, contacts, and information please contact me, everything will be kept strictly confidential: lawrencedressler@gmail.com or give me a call at 2037108137

One thought on “Avi Hack AWOL

  1. As an Observant Jew, I want to do what is right. As an individual who was at that place for a service, I would like to say that there is a fear of trying to do justice when you’re the little guy.

    I was afraid that if I was upfront with letting people know that they were go to services run by a person that they didn’t know was going through criminal charges for doing something that is sin of kareth, then I would deal with the consequences of the people who are “recruiting” people for those services. However, it might not be lashon hara to actually say that since it’s publically known information.

    Perhaps the very witness you’re speaking about also has that fear. I heard a person in DC mention this case and why people didn’t do anything about it. There are many psychological factors at play. Now, I am not saying who is right or wrong here, but I am stating that there’s more to the nature of how people behave than we realize.

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