Avi Hack Closes on Providence McMansion

Avi Hack Closes on Providence McMansion

On January 4, 2017 Avi Hack put down 100 large on a Providence McMansion, in the heart of the Jewish section of town and not far from Brown University.  Moving on up to a red brick colonial.  Avi has come a long way from the cramped first floor Goat apartment that he inhabited on Elm Street for many years.  Even the animals in the Goat garage had larger accommodations.

Where did Avi Hack come up with a 100 large?  Did the goat give him this money for his years of loyal service in the classroom, or for his years of loyal service in the bedroom?

The McMansion is located at 64 Sargent Avenue.  The Providence land records indicate that Avi paid close to a half a million bucks for this house.  Avi put down $100K in cash.

Is the Goat finally starting to pay off his many victims?  Or did Avi come up with the money from his job as a teacher?  I heard from unreliable sources that Avi was teaching at a public high school.  I also heard he was teaching at a Jewish private school.  I can’t verify anything right now.  My staff is on vacation.

Did Avi save all this money?  He could have saved the money. When he worked for the Goat he didn’t have many expenses.  He drove around in a beat up old car.  He never paid for food.  The Goat supplied all the food for inhabitants of the compound.  I doubt the Goat made Avi pay rent for the first floor cramped apartment where he lived.  Avi still has some interest in a few New Haven properties that the Goat transferred to him over the years.  The Goat would transfer properties into the name of Avi, and his sons Dovie and Ezi, as joint owners.  Avi may be collecting checks from tenants at these properties.  Plus Avi has been living rent free with his inlaws since he left the compound over a year ago.

Avi was always the money man behind the Goat operation, wheeling and dealing and doing the bidding of the Goat in his many shady operations.  But in early 2015 Avi broke away from his job as chief Goat fundraiser.  At this time Avi raised money for the “Shasathon.”  Many of the donors were from the compound.  The Goat was not listed as a donor.  Avi raised a total of $2,044.00.  Not much, but a good start.

During this period of time I was locked up in Otisville.  I had no idea what was going on.  I heard some news about a new era in the compound but that was about it.

I got released November 2, 2015.  After I got released I went to the compound to see what was going on.  Things were very creepy.   When I first met the Goat he warmly greeted me.  He didn’t say much to me after that initial encounter.

I tried to figure out what was going on by asking the Goat sons questions.  I didn’t get a straight answer.  Smoke and mirrors.  The only definitive information they told me was that the Goat synagogue was going to give me a kiddush that Shabbat.  I didn’t ask for it.  But Goat son Dov insisted.

I showed up for the kiddush that Shabbos and noticed that the Goat sons were AWOL.  Were they hiding in the barn?  I had no idea what was going on.  Avi Hack was running the show for the Goat.  The Goat didn’t say anything to me.  During services I didn’t get an aliya, which didn’t make any sense if the Goat and his sons were giving me a kiddush.  After services Avi Hack didn’t welcome me back into town during his speech.  Nor did he mention anything about a kiddush for me.  I left the building and took a vow never to return.

A few days later the Goat sons called me to apologize.  I told them I had no interest in returning to the compound.  They kept hounding me.  They even sent Darcy “Quick Draw” McGraw after me.  She kept calling me.  I told her it is not my policy to date married women.  She said she didn’t want to date me.  I was insulted.  She said she wanted to meet with me in order to discuss Dov Greer.  I said I had no interest in meeting her to discuss Dov Greer.  She insisted.

I met Quick Draw at Starbucks.  I figured she would behave herself in a public place.  She told me Dov Greer was distraught about what happened to me and wanted make it right and give me another kiddush.  She said he was crying.  I told her I had no interest in going back to the compound or getting involved with the Goat and his family.  She would not take no for an answer. She said she would have the kiddush for me.  I told her that there was something wrong at the compound and I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  Eventually she gave up.

This was late 2015.  In early 2016 I started to hear rumors about a lawsuit against the Goat.  Nobody could give me a straight answer. I started to ask around but got nowhere.

As a joke I created a Facebook page called Moschiach Yeshiva in December of 2015.  I had heard that the Goat’s grandchildren left the yeshiva. The only boys left in the Yeshiva were boys who believed the Moschiach was the Lubavitch Rebbe.  I thought it was ironic that the Goat, who always considered himself an enemy of Lubavitch, would run a Lubavitch yeshiva with boys who believed the Lubavitch Rebbe was the Moschiach.  I posted a number of funny pictures and comments about this.

A month or so later, Ezi Greer had the Bar Mitzvah for his son.  I had received an invite to the Bar Mitzvah before I had started the Moschiach Yeshiva Facebook page.  I went to the Bar Mitzvah.  I met the Goat.  The Goat spoke to me very briefly.  He said he missed me and hoped that I would come back.  I shrugged my shoulders.  The other Greers didn’t say much to me.  I think they were surprised that I showed up.  I only went for the food.  The female goats are good cooks.  I congratulated the Bar Mitzvah boy.  He said he was happy to be out of the compound and going to school in New York.

At one of the food tables some locals from outside the compound started to loudly ask me about the Moschiach Yeshiva and what I knew about it.  I tried to shush them, as they were speaking in front of members of the compound.  I don’t think they understood that the Facebook page was a joke.

A few weeks later I got a letter from the Goat’s eviction attorney, Stuart Margolis, who threatened to sue me for slandering the Goat.  After I received the letter I posted more pictures.  A week later I got a visit from Ezi Greer.  He apologized for the letter and said he had nothing to do with it.  I asked him what was going on with the Goat.  He said he couldn’t say.

A few weeks later the most honest man in America, Rabbi Muroff, told me that the Goat just settled a case of child molestation “in the millions.”  I published this information on my blog on April 17, 2016.  Muroff was wrong about the Goat settling a case of child molestation. I was told yesterday from a reliable source that at about this time the Goat set up an escrow account to pay off child rape victim Mirlis, but then quickly withdrew all the money.  I am not sure why the Goat withdrew the money from the account.

This all happened just before Purim of 2016.  On Purim of 2016 I got a visit from the Goat offspring.  They left Purim baskets on my porch and in my mailbox.  They rang my bell.  I refused to answer.  The Goat children won’t take no for an answer.  Even the people who deliver the Watchtower magazines know better to stay off my front porch. I checked the Purim baskets to see if they were poisoned. I had my neighbor’s cat taste the food in the baskets.  Everything was fine.  The cat lived.

On March 24, 2016 the Goat had his Purim party at his house.  The Goat children had a top secret alternative Purim party that did not include the Goat.   This was before the Mirlis lawsuit was filed.  People were still not convinced that the Goat was a child rapist.  They couldn’t rely on information Larry Noodles obtained from “the most honest man in America.”  Rabbi Muroff wasn’t talking to anyone.  Everyone in the compound lawyered up.

Purim came and went.  Passover was the next holiday, falling on April 22, 2016.  The Goat and his sons, and the Hacks, sent out invites to members of the community to attend Passover seders at their homes in the compound.  I knew a number of people who got such invites and set aside these days to spend in the compound.  I did not receive an invite.

The day before Passover the Goat sons and the Hacks all left town.  There would be no Passover seders in the compound. They offered no explanation.  People who got invites had to scramble to make other arrangements.  The Goat remained in town.  The Goat somehow was able to get a few brain dead local yokels to attend his seders.

Two weeks later, on May 3, 2016, Paul Bass reported that the Goat was getting sued for child rape.  The rest is history.  Larry Noodles was vindicated.  Paul Bass even mentioned that I was the first to report about the child rape on my blog.

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