Avi Hack Describes His New “Dream” House

Avi Hack Describes His New “Dream” House

Aviad Hack recently purchased his “dream” house in Providence worth close to a half a million dollars.  Avi put down about a hundred thousand dollars as a down payment.

Avi used a guy named Jonathan Salinger as his mortgage broker.  Avi got a job at the Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence a few months before he closed on his house.  Avi applied for his $350K mortgage as a first time home owner.  He probably got an FHA mortgage.

This is what Avi said about Salinger on Salinger’s web site:  Avi misspelled Salinger’s name.  Daniel Greer would not be happy about this spelling mistake:

“Jonathan Zalinger was EXCELLENT to work with for getting a mortgage. He worked very hard helping us navigate the process of obtaining financing. Our situation was not simple and it is through Jonathan’s persistence, dedication, intelligence and knowledge that we were able to realize our dream of purchasing a house.

  • 30 year fixed
  • Conventional Loan
  • First-time home buyer
Jonathan Salinger:  Thanks for the kind words, Avi… It was a pleasure working with you both!”

The man who admittedly nibbled on a teenage boy’s ear has settled into his “dream” house in Providence.  This is the man who was raped by Daniel Greer as a child.  As an adult this man got married and continued to have a homosexual relationship with Daniel Greer on the side.  Avi’s “side piece.”

Daniel Greer was Avi Hack’s side piece and Avi Hack’s sugar daddy.  Goat money rained down on Avi Hack and the extended Hack family for many years.  Everyone was in on the action.  Strangely, the wives of Avi Hack and Daniel Greer to this day stand by their homosexual, pedophile men.  I have seen Sarah Greer quite often shopping at the local supermarket Edge of the Hood.  She is always smiling and walking around as if everything is normal in Greer world.  She is clearly delusional.

How was Avi Hack able to get a $350K mortgage with only two months of pay stubs?  Avi was hired by the State of Rhode Island to teach high school science in September of 2016.  Avi closed on his dream house in January of 2017.  Avi is also listed as the official rabbi at Ohawe Shalom Synagogue in Pawtucket, where his father in law David Pliskin serves as President.

Is it possible that Avi gets a salary from Ohawe Shalom?  How much money does Avi get from Ohawe?  And how much money did Avi save up from all the years he served as Daniel Greer’s male prostitute?





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  1. Yossi Berger was the other student. How embarrassing to have your ear nibbled on. These boys can’t be considered as giving consent.

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