Avi Hack Gets New Focus In Federal Child Rape Case

Avi Hack Gets New Focus In Federal Child Rape Case

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Avi Hack has become the new focus of court documents as well as the focus of a court hearing scheduled for next month.  I had sent a letter to Judge Shea requesting that the videotaped deposition of Avi Hack be made public.   I also requested that the Goat’s personal financial documents as well as the documents of the Yeshiva of New Haven also be made public.  Judge Shea ordered a hearing on January 8th to address the issues raised in my letter.  Recently Judge Shea rescheduled this hearing for January 4th.

All of the attorneys and bloggers in the case will have the opportunity to argue before Judge Shea on January 4th.  Avi Hack’s attorney recently filed paperwork in the Federal court indicating that he will be getting involved in these proceedings.  Avi’s Attorney, ie., Steve Errante, filed a motion seeking to have personal information from trial transcripts redacted from the court records.  Errante has not yet filed any paperwork objecting to my request for the release of Avi’s videotaped deposition, but I expect that he will object on behalf of his client.

The Goat’s attorney, ie., Grudberg, had filed an exhibit recently which also focused on Avi Hack.  Grudberg filed an affidavit in support of his motion to set aside the $21 million verdict.  The affidavit was signed by a Rhode Island marshal who attempted to serve Avi with a subpoena to appear in the Goat trial.  Grudberg tried to have Avi served with a subpoena to force him to appear at the Goat rape trial in Hartford.  The marshal went to the public school where Avi worked.  The marshal said he roamed the hallway and saw Avi Hack teaching a class.  When Avi Hack saw the marshal, Avi bolted out of the classroom, ran down the hallway and ran out the back door of the school, never to return, leaving a roomful of kids in the lurch.

It’s too bad Avi did not testify in the Daniel Greer Goat trial.  I think he would have helped Mirlis get more money than the $21 million.  The attorneys for both Mirlis and the Goat both tried to haul Avi into court, with no success.  Avi was probably trying to avoid the pain of having to relive his experiences with the Goat, which is understandable.  To get raped by another man is the most humiliating thing that can ever happen to a guy.  Mirlis did not look very happy in the witness box testifying with the Goat sitting right across from him making faces.  This is probably the reason Mirlis looked cold and “robotic” on the witness stand, as Judge Shea described his testimony.

The Goat sucked the life out of these two young men, they are much older than their physical age.  The Goat, on the other hand, acts like he is 30 years old, right out of Yale Law School, ready to take on the world.  The Goat has engaged in scorched earth legal battles on multiple fronts, employing an army of soulless attorneys.  The Goat has evicted his tenants, vigorously defended himself against his rape victims in civil court, litigated with the the City of New Haven by filing 40 tax appeals, sued Larry Noodles for defamation, threatened nameless others with lawsuits, fought with the State of Connecticut Department of Education and Department of Child and Youth Services about his expired school licenses, and defended himself against criminal charges brought by the State’s Attorneys Office.  The Goat has accused his own children of extortion to get him to step down as the cult leader of the compound.  The Goat has created his own websites advertising his school, as if it still exists.  The old Goat has even been able to recruit a group of Yeshivish guys from Lakewood to run a freak show at the Nightmare on Elm Street every week.  A lot of work for a 77 year old Goat!

The Rhode Island marshal stated in his affidavit that he attempted to serve Avi in two locations, he stated that Avi owns two properties.  I reported back in February that Avi put down $100 large on a McMansion located in Providence.  I was not aware of a second property.  I did a search of the land records in Rhode Island and discovered that Avi’s father in law transferred a house at 77 Blodgett Ave in Pawtucket to Rabbi Aviad Hack, Trustee for no monetary exchange on February 7, 2017.  I may have unwittingly helped the Goat’s case by disclosing this information.  The Goat will get his attorneys to argue that after Avi failed to extort property from the Goat, Avi was able to successfully extort property from his father-in-law.






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