Avi Hack Hiding from Marshal Miller

Avi Hack Hiding from Marshal Miller

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The Goat Trial is set to begin this morning in Federal Court, with jury selection at 9 AM.  The attorneys in the case have been attempting to serve Avi Hack with a subpoena to compel him to appear before the jury and testify about years of rape and molestation in the depraved hands of Daniel Greer.  According to an affidavit just filed by Attorney Ponvert, Avi Hack has been avoiding Marshal Miller.

Marshal Miller drove all the way out to Rhode Island to attempt to serve Avi Hack.  Marshal Miller went to Avi’s house and Avi’s wife answered the door.  Avi’s wife told Marshal Miller that Avi was not available, he was “in prayer services

Marshal Miller went to the Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence where Avi works and attempted to serve him there.  The Principal of the school indicated that Avi did not wish to see Marshal Miller.

Where is Avi Hack hiding?  Last week there was a sighting of Avi Hack in New Haven, where Avi was spotted at a local synagogue.  A confidential informant reported to me that he spoke with Avi right here in New Haven.  Marshal Miller did not have to drive all the way out to Rhode Island.

The Goat must be very angry that these lawyers, and Marshal Miller, cannot serve Avi Hack with a subpoena and force him to appear in Federal Court.   The Goat wants his revenge.  For over 20 years Avi was the Goat’s trusted right hand-job man and confidant.  The Goat’s friend and lover.  The Goat has refused to agree to allow the videotape deposition of Avi to be played during the trial.  The Goat wants Avi to suffer on the witness stand.

The Goat must be furious that things are not going his way.  The Goat has no patience for incompetence.

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