Avi Hack Plot to Take Over the Compound Fails Miserably

Avi Hack Plot to Take Over the Compound Fails Miserably

Rabbi Muroff has been described as the “most honest man in America.”  Rabbi Muroff found $98K of cash in a desk that he purchased from a woman on Craigslist.  After he purchased the desk he took it apart in his home.  That’s when he discovered that the desk contained $98K.  Rather than pocket the cash, he called the seller of the desk and told her about the money.  She said it was her money and that she had forgot about it.  How do you forget about $98K that you are hiding in your desk?

I believe the lady was either a drug dealer, or someone in her house was a drug dealer.  This is New Haven after all.  Crime is rampant.  You have goats raping children with the police not doing a thing about it.

On March 10, 2016, I spoke with Rabbi Muroff because I was concerned about a former student of the goat.  This student led me to believe that he was molested by Avi Hack.  I contacted Rabbi Muroff, who had long left town and had settled in Atlanta.  I asked Muroff what was going on. I had been locked up in Federal prison for almost two years and I had no idea what was going on in the compound.

The Greer and Hack gang members who visited me in prison told me that the compound was thriving.  Things couldn’t be better.  They told me that Rabbi Muroff organized a Chinese auction and had raised significant money.  They also told me that they were starting a kollel at the compound.

This was in 2014 and 2015.  This was the time Avi, his father Harold, and the Greer boys attempted a hostile takeover of the goat’s school.  At the time, the gang acted as if their take over of the school was a fait accompli.  They held fundraisers at times when the goat was out of town in Newport.  Dr. Harold Hack even signed up for rabbinical school.  Raising money for a Jewish organization is far easier when you have the rabbi title in front of your name. Having rabbi and doctor in your title is even more impressive.  Harold Hack would be the new senior rabbi of the new organization, sidelining the old goat.

But Avi’s gang never got the goat’s memo.  The goat never intended to turn over anything to Avi and his cohorts.  The goat was playing these guys like a fiddle with strings made of goat gut.  The goat bid his time. Revenge is best served cold.  The goat waited until the right moment. The goat waited until Avi and the gang were higher than crackheads on Grand Avenue.

I was told by former students that in the years following 2011 Avi was drunk with power.  Avi formed a non-profit entity with his father Harold Hack in 2011 called the “New Haven Torah Center.” Noticeably absent from the corporate documents were the names of Avi’s co-conspirators Dov Greer and Ezi Greer (Ezi is married to Avi’s sister).  They also wanted to take over the compound. They hated the goat as much as anyone.  Yet they kept their name off the corporate records of the New Haven Torah Center.  They were on many other documents with Avi, such as real estate deeds and limited liability companies, but on this business entity, the big heist, they were incognito.

The Greer boys kept their names off the new non-profit because they were playing both sides of the fence.  They told their goat father that they were on his side. Behind his back they plotted to overthrow the goat with Avi.  Et tu Brute?

Nobody was going to overthrow the goat.  The goat was cagier than Fidel Castro.  Fidel survived assassination attempts by eight United States Presidents and the Italian mafia.  The goat wasn’t going to let these bumbling amateurs take over the compound.

The goat waited until Avi and the gang were in their glory, reveling in their success in raising money for the new organization and attracting new members from New Haven who were repulsed by the goat.  The Avi gang figured that the goat would have to cave.  There was no way the goat would allow his own children and grandchildren to suffer with headlines that he was a depraved child molester.

The Avi gang miscalculated.  The goat issued his memo.  No keys to the compound.  No quiet settlement of the Mirlis case.  No soup for you!

The goat went home and celebrated. The goat was still in power. Nobody was going to bring the goat down. The goat contacted Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Un to tell them the good news.  He then invited them over to do a goat dance in front of his house on West Park Avenue in New Haven.

6 thoughts on “Avi Hack Plot to Take Over the Compound Fails Miserably

  1. bsd

    As a urologist with limited knowledge of Freudian psychotherapeutic theory, even though I did frequently participate as a facilitator of 12-step programs during medical school, I find it uncanny (unheimliche) that R’ Hack’s head consistently resembles a penis.

    Contrary to my lack of psychoanalytic background, but founded on my years of experience as a urologist, by observing the photos that accompany and pointedly illuminate the topics of your blog posts, I would like to point out that his head looks like the different variations of penises I have seen in my practice.

    Does this point to the multiple penises he may have seen while possibly raping adolescent boys, and possibly participating in homosexual relationships throughout his life? Maybe.

    If someone with either Freudian or other psychoanalytic experience could comment on this pheonomena, it would be deeply appreciated.

  2. I have heard of Eustace H. Plimsoll, of The Laburnums, Alleyn Road, West Dulwich.

    Dresslerlaw: your follow-up question is certainly more germane to the gist of your blog, but I thought I would throw this out there.

    1. I never heard of these people either. I think you are getting off topic. My focus is on depraved goats. I don’t know if these people are depraved goats, victims of depraved goats, or just random names from the telephone book.

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