Avi Hack Runs East Haven Cemetery From Providence

Avi Hack Runs East Haven Cemetery From Providence

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Absentee landlord Avi Hack maintains the weeds, uncut grass, debris, vines, & dead trees at the former Young Israel Cemetery, which looks like a cemetery out of a Stephen King novel.

In 2014 Young Israel of New Haven transferred the deed to their cemetery to the Jewish Cemetery Association of New Haven. In early 2015 the Jewish Cemetery Association of New Haven transferred the deed to this cemetery to the New Haven Torah Center. The New Haven Torah Center was formed by Avi Hack and his father Harold Hack back in 2011.

The New Haven Torah Center was formed as an alternative to the Yeshiva of New Haven. The Yeshiva of New Haven was controlled by child rapist “Rabbi” Daniel Greer aka “The Goat”, and his wife Sarah Greer aka “The Ewe.” The New Haven Torah Center printed a weekly newsletter with Dvar Torah articles written by Rabbi Dov Greer. Avi Hack, Dov Greer, Harold Hack and Ezi Greer were hoping to convince the old Goat to step aside and let the New Haven Torah Center take over the shul building at 765 Elm Street. The plan was doomed from the start. I don’t think Ezi and Dov thought it would go anywhere. Ezi and Dov knew their depraved father better than Avi. It was Avi who was the most hopeful. Avi had been the Goat’s loyal servant, and sidepiece, for many years. Avi testified in his deposition that he revered the Goat. The Goat told Avi that Avi was special. Rape victim Mirlis was just a bimbo with a muscular body. The Goat was able to speak with Avi on the same level. The Goat told Avi that Avi had more substance than Mirlis. When they weren’t violating Torah laws against sodomy, Avi and the Goat engaged in stimulating conversations about Torah laws of proper human conduct and behavior. Avi and the Goat skipped the law that prohibits a human from cohabiting with a goat, ie., bestiality.

It was in early 2016 that Eli Mirlis filed his Federal civil child rape case against the Goat. On May 18, 2017 the jury returned a verdict against Daniel Greer in the amount of $20 million. Avi Hack fled the compound soon after the Mirlis lawsuit was filed. Avi moved in with his in laws at 77 Blodgett Avenue, Pawtucket, RI. Ezi Greer fled to Waterbury. Dov Greer fled to Philadelphia. Harold Hack hung around New Haven the longest but even Harold eventually fled to Waterbury. The New Haven Torah Center couldn’t function as a Torah Center in New Haven if all of its members resided elsewhere. The New Haven Torah Center was technically defunct yet it still continued to own the former Young Israel cemetery in East Haven.

Avi Hack recently updated the corporate records for the New Haven Torah Center and removed Harold Hack from the corporation. Avi Hack is currently the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the New Haven Torah Center. Nobody else is a member of the New Haven Torah Center. The New Haven Torah Center is currently active. Avi Hack recently filed an annual report with the Connecticut Secretary of State and listed his new residence at 64 Sargent Avenue, in Providence RI on the corporate documents. Avi purchased his new house at 64 Sargent Avenue two years ago for $442K. Avi listed his business address as the Jorge Alvarez High School of Providence, RI, where Avi is employed as a public high school teacher.

I drove by Avi Hack’s cemetery the other day and noticed that there is no sign in front of the cemetery that says “The New Haven Torah Center.” The old metal signs are still posted above the entrance to the cemetery. The Young Israel sign is removed. The only sign that remains is a rusted out sign that says “Warshaver Relief Ahavas Shalom.” Avi must realize that putting up a “New Haven Torah Center” sign would be bad for business. Jews would no longer be dying to get buried in a cemetery that was formed by former members of the child rape Goat compound.

Avi Hack should hire his old mentor, and significant other, the Goat to water the weeds at the Jewish cemetery in East Haven. For many years the Goat was paid large sums of money by the City of New Haven to water trees in front of the Jewish cemetery on Whalley Ave.

For G-d, For Country, For Resurrection of the Dead!

Moshiach Now!

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