Avi Hack Submits Affidavit In Support of Greer

Avi Hack Submits Affidavit In Support of Greer

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Convicted pedophile “Rabbi” Daniel Greer filed a petition for a new trial in the New Haven Superior Court on 11/23/21. Greer has asked the Court to overturn his conviction based on new evidence. That new evidence is Avi Hack’s affidavit in support of Greer.

Avi was molested by Mr. Greer from when he was 16 years up until the time he got married at 28. Avi testified in his deposition in the civil child rape case that he told Mr. Greer that he could not be married and still have a relationship with his mentor / abuser at the same time. Mr. Greer told him that having two relationships was perfectly normal, after all Mr. Greer was married and had a relationship with 16 year old Avi Hack. Avi testified that he put his foot down and ended his relationship with Greer. Yet Avi continued to run Greer’s Yeshiva and continued to help Greer run and manage his non profits. Avi ran Greer’s annual fundraising events which attracted politicians such as Mayor John DeStefano, Senator Richard Blumenthal, New Haven Chief of Police Dean Esserman, as well as State Senators and State Representatives. Avi Hack, along with his father Harold Hack, made substantial sums of money working for Mr. Greer over the years. Greer even transferred rental properties into Avi’s name.

Avi completely severed ties with Mr. Greer at the time Greer victim EM filed a Federal lawsuit against Greer and eventually obtained a $20 million verdict against Greer. Avi, along with his father and Greer friend Harold Hack, Ezi Greer and Dov Greer all moved out of New Haven after the lawsuit was filed, never to be heard from again. Avi Hack refused to appear at Greer’s civil and criminal trials, despite multiple attempts by process servers to serve Avi with subpoenas. Avi Hack went so far as to run out of a roomful of students at the public High School where he taught in Rhode Island. Avi Hack is now prepared to voluntarily appear in the New Haven Superior Court and testify in support of Mr. Greer’s petition for a new trial.

Mr. Greer submitted an affidavit signed by Avi Hack in support of Greer’s petition in which Avi Hack attested to the following: “I am familiar with EM who was a student at the Yeshiva of New Haven… I served as the Assistant Principal at the Yeshiva… I served as the dorm counselor for EM and other high school boys… I lived with the boys at 249 Ellsworth Avenue. I observed and interacted with them regularly, and one of my responsibilities was to monitor their activity including their comings and goings from the residence. During this same time Daniel Greer was the head of the Yeshiva. My general practice was to meet most nights with Rabbi Greer, typically at approximately 9:30 PM, to discuss matters relating to the Yeshiva, its activities in the neighborhood, and the students… l gave deposition testimony in the EM v. Greer civil matter. During my deposition I testified that I believed misconduct by Greer had occurred while the EM was a student at the Yeshiva. I was not specifically asked at my deposition whether any misconduct by Greer towards EM occurred prior to EM’s 16th birthday. I did not appear as a witness at the EM v. Greer civil trial. I successfully avoided efforts by counsel for all parties to serve me with papers requiring my appearance at trial. I also did not appear as a witness in the criminal trial of this matter. I successfully avoided attempts to serve me with papers. I did so because I did not want to appear as a witness and be involved in this case. That chapter of my life was traumatic for me and I was not then prepared to revisit it in a public forum with the possible attendant publicity. I now wish to share my knowledge of the events relevant to this case, and am willing to testify as well in support of this affidavit. Specifically, I affirm under penalty of perjury that, to my knowledge, no acts of misconduct by Daniel Greer toward EM occurred prior to EM’s 16th birthday.”

Ironically, Mr. Greer repeatedly claimed in his defense at the civil and criminal trials that Avi Hack ran the Yeshiva and Greer had little to do with the daily functioning. Now, Mr. Greer is claiming that he was fully in charge of the Yeshiva and he met with Avi Hack every night to discuss its functioning.

During the civil and criminal trials Greer also suggested that Avi Hack molested EM and EM sued Greer because Greer had money. Greer offered the testimony of former teacher Thomas DeRosa, who testified that EM used to sit on Avi’s desk in his office, and Avi changed EM’s grades so that EM would pass DeRosa’s class. Greer’s attorney even asked Avi Hack at his deposition whether Avi had a sexual relationship with his sister. Avi’s sister ended up marrying Greer’s son Ezi. The offspring of that union were jokingly referred to as “Gracks”, ie., Greer-Hack, in the compound. Greer now is not making any claim that it was Avi Hack who molested EM. Greer is now arguing that the molestation of EM was perfectly legal, as it occurred after EM’s 16th birthday, the age of consent.

What would motivate Avi Hack to testify in support of Daniel Greer after having testified against Greer in the civil child rape case? Does Avi feel bad that the man who molested him at 16 is sitting in jail? Was Avi offered money for his affidavit?

Mr. Greer listed his address in his paperwork as MacDougall Walker Correctional Institution, 1165 East Street, Suffield CT. Mr. Greer will have to be transported to New Haven to testify in support of his petition for a new trial. Avi Hack will have to drive to New Haven from Rhode Island to testify as well. No trial date has been scheduled for Greer’s petition for new trial.

See copy of Avi Hack’s affidavit, below:

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