Avi Hack Testifies He Was Raped By Greer

Avi Hack Testifies He Was Raped By Greer


It’s official.  Hack testified, under oath, in his deposition that he was raped by Greer.  See link: hackmotiondeposition

The transcript of the entire deposition of Hack is being kept under wraps.  Greer’s attorney somehow convinced the attorney for Mirlis not to release the deposition to the public until the case is concluded.  Greer claims that he will somehow lose money from his rental properties if the deposition is made public, and Mirlis will thus get less money from a verdict.  This makes no sense.  The real reason Greer doesn’t want the Hack deposition to go public is because Greer does not want the world to see what kind of a depraved animal he really is.  See document in this link:  greerexhibitsmotquash

Mirlis needs to send the Avi Hack deposition to the New Haven police department.  Greer needs to be locked up.  For the cops to stand by while child rapist Greer runs a synagogue where he solicits out of town teenage boys each week to stay overnight is outrageous.

The above link also shows that Greer attempted to serve Mirlis with a civil lawsuit during the Hack deposition.  The civil lawsuit alleges that Mirlis and Hack attempted to blackmail Greer.  Greer claims in the lawsuit that Mirlis and Hack wanted Greer to resign from the Yeshiva of New Haven, and have Hack take over.  Greer claims Hack and Mirlis demanded that Greer become power of attorney for Greer’s wife so that Greer could quit claim his wife’s interest in the Yeshiva of New Haven to Hack.  Once again Greer bypassed rabbinical court by filing a lawsuit with the State of Connecticut.  Greer is currently suing Larry Noodles for defamation in secular court.   This is the same man who criticized Mirlis for not going to rabbinical court with his lawsuit.

Greer and his attorney William Ward are currently engaging in a game of cat and mouse with the attorney for Mirlis.  Mirlis is trying to take Greer’s deposition.  Greer’s attorney has repeatedly rescheduled the deposition.  Greer has hid from Marshal Miller, who was trying to serve Greer with a subpoena to compel him to attend the deposition.  At one point Greer said he had a doctor’s appointment.  When asked to produce a copy of a doctor’s letter, Greer conceded that he lied and the doctor’s appointment was on a different day than the deposition.  See link:  greerexhibitsmotquash

If you were to believe Greer, Mirlis and Hack conspired to concoct incredible stories of rape and sodomy in order to get Greer to transfer the Greer synagogue building into a non-profit controlled by them.  But for years Greer’s own sons tried to get the old man to step down. They wanted to take over. Greer’s number one son, who is a rabbi and a mohel, was supposed to be the heir apparent.  The bearer of the torch.  For many years number one slaved away at the compound, working like a dog for his lunatic father, hoping to some day take over the synagogue and make it legit, and not chomo central.  Were these Greer boyz also part of this conspiracy to blackmail the old man?  Why didn’t Greer sue his own sons?

Long before the Mirlis lawsuit, Rabbi Avi Hack told stories about how he went on private vacations with Greer as a teenager.  He was fond of talking about how he went to Cape Cod in the summers with Greer for several days at a time, in which they rode bikes and enjoyed the scenery, and rode all the way to the end of the Cape.  And which town is located at the very end of Cape Cod?  Provincetown.  The gay capital of the Northeast.

The bearded old gay Greer with teenager Avi strolling through the streets of Provincetown holding hands.  That must have been quite a scene.








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