Avi Hack Trolling Halls of Providence Yeshiva

Avi Hack Trolling Halls of Providence Yeshiva

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Avi Hack moved to Providence. RI after the child rape lawsuit was filed against Rabbi Daniel Greer, AKA “the Goat.”  Avi’s father in law is the President of Ohawe Sholam in Pawtucket, RI.  Avi was appointed Rabbi of that shul.  The child rape lawsuit was originally filed against both Daniel Greer and Avi Hack.  Mirlis dropped Avi Hack from the lawsuit after Avi agreed to drop a dime on the depraved Goat.  Avi was originally named as a defendant in the lawsuit in his capacity as the principal of the school, ie., Avi’s failure to protect Mirlis from the depraved Goat.

Over the weekend I had a lengthy conversation with a young guy affiliated with the Yeshiva Gedola of Providence, Rhode Island. This young man said that Avi Hack has been trolling the halls of the Yeshiva looking for action.

Avi was molested by the Goat when he was a teenager.  Avi continued to submit to the Goat until he got married at age 28.  Avi told the old Goat that he couldn’t juggle the Goat and his wife at the same time, and that he wanted a monogamous relationship with his wife. The Goat was upset about this.  The Goat didn’t believe in monogamy.  The Goat had his wife and his side pieces Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis for years.  The Ewe didn’t mind.  The Ewe got mad at Avi for this arrangement but she never got mad at the Goat.  The Ewe refused to forgive Avi on Yom Kippur for his role as the Goat’s mistress.

This is the story Avi told in his deposition.  I don’t believe it.  I think Avi continued to submit to the Goat while Avi ran the Goat school.  Avi had his wife as his main course with the Goat as desert.  Or was it the other way around?  Either way, Avi’s wife and the Goat were not enough for Avi Hack.  Avi tried to score his own male side piece from the teenage students who enrolled in the Goat school.  Avi is a bonobo monkey.  Bonobos engage in sexual activity with juvenile monkeys, infant monkeys and even monkeys of their own sex.  Bonobos are also known as “pygmy chimpanzees.”  Is Avi Hack a pygmy chimpanzee?

Avi and the Goat had a very unusual relationship.  I observed very strange interactions between them over the years.   During Shalos Seudas, in the big noisy room where everyone ate and sang, Avi would whisper in the Goat’s ear while the Goat vigorously shook his head and made angry faces.  Avi would make hand gestures and then run away from the Goat and do the Goat’s bidding. Avi always moved very quickly in taking care of whatever it was that the Goat wanted.  Then Avi would run back to the Goat and there would be more whispers in the ear with the Goat making angry faces.  This scene would repeat itself throughout the meal.  It was not normal.

Avi was abused by the Goat up until his late 20s.  When Avi became an adult he decided to become a molester himself.  Avi didn’t have to be a mini Goat, or a pygmy chimpanzee for that matter.  Avi chose to victimize young teens at the Goat school.  Avi recruited boys from other Yeshivas in the tri-State region.  Avi reached out to principals at schools that were looking to get rid of boys who didn’t fit in, or who had behavioral problems.  Avi told them that the Goat school was a small school that provided the boys with the discipline and individualized attention that they needed. Avi was very good at public relations and marketing the school.  The Goat was like a goat in a china shop.  The Goat couldn’t sell water in a desert.  Instead of taking care of these boys Avi Hack and the Goat used them for their own sick purposes.

Avi recruited Eli Mirlis to the Goat school.  Mirlis became easy prey for the Goat monster.  Mirlis came from a family with problems.  It was either stay in New Haven or go home to a dangerous situation.  The Goat knew this. Avi Hack knew this.  Ezi Greer, Harold Hack and Dov Greer also knew this.  The wives of these men of self importance knew.  The Gracks may have known.  Yet there was a conspiracy of silence.  The Bourne Conspiracy?  The Goat Conspiracy.  The only person who didn’t know the secrets of the compound was Avi’s mother.  After the news broke she was devastated.  You could tell just by her appearance.  Harold Hack, the Goat’s best friend, didn’t look the least disturbed by news that his son was groomed to be the Goat’s boy toy.  Most fathers would be enraged and engage in acts of extreme violence, but not Harold Hack.  Just another day at the compound.

I heard that Avi now roams the halls of the Yeshiva Gedola of Providence, RI.  Avi is looking to score.  When Avi was running the Goat school Avi admittedly nibbled on a teenage boy’s ear.  Avi was also very close with another student.  I observed Avi engage in inappropriate behavior with this second student.  A school principal should not be rubbing a student’s thigh or massaging his shoulders and whispering in his ear.  This is what went on out in the open, every day, in front of Ezi, Dov and Harold Hack.  Yet nobody said anything.  I shot stares at Dov, Harold and Ezi while Avi publicly fondled this boy.  I motioned my head and eyes towards Avi Hack, trying to get their attention.  I was taken aback when they completely avoided my stares and head motions, and looked the other way.  At that point I knew that there was something rotten in Denmark.

I wracked my brains for years trying to figure out how to get Avi Hack busted.  I spoke with students but got nowhere. I contemplated hiring a private investigator to set up video cameras or tape recorders. But this was long before the age of cheap cell phone cameras.  The compound was impossible to infiltrate.  The place was a maze.  There were very few people in the buildings.  It was dark with walls and locked doors at every turn.  No windows.  Dov, Ezi, Avi, Harold Hack and the Goat were always walking around the compound on guard duty.

Avi does not have as much control or power over emotionally unstable teenage boys as he did when he was principal of the Goat school.  Back then it was easy for Avi and the Goat to take advantage of a fragile boy going through puberty.  Avi is now looking for a mature young man at the Providence Yeshiva.  Avi is looking for a young man who shares Avi’s interest in sodomy and Gemara.  Any relationship with Avi or the Goat today would have to be between two consenting adults, a concept totally alien to the Goat and the pygmy chimpanzee.  I guess they are going to have to settle.  Avi should put up some ads on Craigslist and stop trolling the halls of the Providence Yeshiva.

12 thoughts on “Avi Hack Trolling Halls of Providence Yeshiva

  1. I was a student at the Yeshiva of New Haven from 2003 to 2005. That also happens to be the exact time that all of the things with Eli Mirlis were going on but I am not going to comment on that now.
    I can say with utmost certainty that nothing remotely sexual ever happened between Avi Hack and any of the students when I was there. Avi was our friend. It was a very small school and Avi acted as the dorm counselor before he got married in 2004. He also was a rabbi and the biology teacher, but above all he was a friend.
    I am sick of hearing that he nibbled on a student’s ear. I know that is something he told the cops but that was for full disclosure to them. Avi had a strange (but infrequent) practice of sneaking up behind a student and biting one of their ears. It was a strange prank but nothing at all sexual. He was also the type to give someone a short massage on the shoulders as he passed by like someone (with a particular type of personality) might do to a friend. I am sure he used to do the ear thing to other friends before he was a figure of authority at the school.
    Avi Hack is not evil, nor is he a sexual predator. Please stop trying to create something out of nothing regarding Avi Hack.
    I gained a lot from the yeshiva, but that was from the other rabbis and the secular studies teachers. (Besides for the math teacher in the 2003 – 2004 school year. He was an idiot and so far removed from reality, it was amazing.)
    Rabbi Greer is the evil one here. I can say that I am still a bit traumatized from the times that he embarrassed me in public. I wish I could go back in time and stand up to him when he did that to the students. Please tell us when he is found guilty and locked up but please stop trying to make Avi Hack into something that he is not.

    1. I have spoken with a student who also dormed at the same time you were there. He told me that he was traumatized by the place. He was not molested but he said that the school run by Avi Hack and Daniel Greer was abusive and sadistic. His mother also contacted me and told me the same thing. Avi may not have attempted to molest you because he did not feel that you would have responded in kind. Fortunately I was never molested. I will never be able to fully understand the true nature of a molester as well as someone who has been victimized. I encourage you to contact Yerachmiel Lopin, a vocal victim of child sexual abuse, to discuss Avi Hack’s behavior in more detail. I have no connection with Mr. Lopin other than speaking with him from time to time. He will be able to speak with you as an impartial observer with a very keen insight into child sexual abuse. Not that I am biased in any way. Maybe just a little biased, but I try to stick with the facts and what I observed.

      You fail to address why Avi Hack never reported that Mirlis was getting sexually abused by Mr. Greer, and only came forward when he was served with a lawsuit by Mirlis. Avi Hack never told the police about the ear nibbling. Avi Hack was asked about it in his deposition. He admitted that he nibbled the ear of a particular student. The only reason Avi admitted to this behavior is because I wrote about it before the deposition. The attorneys read my blog and asked Avi about it. Avi did not volunteer this information to anyone. He knew that it would look much worse for him if he lied about his behavior had a former student come forward to contradict his statements.

      The publicity of arrests, lawsuits, and scandals involving sexual child molestation in the Catholic Church was widespread by the 1990s. In the Jewish world, as well as the private boarding school world, big scandals were breaking news in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Any principal of any private school in the 2000s would have been on notice that touching students was unacceptable behavior, let alone nibbling on their ears. From your statements Avi Hack was touching students in the early 2000s. I watched Avi Hack touch students, and nibble on ears well into the late 2000s and beyond. I know a student who was so traumatized by Avi that he is still in intense therapy, many years after leaving the school. Avi was a principal of a school that was run by a textbook example of a serial pedophile. Avi is no dummy. Avi graduated from Yale and taught biology, of all subjects. Avi was a grown adult, married with children when he sat by while Daniel Greer repeatedly abused Eli Mirlis. How can you defend such a man?

      1. I am only defending Avi Hack against baseless accusations that he sexually abused anyone. As to why he did not report what was going on, maybe he felt powerless because of Rabbi Greer’s overwhelming personality that crushed everything in its path. Rabbi Greer had a way of making you feel like absolutely nothing with his emotional abuse.
        I agree that the place deserved to be shut down if a person with authority did not report something like that to the police.
        The yeshiva was small when I was there and it was unique because it was more like a family. It would have been a mostly positive experience for me except for one thing: everything about the place revolved around a pompous, walking/talking temper that looked like a crazy old man with a beard.

        1. Avi Hack did not mention that he felt powerless in his deposition. In fact, he testified that he refused to report the Goat because he didn’t want to bring everything down that he and his father had worked so hard to build. He mentioned nothing about being overwhelmed or hypnotized by the Goat’s personality as a reason for not reporting the Goat. Avi spoke highly of the Goat. The Goat was his “religious guidepost.” If you observed Avi in his deposition you would see that he got choked up when he spoke about the Goat. Avi loved and revered the Goat. Yet Avi was a grown man when he allowed Mirlis to get raped by the Goat. He was not a child. Avi knew right from wrong, from Jewish law as well as secular law. Avi’s love for the Goat, and Avi’s love for material possessions, was more important than Eli Mirlis, or Rafi, or any other student for that matter. Avi knew all about the Goat’s attempt to molest Rafi, and did nothing to stop it. In fact Avi made sure Rafi was picked up at the train station and delivered to the Goat on a silver platter.

          The Goat’s personality had the effect of repulsing people, not overpowering them. Avi was far from overpowered by the Goat’s personality when Avi was an adult. By the time Avi was an adult the relationship he shared with the Goat was no longer one of the Goat exerting his power over Avi. Avi was the Goat’s right hand man, running the compound along with Ezi and Dov. Avi was also the Goat’s biggest achievement. Avi did not fit the profile of the Goat’s typical victim, or any typical victim of child sexual abuse. Avi’s family was not dysfunctional. There was no violence or abuse in Avi’s family. Avi’s parents were highly educated. Avi was highly educated, having graduated from Yale. Avi stayed at the compound as an adult because he had it made. He was acquiring real estate and getting all his bills paid for himself and his family. Plus Avi’s father and sister were in compound, acquiring real estate and getting their bills paid. Avi, along with Ezi and Dov were gaining prominence in New Haven from their relationship with the Goat. Ezi was involved with the New Haven Police Department. Avi was involved with City Hall. Dov was asserting himself as a rabbi in the New Haven Jewish community, with kashrus, bikur cholem house, etc… Yet Avi, Ezi and Dov knew full well that the Goat was a depraved pedophile. Mirlis testified that Ezi and Avi banged on the locked dorm room door while he was getting raped by the Goat. Would Avi have banged on the door had he been overpowered by the Goat’s personality? Avi asserted himself with the Goat when the Goat went to a Jewish conference out of State. The Goat wanted Avi to put Mirlis in a hotel room so that the Goat could be shuffled between his wife and Mirlis. Avi said he refused to allow the Goat to bring his “mistress” to the hotel.

          I don’t know how many times I watched Avi, Ezi and Dov look at each other and roll their eyes while the Goat went into one of his constant incoherent rants. I never heard Avi publicly speak highly about the Goat. In fact Avi, Ezi and Dov rarely mentioned the Goat. If you complained to them about the Goat they never had much to say, if anything at all. They usually changed the subject. I don’t know how many times I watched Avi, Ezi and Dov look at their wives and roll their eyes when the Goat bellowed. Yet they never spoke ill about the Goat. They hid their true feelings. Everything was top secret at the compound. The pompous, quick tempered, emotionally abusive Goat would have never been able to run the compound without the support of Dov, Ezi and Avi. Nobody else would put up with him. If if was clear to you that the Goat was emotionally abusive, do you not think that it was also clear to Avi, Ezi and Dov?

          The school was purposely set up to be small so that the Goat had complete control over the boys. My accusations against Avi are not baseless. I know a former student who is still suffering from his experience from Avi, many years later. I observed Avi touch boys to such an extent over the years I contemplated calling the police department, but I knew nothing could be done. None of the other teachers touched the students on a daily basis. You are falling into the double standard. If the school was mixed and Avi was nibbling on the ears of teenage girls, caressing girls’ shoulders, putting his hand on girls’ thighs, and whispering in girls’ ear, you can be sure that parents would be calling for Avi’s head on a stick. You can be sure that the men who went to the shul would have called the authorities.

          The Goat and Avi are clearly bisexual. Avi would not have continued his homosexual relationship with the Goat until he was almost thirty years old if he was heterosexual. Mirlis never had a homosexual relationship with anyone after his experience with the Goat. I don’t want to go into too much detail because these former students do not want to be revealed, but the students I spoke with told me that Avi spoke to them about homosexuality and Avi told them that there was nothing wrong with having feelings of homosexuality. There are additional details but out of respect for these students I don’t want to publicize them, you can call me if you want to know more.

    2. I dont no what kind of teacher’s nibble on ears and massage kids backs did u feel a hard object on your back when this fucking scumbad didler was nippling on boys ears …..THANK GOD JESUS HOLY FUCKING MOLY. THAT IT WASNT MY SON because i would ve shoved his tonque lips up his ass.. and his cock up ..The Goats

  2. Maybe Avi Hack got a form of Stockholm syndrome and became Rabbi Greer’s right hand man. I don’t know. I just got a feeling that he was more of a victim.
    This whole story is crazy and it does not make sense.

    1. Stockholm Syndrome is not known to cause victims of child rape to become rapists themselves, even assuming Avi had suffered such a syndrome. Avi was more than a victim, he was an abuser himself. Have you ever met someone who turned out to be a different person than who you thought they were? Spend some time in divorce court and every litigant will tell you that the person they married turned out to be a fraud. Did you actually look into Avi’s soul, or did you just fall for Avi’s flattery? This story makes perfect sense. The same story occurred at Penn State, Catholic Churches, juvenile prisons, private boarding schools, Jewish camps and yeshivas. It’s pretty common at institutions that keep children under tight control. Pedophiles are always looking to get jobs at these institutions. At one exclusive private boarding school in Salisbury, CT, there were multiple adult pedophiles who ran the school and abused children. The Goat school was no different. Sexual abuse most often occurs with a parent, or an adult who is either related to the victim or who has a position of power over the victim. Does it make sense when parents molest their own children? It came out during the trial that Ezi may have been molested by the Goat. The Judge allowed the expert doctor to testify that he had information that Ezi was raped by the Goat. The Judge didn’t allow the doctor to go into the details of this information. The Judge may have kept out the details in order not to inflame the jurors against the Goat. The jury’s job was to decide whether Mirlis was raped. If they heard evidence about how Ezi was raped, such evidence could inflame / anger the jury and cause them to rule against the Goat on the basis of the Ezi evidence rather than on the basis of the Mirlis evidence. The judge thought it best to leave out the gory details of the Ezi’s molestation. Even though the jury awarded Mirlis $15 million, the Goat got a fair trial. Ezi had a strange relationship with the Goat. I watched the Goat publicly humiliate and berate Ezi’s children in the shul, right in front of Ezi. Ezi sat there and didn’t say a word. Most guys would haul their kids out of there and move out of town. I never saw this, but I heard that the Goat used to take Ezi’s children into his office, one at a time, and close the door. The office had no windows. Yet I also heard that Ezi and Dov never allowed their kids to stay at the Goat house alone, if at all. Ezi and Dov never ate at the Goat’s house for Shabbos, nor did their kids visit the Goat on Shabbos. Avi was banned from the Goat house, per order of the jealous Ewe. The Goat’s daughters didn’t like Avi either, ironically, this came out in Avi’s deposition. This story is crazy. Hopefully one of the Goat children or grandchildren will come clean and fill in the gaps. Avi’s deposition was full of holes. If you saw his body language on the video tape you would know what I am talking about.

      1. I do not see any reason to change my opinion of Avi Hack. The only accusations of abuse I have heard of have come from you and are based upon anonymous sources and your not-so-unbiased reporting of what you have witnessed over the years. Perhaps if some of the multitude of his alleged victims would come forward and charges were filed, my opinion might start to sway.
        For now please excuse me because I am done with this conversation.

        1. You still have respect for Avi Hack even though he aided the Goat in his rape of Eli Mirlis, and he aided in the Goat’s attempt to rape Rafi. What kind of a person would assist the depraved Goat in his attempt to have sex with teenagers? At this point Avi was an adult and knew that the Goat was a madman. Would you allow your child, brother, friend or relative enroll in a small private school where Avi Hack was the principal and the Goat was in charge? You throw reason, logic and circumstantial evidence into the trash, and rely on your own biased feelings for Avi Hack in forming your opinion. Short of Avi admitting that he is a pedophile, you would never believe a victim anyway, you are so much in awe of Avi Hack. When was the last time you spoke with Avi Hack anyway? Do you think Avi cares about you at this point in time? You should call Avi and ask him to come clean and tell you all the secrets of the compound. You should also ask Avi why he enabled the Goat to rape Mirlis and attempt to rape Rafi. If Avi is such an upstanding man, and you seem to know him so well, he would have no problem talking to you about the Goat. But Avi will refuse to answer any of your questions. Avi is not man enough to talk about what happened at the compound, with you or anyone else. If Avi were a real man he would come forward and talk about what happened and try to prevent it from happening to someone else, just as other victims have done. Avi will never come forward. Avi is nothing but a coward. Avi is only a big man when he has power over teenage boys. You demand that victims of Avi come forward, yet your friend Avi never came forward. Avi only came forward when Mirlis served him with a lawsuit. Avi never came forward and never reported the Goat to the police. You set a very high bar for victims of Avi yet you set a very low bar for Avi himself. You are not excused from this conversation until I say you are excused, you are banished to the green room until further notice.

  3. If you still need a room the Yale Crash Pad provides basic accommodations in a quiet neighborhood in New Haven. Don’t expect much if you stay there. For the money, it’s a good deal, but the house could use some attention. Good Luck.

  4. I can’t say that Avi Hack was a child molester. But ear nibbling and massaging is more than just bizarre. It is typical grooming of children for even more bizarre (e.g., sexual) moves down the road. All this makes me find it quite plausible that he was using these moves in some cases as a prelude to more sexually explicit behavior. The fact that you were not molested does not mean he didn’t molest some of your fellow students. Molesting is usually done in private and most yeshiva boys who are molested would be too ashamed to share that fact with others.

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