Avi Hack Trying to Stop State From Using His Videotape

Avi Hack Trying to Stop State From Using His Videotape

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Avi Hack avoided the Federal civil trial against the Goat that resulted in a $15 million verdict. Will Avi succeed in also avoiding the Goat’s criminal trial?

The State’s Attorney’s Office of the State of Connecticut has requested that the Federal Court release the videotape of Avi Hack’s deposition that was played before the jury in the child molestation case of Rabbi Greer that resulted in a $15 million civil jury verdict. Judge Shea granted my request to release the videotape to Larry Noodles. Judge Shea ordered the videotape sealed until after Avi and Daniel Greer’s appeals are heard before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The Second Circuit has not yet ruled on the appeals. The State has asked Judge Shea to release the videotape to the State so that it can be shown to the jury in the Goat’s criminal trial. A copy of the State’s motion is below:

Avi Hack’s attorney just filed an objection to the State’s request to use Avi’s videotape during the criminal trial of the Goat rabbi who raped him. Why would Avi Hack object to the use of his videotape during the criminal trial of Avi’s rapist? Why does Avi care if a jury sees it? The State stated in it’s paperwork that the videotape would be shown in court and not be released to the public. Why would Avi not want to help the State get a conviction of the man who caused Avi nothing but pain and suffering since he was 15 years old?

Avi’s attorney has argued that the State’s request is “untimely.” Avi argued that the State’s investigation of the Goat has been going on for two years without the use of the videotape. Avi argued the videotape could not have been crucial to the State’s investigation if the State knew about it and didn’t ask for it for two years. The videotape only became crucial when the Goat demanded a jury trial. The videotape only became crucial when Avi communicated his unwillingness to voluntarily come to court and testify against the Goat. Avi will once again try to dodge the Marshal and process server. In the civil case Avi saw the marshal walking down the hall at the Jose Alvarez High School in Providence, RI, where Avi works as a teacher. Avi ran out of his classroom and ran out the back door, leaving his classroom full of children with no adult supervision. Rabbi Goat trained Avi well. Avi learned how to engage in rude, crude, Goatlike behavior at the paw of the master dictator.

The Goat didn’t look very dictatorial during the motions hearing last week. The Goat was enraged with his attorney Willie the Dow. For the last 40 years the Goat used his money in order to control and abuse others. The Goat focused his recruitment efforts on children from large, poor families. The Goat controlled and abused his children and grandchildren with his money. Every now and then a rich, stupid family from Woodbridge or out of State wandered into the compound. Usually they didn’t last very long. In Court the Goat cannot get the Dow to kiss his tuchos. Willie the Dow is not impressed with the Goat’s money. The Dow already got paid by the Goat. The Dow doesn’t care if the Goat fires him at this point. The Goat would have to come up with a huge retainer to pay a different lawyer, which would surely give the Goat a heart attack. The only thing the Goat loves more than little boys is money.

There would be no need for the State to ask for the Avi Hack videotape if Avi agreed to come to court and testified against the Goat. During the motions hearing last week the Goat’s attorney Willie the Dow kept telling Judge Alander that he didn’t expect Avi Hack to show up for court. Avi would not object to the videotape if Avi planned to appear in Court. Avi once again plans to duck the Marshall and hide like a coward while at the same time object to the use of his videotape. You can read Avi’s ridiculous objection below:

We’re marching on, from 516, on to victory with a doubt, to corners four we’re marching angrily, goat farm after goat farm we are conquering! Yechi Noodles! Moshiach Now!

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2 thoughts on “Avi Hack Trying to Stop State From Using His Videotape

  1. I think the logic may be like this.

    The rationale under Jewish law for cooperating with the civil criminal justice system to imprison a molester is that the molester is a danger to the community.

    It could be argued that Rabbi Daniel Greer is no longer an imminent danger to students. There is some basis for that. His own family apparently would not leave children with him unsupervised. The local community similarly is careful.

    This logic fails, of course, because he can always travel to where people don’t know him or about the allegations against him. Moreover, he has managed to get boys to visit him to make a Minyan.

    Thus it seems clear, based on reports here at larrynnodles.com and elsewhere online, that Rabbi Greer presents a possible danger to the community at large.

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