Axis of Evil: The Goat, Paul Bass & John Stoehr

Axis of Evil: The Goat, Paul Bass & John Stoehr

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Child molester Daniel Greer, aka Rabbi Goat, Paul Bass and John Stoehr have a lot in common.  They all graduated from Yale, they are all men of devout religious faith, and they all get their hands dirty in local New Haven politics.  The Goat spends much time in the mikveh trying to get rid of the tumah.

Paul Bass writes for the New Haven Independent.  The Independent is not independent by any means of the imagination.  The Independent has supported the corrupt New Haven Democratic machine for years.  For 20 years the Mayor’s office was controlled by King John DiStefano.  DiStefano’s office was mired in one scandal after another.  The FBI even investigated King John’s castle.  Yet the brain dead voters of New Haven kept giving him another chance, year after year.

King John went to Rabbi Goat’s fundraisers year after year, which were usually held inside a Yale building, to give the aura of prestige to this depraved child molesting Rabbi.  Paul Bass was always at these events taking pics of the local politician sucking up to this depraved Rabbi, no pun intended.  Paul Bass wrote one article thirty years ago exposing the Goat as a sleezy criminal.  After that the Bass man went dark. He went easy on the Goat, as well as the Goat’s buddy King John. The status quo continued for the next twenty years.  The Goat continued to rape children and King John continued to rape the citizens of the City of New Haven. King John is now vice president of Start Community Bank, where the Goat conducts his banking.

Fast forward to 2017.  The Goat is in handcuffs. Paul Bass is writing puff pieces for the new dictator of New Haven, ie., Mayor Toni Harp.  And along comes liberal media man John Stoehr, of the New Haven Register, helping his buddy liberal media man Paul Bass prop up dictator Harp. They both worked for the New Haven Advocate for many years.  Stoehr was running the Advocate when it went under.

John Stoehr has been writing articles attacking underdog Marcus Paca, who is challenging Harp in a primary in two days.  Why is Stoehr going out of his way to attack a little guy who is a long shot in the primary?  Kerekes wasn’t subjected to such attacks in the media when he ran for mayor.

Who is this Stoehr character anyway?  The New Haven Register touted Stoehr as a Yale fellow who lives in New Haven.  Yale pays its fellows a few cents more than the guy serving you a hamburger at Shake Shack.  Speaking of shacks, John recently purchased a little shack in Westville at 16 Philip Street.  He has a good view of the Post Office parking lot.  It’s probably the cheapest house in Westville.  John lives within a mile of the Goat, Paul Bass, King John and Queen Harp, the Quartet of Evil.  Stoehr is a social climber looking to make more money than what he gets from Yale.  So he is writing articles attacking poor Paca in order to curry favor with the powers in the Democratic machine.  Stoehr, who is White, snidely wrote that Paca, who is Black, was hoping for left wing “Bernie Brothers” in the Democratic Town Committee to vote for him.  I was locked up in Federal prison for 20 months with some of these so-called “Bernie Brothers.”  I think I should introduce some of these guys to Stoehr.

Stoehr hasn’t written a word about how Harp fired City employee Nichole Jefferson and then tried to get Jefferson busted by the Feds.  The State of Connecticut called the firing a “witch hunt.” The FBI dropped their investigation of Jefferson, who is a Black woman, in less than three months.  Could you imagine if Harp were White? Liberal media men Bass and Stoehr would call it a lynching and demand Harp’s head on a stick.

Stoehr, much like the Goat and Bass, is a pious man. Rabbi Goat and Paul Bass are proud members of the Jewish religion.  Stoehr is not Jewish, but he takes his new age faith in his new age religion of Unitotalitarianism seriously. Stoehr is a proud missionary at the Unity – Unitarian Church of New Haven, which is really located in Hamden.  One of their creeds is truth, except when it comes to describing the location of their church building.  Stoehr makes frequent reference to his church in his articles for the New Haven Register.  This is what he wrote recently: “Unitarian-Universalism is a liberal religion. It does not have a creed, because individuals are free to choose their own spiritual paths within a community of like-minded folk. ‘What does it mean to choose faith?’ asked the Rev. Megan Lloyd Joiner during Sunday’s sermon. ‘You do justice. You love kindness.’ ‘And you walk humbly.’ As Rev. Joiner would say: May it be so.”  Rev Joiner and Rabbi Goat should get together and conduct an inter-species ecumenical service.

The Goat gave a sermon at his rape shul on Elm Street on Shabbos yesterday.  I don’t know what the Goat said, as the Goat threw me out of his building.  I would guess the Goat made some indecipherable goat noises.  I heard he has been acting very strange lately.  I saw a few Lakewood Goat recruits walking on Norton Street. They are still coming to New Haven despite the Goat’s next criminal court date, which is October 18th.  The last time the Goat was in court the Goat’s attorney asked for the date of October 11th.  That date was recently changed after the Goat realized that October 11th fell on the holiday of Hoshana Rabba. The Goat will be shaking his luluv and esrog, without his family other than the Ewe, all morning at the Goat shul on the 11th.  He will have no time to go to the criminal court to answer for his crimes.

9/14/17 UPDATE:  Since this blog first appeared national journalist, commentator and editor John Stoehr lowered himself to contact convicted felon and blogger Larry Noodles.  Stoehr wants me to make a few corrections to this blog.  First of all, I am honored that a man of his stature would even acknowledge my existence.  Putting that aside, I am humble enough to admit that mistakes were made, and I will make the following corrections, as requested by the Great John Stoehr:

Hon Stoehr did not graduate from Yale University.  Mr. Stoehr “proudly” graduated from SUNY of Pottsdam, which is located along the Canadian border.  I did some fact checking, and it is true that Stoehr is not a Yalie.  I also checked out this school that I had never heard of.  SUNY of Pottsdam is famous for graduating math majors, seven of eight valedictorians from 1980–1987 were mathematics majors. But the only graduate of any stature that came out of SUNY of Pottsdam, other than Hon Stoehr, was John Zakour.  Zakour is a cartoonist who works for Bart Simpson.  Below is a sample of his most recent work.

Another error Hon Stoehr wanted me to correct is that he makes less money from his gig as a Yale fellow than the guy serving you hamburgers at the Shake Shack.  I would suggest that Mr. Stoehr either get a job at Shake Shack, or join the Yale unions in New Haven, they have all the power, they will get him a raise.  But who am I to give John Stoehr advice?  I am a lowly blogger who is honored that Mr. Stoehr took time off from his busy schedule writing for US News and World Report in order to send a convicted felon an email.


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