Bad Boy Russell Gets 24 Months for Probation Violation

Bad Boy Russell Gets 24 Months for Probation Violation

(July 8, 2016)  While I was locked up in Otisville there was a tough guy who ruled the prison.  His name was Russell.  Russell had many muscles.  And a bad attitude. He also had a distinctive tattoo of a girl in a bikini on his leg.

Russell left the prison about a year after I arrived.  He went to a halfway house and then home where he was placed on probation. He wanted to go into the reptile business but the Feds wouldn’t let him.  He used to breed and sell reptiles.  He asked the Feds if he could start up his business. But the business entailed traveling around the country to sell the reptiles.  The Feds didn’t want Russell traveling around selling snakes all over the country.

Instead Russell went into drug dealing.  He sold drugs and used drugs.  During his probation, or supervised release as it is called by the Feds, Russell submitted dirty urine samples.  He failed the drug tests.  I guess he didn’t study enough.  When the Feds made a random visit to Russell’s place of residence they found Russell with drugs and in the company of other felons.  Russell violated the terms and conditions of his supervised release and was thrown back in jail.

Russell was sentenced to 24 months for violating his probation.  But he faced a lot more time.  He has a criminal record and  a lot more than 24 months hanging over his head in probation.  But after Russell is released in 24 months the Feds want nothing to do with him.  The Feds didn’t give Russell any probation.  When Russll gets out he will not be monitored by the Feds.  The Feds gave him a light sentence and no probation.  The Feds don’t want to waste anymore time with drug dealers like Russell.  What’s the point?  Yet the blueboy press releases still repeat the same old  tired script:  The Feds lock up drug dealers for deterrence and rehabilitation purposes. Yet the blueboyz gave up on Russell.

When Russell was locked up in Otisville he had two flunkies who followed him around the camp day and night.  It was an odd relationship.  These two guys were white collar thieves.  One was named Moshe Butler and the other Jewmark.  They stole millions of dollars.  But they were gambling addicts and blew their stolen money at the casinos.  Whats the point in stealing money if you are just going to blow it at the casinos?  Sounds like temporary insanity.  The casinos should be held partially responsible.

Russell’s two flunkies walked on either side of Russell.  When Russell left the camp these two flunkies looked like lost sheep.  Guys made fun of them.  They didn’t have Russell to protect them.  Not that Butler and Jewmark needed any protection.  Actually, Butler needed protection.  He was always getting into trouble. Moshe Butler was the type of guy who was always  wheeling and dealing and scheming.  But he had poor ideas for schemes. He couldn’t con anyone.   He was voted most likely to get in trouble after he got out of prison. Butler eventually did get out of jail a few months back.  I googled Butler to see what he was up to.  I found a sweatshirt for sale on Amazon that says, “I love Moshe Butler.”  It sounds like a typical Moshe Butler scheme.

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