Badboy Russell Back in the Slammer

Badboy Russell Back in the Slammer

(June 3, 2016)  The much feared badboy inmate Russell is back in the slammer. If you did some time in Otisville you know who I am talking about.  Russell got out of Otisville about two years ago.  Recently he violated the conditions of his supervised release.  He submitted dirty urines.  The Feds stopped by his place for a random drop in and found him in the company of another felon, which is against the rules.  Not to mention he was in possession of baggies containing drugs.

The Feds served Russell with a warrant for violation of the conditions of his probation.  They locked him up and scheduled a hearing for his new crime.  Its hard to win on a violation of probation hearing.  It looks like he be doing another 5 years that was hanging over his head for the term of probation.

Russell was the most feared inmate in Camp Otisville.  He was a street criminal.  He sold drugs.  He was busted with firearms.  He had muscles on his pinkie finger.  In prison he intimidated the white collar guys.  Some of the white collar guys must have been paying him off for “protection” that they didn’t need.  Some white collar guys tried to act like street thugs, for whatever reason.  Prison can do wierd things to you. When these white collar thugs bothered me I used to call them “pussies with pens” and say, “get lost, what are you going to do, stab me with your pen?”

Russell never intimidated me.  But I did try to avoid him, which was not easy.  If you wanted to go into the tv room you needed Russell’s permission.  I didn’t watch tv so I didn’t care.  But every morning I had to pass him on my way to breakfast.  His greeting to me every morning was, “Go F yourself Dressler!”  I smiled and said, “good morning to you too Russell.”

Russell had two lackey white collar crooks on either side of him at any given time.  Oldmark and Butler.  I used to get sick watching them follow Russell around like two puppy dogs.  Did these men have any self respect?  No, they didn’t have much respect for themselves or respect for the people they robbed.  Jewmark robbed a hedge fund out of ten million dollars.  Butler’s white collar crime spree resulted in millions of losses.

Locking up Jewmark and Butler for five years is society’s solution for guys with gambling additions. Why not bring back debtor’s prisons while you are at it.  That money is long gone.  It went into the pockets of guys like The Donald and into the pockets of even bigger criminals like Sheldon Adelson.

Russell had a friend named Junkyard Al.  This guy had a junkyard in Baltimore.  Not just any junkyard.  One of the biggest on the East Coast.  I used to bunk with Junkyard Al.  He was a very sick man.  He was busted for something financial, but should have been locked up a long time ago for his many acts of violence.  He used to beat men into signing Jewish gets.  He used to chase down and beat Black guys into a pulp who tried to rob his junkyard.  He was a big and strong guy for a man in his 60’s.  He was just as feared as Russell, because he was just plain nuts.

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