Bail Violation Hearing Requested For Moshe Butler

Bail Violation Hearing Requested For Moshe Butler

Moshe Butler

The Office of Adult Probation requested a bail violation hearing for Moshe Butler. Moshe Butler was out on a $250K bond when he was indicted late last year for a new scam involving a company named “Marketing Rehab Group.”  When Moshe got out of Otisville prison he created a new identity for himself. Moshe called himself “Ed Wharburg.”  “Ed” was the President of Marketing Rehab Group.  Marketing Rehab scammed investors and submitted fraudulent invoices to customers.  Moshe took the money and blew the money at Parx Casino, Valley Forge Casino, the Venetian Casino, and the Choctaw Casino. The Feds indicted Moshe. Moshe quickly entered into a plea agreement, exposing himself to about 2 years in Otisville. Ed Wharburg was not indicted.

Moshe’s trips to the casinos was a violation of the conditions of his probation as well as a violation of the conditions of his bond. The Rabbi of the Elmora Hills Minyan of Union NJ posted his house as collateral to guarantee that Moshe would not skip town while he was out on bond.

Today the Office of Adult Probation requested that Federal Judge William H. Walls schedule a bail violation hearing because Moshe didn’t comply with the conditions of his bond. Moshe’s sentencing on the new fraud charges is scheduled for March 26th. Moshe may get locked up before March 26th if Judge Wall orders him incarcerated due to his failure to comply with the conditions of his release. You can read a copy of order by Judge Walls granting Probation’s request for a bond violation hearing by clicking the link below. Judge Walls did not yet schedule a bond violation hearing.

If Moshe is incarcerated back in Otisville he could be sharing his bunk with current inmates Billy “Fyre Festival” McFarland, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino and future inmate Michael Cohen. In Touch Weekly recently quoted me on “The Situation.” I told them I heard that the Situation was a total slacker in Otisville. Butler was also a slacker in Otisville. The Situation battled alcoholism. Butler is battling a gambling addiction. These guys should be in mental hospitals, not jail. Jail causes mental problems to guys who are not already mentally ill, and sets guys back who are already mental defects. The Situation only got an eight month sentence. Moshe is looking at a few years behind bars.

Michael Cohen sang like a canary today in a Congressional hearing. Cohen also choked up a few times. The Chairman of the Congressional Committee, Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, a old shvartze from Baltimore, angrily announced that Trump referred to Cohen as a “rat” in a tweet, and that “rats” and “snitches” are not safe in prison. Cohen the rat will be fine in Otisville. Half the guys locked up in Otisville are rats.

Representative Armstrong, a Caucasian Republican from North Dakota, got mad at Cohen for recording his conversations with Trump and ratting out the Donald. Armstrong said, “I know of lawyers who would go to jail before they would violate the attorney-client privilege.” Armstrong, a lawyer, obviously doesn’t know too many criminal defense attorneys. Criminal defense attorneys sell their clients down the river all the time. Just ask any guy who was indicted by the Federal government and was advised by his lawyer to “take the deal.” The defense attorney should spend a few months in jail before he advises his client to “take the deal.”

Some members of Congress viciously attacked Mr. Cohen, and then expressed sympathy for Cohen’s “family.” Do these Congressmen really care about the Cohen family? Are they going to send Cohen’s wife a Purim fruit basket and a condolence card after the hearing?

Democratic Representative Brenda Lawrence, a Black woman from Detroit, was angry that the President called Cohen “a rat” and asked Cohen whether he felt threatened by the Donald. Cohen said that Trump has 60 million followers on Twitter who could cause him harm. Brenda asked Cohen why Rudy Guiliani referred to Cohen’s father in law as a “criminal with ties to Russian organized crime.” Cohen stated that his father in law came to the US in the early 70s when Jews were being expelled from the Ukraine. Cohen said his father in law was in the shmata business. Actually Cohen used the words “clothing business.” I could tell Cohen wanted to use the word shmata but he held back. Cohen figured the goyim in Congress didn’t know what the word shmata meant.

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3 thoughts on “Bail Violation Hearing Requested For Moshe Butler

  1. what a shame. he has a beautiful wife and children. your right,here should be in a mental hospital. the choice between Butner n,c. or the one devins Boston . do you know we’re is Norman seabrook

    1. Those prisons are not hospitals, mental or otherwise. The health care they provide is nothing. I heard that Devins is very depressing, a lot of sick inmates, dying all the time, the BOP could care less about them, I heard this from a guy who was locked up with Anthony Weiner, who just got out of Devins. Seabrook filed an appeal, he is still out, hasn’t gone in yet

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