Beatman Files 4 Foreclosures Cases Against Deadbeat Greer

Beatman Files 4 Foreclosures Cases Against Deadbeat Greer

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Attorney Beatman, the man who was hired by Mirlis to collect on the $21 million from deadbeat judgment debtor Daniel Greer has filed four foreclosure in the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut seeking to foreclose on four properties owned by the Goat:  1.  The Goat’s stable where the Goat lives with his wife the Ewe at 133 West Park Avenue, New Haven;  2.  The Goat’s school located at 765 Elm Street, New Haven;  3.  Two lots located on Cheshire Road in the Town of Bethany, ie., 195 Cheshire Road, and 211 Cheshire Road.

The Goat house at 133 West Park Avenue is where the Goat raped Mirlis in the same bed where the Goat slept with his Ewe.  The Goat school building is where the Goat lured teenage boys to be groomed for sodomy and other depraved acts too disgusting to describe in this family friendly blog.  The two lots in Bethany is where the Goat took Mirlis for a picnic and attempted to rape Mirlis in the woods. In most cases the Goat greeted Mirlis with a bottle of alcohol and a bag of peanuts or cashews.

The Goat was recently arrested by the New Haven Police Department.  The Goat has a court date in the criminal court scheduled for August 11, at 9:30 A.M.  Although the deadbeat Goat has refused to pay Mirlis a dime of the $21 million judgment debt, the Goat had money to pay for one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the State of Connecticut.  Attorney Dow does not work for free. Attorney Dow typically charges a six figure retainer up front before he files his appearance.  After the Goat check cleared Willie Dow told the press:  “I proudly represent Rabbi Greer, Rabbi Greer has a long history of positive contributions to the New Haven community. He intends to plead not guilty. He looks forward to addressing these unfounded charges in court.”

Dow represented former Governor John Rowland back in 2004 when Rowland was indicted by the Feds for corruption. Dow got Rowland a sweetheart deal where Rowland only served ten months in Federal prison.  Ten years later, when Rowland got indicted by the Feds again, Rowland hired high powered DC lawyer Reid Weingarten to defend him in the second case. Rowland’s high powered lawyers paid off.  Weingarten got Rowland only 30 months jail time for political corruption with a prior felony conviction.

William Dow also represented former Federal prosecutor Harold James Pickerstein, who stole $600K from his client.  Willie was hired by Pickerstein many years earlier at the United States Attorney’s Office.  Dow got Pickerstein a 30 day jail sentence in Federal prison, when the Feds were looking to lock him away for years.  Dow opened his argument to Judge Bolden at Pickerstein’s sentencing with the following words:  “There is a shtick that lawyers use when talking about their clients, its an honor to represent the individual. This is not a shtick.”  Was it a shtick when Willie Dow told the New Haven Register that he “proudly represents Daniel Greer?”  Or is Willie Dow really proud to defend this depraved monster?

Pickerstein also had help from Federal Judge and former Federal prosecutor Fitzsimmons, who wrote a character letter on behalf of Pickerstein, which is against the judicial canon of ethics.  I pointed this out to the Second Circuit.  Fitzsimmons apologized and indicated she was not familiar with this rule, unlike former Federal Judge and US Attorney General Michael Mukassey, who tried to keep my cellmate Naftuli Schlesinger out of jail.  He asked Naftuli’s sentencing judge whether he could submit a character letter for Naftuli, considering that it was against the rules.  The sentencing judge shot him down.  Naftuli ended up with 15 years in the slammer for burning down his factory and trying to cash in on the insurance policy.

Leona Helmsley did 19 months in Federal prison after stiffing the IRS out of $8 million in taxes. Leona had a high powered team of lawyers which included the infamous Alan Dershowitz.  I got 20 months in Federal prison after I closed a handful of no income verification sub prime mortgage loans just before the real estate market crashed.  I made no money other than closing fees.  I didn’t have a team of high powered lawyers or any big time connections with the Feds.  I tried to call President Obama but he wouldn’t return any of my phone calls.  I even left a few voice mail messages.  Leona Helmsley once said “Only the little people pay taxes.”  Larry Noodles once said, “Only the little people go to Federal prison.”

Attorney Beatman also filed a Motion in the Federal Court for examination of deadbeat judgment debtor Daniel Greer.  The Motion for Examination of deadbeat debtor will allow Beatman to take the deposition of the Goat and ask the Goat about where he is hiding his assets.  If the Goat doesn’t show up for the deposition he could be held in contempt and locked up in a Federal holding cell.

Beatman additionally filed a Motion for Writ of Execution against the Goat’s bank accounts.    The Motion for Writ of Execution is a document signed by Judge Shea that allows a Federal Marshal to clean out the Goat’s bank accounts.  I am sure the Goat cleaned out his bank accounts a long time ago in order to pay for William Dow.



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  1. You had to know this was coming. I think I might be hearing it all the way from the Compound.

    The Goat is defiant as ever & singing at Beatman to Beat it, from fellow pedophile Michael Jackson. Or at least he is grunting along to the tune as best he can. It may be a little off tune but that’s what happens when Sir Drinkalot the Goat has quaffed too much cheap vino.

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