Beverly Hills Fugitive Couple Caught Hiding Out In Israel

Beverly Hills Fugitive Couple Caught Hiding Out In Israel

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Dr. David Morrow & his wife Linda fled to Israel after they were sentenced in California. They were caught hiding out in Ashkelon, Israel and returned to the United States

Dr. David Morrow was a big time plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. David’s wife Linda ran his office.  The Morrows were prominent members of the Orthodox Jewish community of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Palm Springs.  They have four married children and many grandchildren.  Dr. Morrow made almost a hundred million dollars overcharging insurance companies for plastic surgery and other medical procedures.  Dr. Morrow and his wife got busted by the Department of Injustice. A few days after Dr. Morrow pleaded guilty, Dr. Morrow sold his Beverly Hills mansion for ten million dollars and wired the money to an off shore account without notifying the Feds. Chutzpah! You don’t mess with the Feds. Linda opted to plead not guilty.

In his plea agreement Dr. Morrow admitted that he submitted millions of dollars in claims for procedures that he certified were medically necessary but really were cosmetic procedures such as tummy tucks, nose jobs and breast implants.  Patients underwent procedures they did not want in exchange for promises from Morrow that he would perform nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast implants. Tummy tucks were billed as hernia repair or abdominal reconstruction surgeries, rhinoplasties (“nose jobs”) were billed as deviated septum repair surgeries, and boob jobs were billed as “tuberous breast deformity.”  Dr. Morrow changed “Abdominoplasty” (tummy tuck) by covering up the word and handwriting “umbilical & ventral hernias” on top of it.

In May of 2017, about a month before Dr. Morrow’s sentencing, he skipped town with his wife.  The United States Attorney wrote in a memo to the Federal Judge: “Rather than face his victims and this Court later this month for sentencing Dr. Morrow and his wife instead have become fugitives from justice. To make it worse, the government recently uncovered that before slinking away, they had wire-transferred millions of dollars, most likely to fund their flight and disappearance. Last, leading up to his becoming a fugitive in May 2017, defendant provided false information to U.S. Probation – an arm of the Court – multiple times, including failing to report the sale of his Beverly Hills residence for $9,450,000, and his involvement in many trusts.”

Dr. Morrow’s sentencing was conducted while he was absent, ie., in absentia. Dr. Morrow’s attorneys submitted hundreds of character letters of support from the Jewish community just before Dr. Morrow grabbed his black medical go bag filled with cash and skipped town.

Dr. Arielle Morrow wrote in a character letter submitted to the Federal sentencing Judge Staton: “My father taught me and all his children to be a mensch and to stand for integrity. Every person I help live or help die with grace and without suffering, is a tribute to my father’s legacy to truly provide humanistic medicine. My father has simple wishes, he does not shop for clothes, shoes, watches, etc…, his great pleasures are to sit around the Shabbat table with his children and grandchildren for a home cooked meal, to give my mother a foot massage while they watch reruns, engage his children in deep discussion, and go for a nice long walk. Judge Staton, I respectfully beseech you.  The man awaiting your judgment is not perfect and he has made many mistakes.  Please, grant him a merciful sentence.” 

Dr. Dina Morrow wrote:  “As a dermatological cosmetic surgeon, specializing in faces, my father was acutely aware of the sun’s harmful rays.  Walking to synagogue on Saturday morning, we were bedecked with gargantuan hats, which made seeing two inches in front of my face nearly impossible. My father’s cornerstone is his bedrock faith in Judaism.  He’s instilled in me a profound trust in G-d’s ways.  My father’s favorite saying was, ‘We don’t know what the future holds, but we known Who holds the future.’  When I only responded with nominal interest, he asked me if I remembered that he learned that quotation from a screensaver I had on my laptop in high school….My father made omelets for us, lovingly called ‘kitchen sink omelets’ since every available vegetable was tossed in, creating a colorful masterpiece, providing us with the necessary nutrients for a day of fun with dad. I remember when I was growing up in our synagogue in Palm Springs, which my parents helped found, there were a few people who dressed inappropriately or behaved a little oddly.  I remember specifically a gentleman who had emitted an offensive odor.  My father, as the gabbai, always made it a point to invite them in and give them an honor to make them feel welcome.  He would converse with them at the Kiddush and generally make them feel valued.” 

Michael Novack wrote:  “I have a close relationship with my father in law, whom I call “Abba” which means father in Hebrew.  I know Abba as a man of integrity and regularly seek his advice in my personal and professional life.  Abba and I attend the same synagogue in Beverly Hills and he is well respected and beloved by his community.  Whenever Abba is in town for the Sabbath or a Jewish holiday the regular gabbai steps down and affords Abba the honorable position as gabbai.  My son gets so excited and looks forward to spending special time with Abba in the synagogue.”  

Attorney Barak Kamelgard, wrote: “I have known Abba for three years. Dr. Morrow is the antithesis of the flashy cosmetic surgeon one may expect from the stereotype depicted on television and in the movies.  I have rarely seen him in anything but a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, or scrubs.  He does not drive the newest cars or have the latest season’s fashions.  He never takes vacations or does anything for himself.” 

On January 25, 2018 Judge Josephine Staton of the Federal Court of the Central District of Califoria sentenced Dr. Morrow to 240 months of incarceration followed by 3 years of probation. Dr. Morrow was not present to hear his sentence. At the time Judge Staton announced the sentence Dr. Morrow was with his wife were living it up on the border of the Gaza Strip in the town of Ashkelon, Israel. They were either living it up or dodging incoming rockets that regularly rain down on Ashkelon. They got into Israel using a phony Mexican passport. You would think that a phony passport from Mexico would never get past the Mossad. The Morrows were able to fool the powerful US Department of Injustice as well as fool the spooks at the infamous Mossad. The Morrows were able to embarrass the two most revered law enforcement agencies in the world with a pair of phony Mexican passports. Ay Caramba!

The Morrows are currently being held in holding cells in California waiting to appear in Court. They are not being held in the same jail cell. The Feds strictly limit communication between husband and wife if they are both incarcerated. The Feds don’t promote family bonding for felons.

I was contacted by a resident of Ashkelon who informed me that she had met the Morrows before they were picked up by the Israeli police. David and Linda Morrow used the alias names Mark and Channa Morrow and David sported Hawaiian shirts. The Morrows regularly attended an English speaking Orthodox shul frequented by ex-pat Yankees, Brits and South Africans. My source told me that the Morrows stated that they came from Beverly Hills and were going back to visit their kids and Mark needed some medical treatment.  The Morrows told my source that they lived in Guatemala before arriving in Israel. Linda appeared to be a typical fashionista Beverly Hills housewife. Linda said she was in the public relations business and offered to help a local Israeli with business ideas.  Mark was well versed in Jewish law and had an air of self importance that you typically find with American doctors and Orthodox Jewish men. Jew-doctor-splain.

The information provided by my source matches information about the Morrows that was filed in Federal Court. Attorney Barak Kamelgard, wrote in his character letter: “Dr. Morrow is the antithesis of the flashy cosmetic surgeon, I have rarely seen him in anything but a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts.” The Morrows told my source that they spent some time in Guatemala before arriving in Israel. The Morrows may have crossed the Mexican border and purchased phony passports and stayed in Central America before arriving in Israel. The Morrows should have stayed in Central America. Israel used to harbor and protect Jewish rabbi pedophiles and child rapists. This is no longer the case. Recently Israel has been deporting Jewish felons back to the United States. They are getting shipped back to their home countries in order to face their accusers.

My source told me that the Morrows ended almost every one of their sentences with the words “Baruch Ha-SHEM!,” which means, Bless the Lord / Praise the Lord / Blessings from G-d! While the Morrows were living in the Holy Land on the lam they couldn’t stop praising God. The Morrows were extremely grateful to G-d for keeping them alive and out of Federal prison. I will be reaching out to my contacts locked up in Federal prison in order to determine whether the Morrows are still ending their sentences with “Baruch HaSHEM.” I have a feeling that they are now ending their sentences with the phrase, “SOB!” On the bright side the Morrows will get to see their children, grandchildren and extended family again, albeit in the visiting room of a Federal prison. The Feds strongly believe in family unity and reunification, don’t believe what you see on CNN, Fox, the WSJ or the NYT.

For G-d, For Country, For Family reunification!

Moshiach Now!

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  1. I’m sad. 20 years ago, Dr. Morrow did a procedure on me. I paid cash even though I had GREAT insurance.

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