Beverly Hills Yid Pays $325K To Get His 2 Rug Rats Into College

Beverly Hills Yid Pays $325K To Get His 2 Rug Rats Into College

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Real Estate Developer Robert Flaxman and his shiksa sidekick, Kristine Nicole, May 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Month, not to be confused with Robert Kraft, who prefers young female Asians, who never get to be Playmates of the Month.

According to his Linked In profile Robert Flaxman is the CEO of Crown Realty. Crown Realty has nothing to do with Crown Heights, or the Rebbe who helped get Mshulum released from Otisville recently. You can read the Crown Realty profile below. I would imagine Mr. Flaxman will soon have it scrubbed from the internet. Flaxman was one of many parents who were indicted two days ago for bribing college coaches, ACT and SAT proctors and others in order to buy their rich little rug rats their way into exclusive Ivy League Schools. The biggest offender was a shvarzte soccer coach at Yale University, ie., Rudy Meredith. Meredith doctored Yale applications in order to turn these rich little physically challenged rug rats into overnight soccer superstars. Meredith worked with a Jewish guy named William Singer, who recruited wealthy parents out of his college consulting business. Meredith and Singer are singing like canaries ratting out the Fockers to the Feds. Meredith and Singer will end up getting a year and a day in Otisville and keep the millions they made off the rug rats while the Fockers will get five years behind bars because of the outrage expressed by parents all over the country. The mentally challenged rich rug rats took up precious spots in elite colleges that should have gone to mentally challenged legacy rug rats. Children of Yalies are called legacies, and get preferential treatment in admissions. Its called affirmative action for rich White people.

Flaxman’s Crown Realty Linked In profile: Crown Realty and Development, Inc has established itself as a leader in creating and adding value through development, redevelopment and aggressive management of real estate on behalf of affiliated real estate entities. This is accomplished through a keen sense for value creation, and an ability to attract a quality tenant base and maintain steady cash flow. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Crown is focused on California, Phoenix / Scottsdale and the Southeastern United States. Its current portfolio exceeds 5.4 million square feet of office, retail, multi family, hospitality and industrial projects in Burbank, Orange County, Scottsdale, Phoenix and North Carolina. Mirroring this national presence, Crown has offices in Beverly Hills, Burbank, West Los Angeles, Paradise Valley, AZ and Orange County. The total portfolio of properties managed by Crown and owned by its affiliates, approaches $1 billion.

You can read Flaxman’s son’s Linked In profile below, I’m sure it will be scrubbed soon. Flax Jr. may get kicked out of college. Even though no charges have been filed against the rug rats, the U.S. Attorney of Massachusetts has not ruled out the possibility. Some of the rug rats got help from the grown ups and cheated on their SAT and ACH tests, which could expose the rug rats to criminal liability. Poor Flax Jr. There is no Otisville prison for juveniles.

Flax Jr.’s Linked In Profile: I am 21 years old and I am studying Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of San Diego. I am interested in environmental applications of my studies. I also have hands on experience in finance. 2017-2018, Secretary, Crown Realty & Development: Read over lease agreements and brought notes and opinions to my supervisor. Researched potential business deals. Set up appointments and answered phone calls. 2015-2017 Chef, Gina’s Pizza, Newport Beach, I began my shift organizing the kitchen and preparing the sauces and foods for the day. After opening, I worked as a line cook preparing a vast variety of foods. Prior to leaving, I cleaned the kitchen and prepared the sauces and food for the morning shift. 2017, Volunteer, Blind Community Center of San Diego, I conversed with the members of the community center, creating genuine connections with them. I helped the regular staff with basic tasks such as organizing crafts or preparing rooms for special activities, such as bingo. A group of students and myself designed and 3-D printed a bingo board specifically made for the visually impaired. The board had braille numbers printed directly onto the tiles and utilized an axel system on each tile for easy clean up.

Flaxman paid William Singer, the ringleader with the college consulting business, $250K to get Flax Jr. admitted into the University of San Diego. Flax Jr. was admitted as a star soccer recruit onto the varsity soccer team. Flax Jr. is short, skinny and scrawny. Flax Sr. paid another $75K to have Singer arrange to have a proctor help Flaxman’s daughter cheat on the SAT and ACH college admission exams. The Feds did not reveal in the indictments which school the female Flax was admitted to. I found a Flax female who attended Yale, but she is not the daughter of the Flaxman who was charged. Different Flax seed. The Feds were very careful not to out the names of parents who bribed their way into Ivy League schools. Georgetown, Duke, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and other large State Schools were all outed. It was easy for me to find Flax Jr. at the University of San Diego.

In the hundreds of pages of legal paperwork filed in the Federal District Court of Massachusetts, in the City of Boston, by the Office of the United States Attorney, in the backyard of Harvard Square, there is not one mention of the names of the parents who bribed their precious rug rats into Harvard or Yale. Did Yale and Harvard pay off the Feds to keep bad press from descending upon their hallowed halls? Let Georgetown and Duke get trashed in the media. Leave Yale and Harvard out of it. The Assistant United States Attorney whose signature appears on all the government documents filed with the Federal Court is Harvard graduate Eric Rosen. Eric needs to learn Chassidus with Rabbi Levitin and get out of the business of locking up neshamas, and save a few neshamas for a change. There are good Jews and there are bad Jews. Eric Rosen = Bad Jew

The indictment of Yale soccer coach Rudy Meredith disclosed that Singer was paid $1.2 million to get a rug rat into Yale and gave $400K of that to Meredith. Singer kept $800K and gave the shvartze $400K. Not a bad profit. Its similar to the profit margin Jewish Hollywood moguls make off shvartze singers and actors.

Nowhere in the indictments that were filed two days ago does it mention the name of the parent who bribed Singer $1.2 million to get his kid into Yale. This information was kept secret by the Feds in order to protect Yale. Until now. Someone contacted the Wall Street Journal today and ratted out the parent, ie., Morrie Tobin, who paid $1.2 million. Yale graduate Morrie Tobin was under criminal investigation for securities fraud last year. Morrie has one daughter Rachel who graduated from Yale and another daughter Julia who is currently in Yale. Julia is an Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. There is a third daughter whom Morrie tried to get into Yale by paying Singer and Meredith the $1.2 million. Her name has not been disclosed to the media.

Morrie decided to rat out Meredith and Singer rather than face a lengthy jail sentence in his securities fraud case. Morrie will probably get probation and celebrate with a cold draft beer at the Yale bar Morrie’s in New Haven. Meredith and Singer will also get light sentences for ratting out 30 Focker families. The only criminals who will be sober and singing the blues will be the Focker parents who will be spending many days, and nights, practicing yoga in Otisville.

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  1. U no the full house girl paid 500 thousand for 2 of her idoit daughters to be on the so called Row team…for 500,000 my stupid ass kid better have a maid .butler a sit in for the test and lots and lots of Donald Trump Hats ….white lives matter shirts too….zFucking white people at its best…….on that note….LARRY NOODLES FOR MAYOR…..FEDS MUST BE STOPED DOWN WITH CORRUPTION…..

  2. There are not nearly enough Sarah’s and/or Esthah’s at La Kosher Nostra (YALE). It was a real mikvah for Mr. Rosen to keep the Sarah’s names out of the 24 hour jew news cycle.

    Good Night and L’Chaim America

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