Locked Up with Billionaire Playboy & DiCaprio Buddy

Locked Up with Billionaire Playboy & DiCaprio Buddy

Leonardo DiCaprio is close friends with inmate Helly Nahmad, a young Jewish playboy, son of a billionaire family in the art business. His family owns one of the largest collection of Picasso paintings in the world. His favorite hobby is to go clubbing with Leonardo and his harem of Victoria Secret models.  Helly got a year of incarceration and ended up doing about six months in Otisville for illegal gambling.

Helly told everyone in prison that all he did was make a single illegal bet on a Knicks game.  But his crime involved more than making one bet on a Knicks game.  For whatever reason many guys try to downplay their crimes.  I will never understand why.  You won’t find too many guilty guys in jail.

Helly ended up paying the government $6.4 million in fines. But Helly’s crime was not as earth shattering as the government would have you believe.  When the Feds indicted Helly they announced that Helly was a member of a “Russian-American organized crime enterprise” known as the “Nahmad-Trincher Organization,” the “largest illegal gambling business in the United States.”  According to a  press release issued by the Federal government Helly was facing 92 years in prison.  Helly’s co-defendant Illya Trincher was facing 97 years in prison.  Yet at sentencing the government recommended that Helly and Trincher each receive between 12 and 18 months of incarceration.  Helly ended up getting 12 months.  Trincher got six months.

The  so-called “ringleader” of this “Russian-American organized enterprise” was Vadim Trincher, the father of Illya.  Vadim was a past winner of the Foxwood’s casino 2009 World Poker Tour. He ended up getting 5 years of incarceration.

Helly’s crime was basically financing an illegal sports betting operation run by Illya Trincher.  The operation catered to very wealthy individuals.  Helly wasn’t involved in the day to day operations.  Helly was working full time running his art gallery at the time. What the government failed to mention in all of their press releases is that the Trinchers were Jews born in the Ukraine.  Ilya’s attorney argued to the sentencing judge that Ilya “came to the United States at age five with his parents who were fleeing the anti-Semitism and oppression of the former Soviet Union and seeking to create a better life for their children in the United States.”

There is something wrong when the government indicts 34 guys and announces that they are all part of an “organized crime enterprise” facing double life prison terms, and then at sentencing recommend 12 to 18 months.  All attorneys are bound by the rules of ethics.  Even prosecutors.  Lawyers are not supposed to make inflammatory statements to the media in an attempt to influence the judge or jury.  I would think that a press release announcing that a guy is facing a double life prison term is inflammatory when the government knows all along that they will not be seeking a life sentence.

Helly’s best friend is Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood’s golden goose, a goy who is three quarters German and one quarter Italian.  Leonardo, along with Ben Affleck and Alex Rodriguez, were regulars at illegal poker games run by the “Poker Priness” half Jewess Molly Bloom,  who was indicted along with Helly.  Bloom is the sister of football star Jeremy Bloom.  When the Feds indicted Molly Bloom they announced that she was facing up to ten years in prison.  She ended up getting no prison time, just probation.  Molly Bloom wrote a tell all book about the celebrities and billionaires who frequented her underground poker games.

Why did the Jewish billionaire art dealer get busted while Hollywood’s goy toy, of German descent no less, get a walk?  Influential Jewish movie producers protecting the goose who laid the golden egg?  Do I hear a conspiracy theory?  Or was it just being in the wrong place at the wrong time?  A spin of the roulette wheel and Helly got the goose egg.  Or something more nefarious? Anti-Semitism?

Why do Jews seem to fill up all the Federal white collar prisons?  Why do the Blacks fill up the medium and high security prisons?  Is there some other kind of conspiracy going on?  Is your average Black man six times more prone to commit crime than your average white man?  Is your average Jewish man twice as likely to commit a crime than your average White man?  Blacks make up only 13 % of the United States population yet 40% of all inmates in America are Black.  Jews make up 1.4% of the United States population yet 1.7% of all inmates identify as Jews.  There are probably many more Jews locked up who are not counted in the statistics because they don’t report that they are Jewish.  Whites make up 62% of the United States population yet only 40% of all inmates are White.  The Jewish incarceration rate is thus almost double the incarceration rate for Whites.

The Trinchers fled State sponsored anti-Semitism of the Soviet Union, only to end up in an American jail. Ironically the incarceration rate in the United States is six times higher than the incarceration rate in the Ukraine. I find it hard to believe that your average college educated Jewish man, who typically lives a boring life as a doctor, lawyer or accountant in the suburbs, is twice as prone to commit crime than your average White guy.

If you break down the numbers even further, assume that most Jews are in the Federal system.  There are about 650,000 – 700,000 guys either locked up or on probation in the Federal system.  If there are a total of 53,000 Jews locked up or on probation, and most are in the Federal system, that would mean that at least 5% of the total guys in prison or on parole in the Federal system are Jews.  Institutionalized racism and anti-Semitism in the criminal justice system?  Not so far fetched.  For every Black man who gets busted for selling illegal drugs there are 50 White guys who never get busted for purchasing illegal drugs.  For every Jew involved in white collar crime there are 50 goyim doing the same thing who never get busted.

Helly told me that he paid his lawyer a million bucks to defend him and negotiate a plea deal.  Helly offered the attorney another million if he kept him out of prison. The lawyer obviously lost out on the bonus.  Helly ended up doing about six months in Otisville and another few months at the Bronx halfway house where he was picked up every morning in a limo to go to work at his art gallery.

Helly said that a Federal prosecutor and the prosecutor’s girlfriend stopped by his art gallery after his sentencing.  The prosecutor wanted to impress his girlfriend.  This is the billionaire I took down.  Big deal.  $70 billion a year is wagered on illegal bets on college football.  Another $40 billion a year is wagered on illegal bets on baseball games.  A total of $95 million will be wagered on professional football games in 2015, with $93 million of the $95 million wagered with illegal bookies. The American Gaming Association and other trade groups want the Feds to crack down on illegal gambling.  But many states have recently tried to pass laws to legalize sports betting, only to be shot down by Federal courts.  Gambling may be the next area where the Feds and the States come to blows, as is the case with States trying to legalize marijuana.

Helly’s Manhattan residence consists of an entire floor at the Trump Plaza.  He purchased every apartment on the floor over time and connected them together.  He said it cost him about $60 million dollar.

Helly worked with me in the prison warehouse for the six months he was locked up. The warehouse was run by the “odd couple.”  Two officers who hated each other.  They rarely spoke.  They sat behind computers all day right next to each other.  One guy was ex military, like most of the officers in the camp.  The other guy spent most of his adult life working in correctional institutions and was a proud redneck.

The ex-military guy read GQ magazine and drove a Mazda.  The redneck drove an American model pickup and was into  sports, if hunting is considered a sport.  Most of the time the odd couple surfed the web while we did all the work. They never lowered themselves to hang out with inmates.  Not until Helly came to work in the warehouse.

Every Friday afternoon the redneck sat with us as Helly regaled us with stories of wild parties, drunken celebrities, clubbing in the City, and celebrity hook-ups.  He shared some personal information about certain celebrities that the tabloids would die for.  Helly wanted to send the redneck officer high class call girls to meet the redneck at his favorite watering hole.  The redneck said forget it.  He didn’t want to lose his job.

Helly never mopped a floor in his entire life.  I had to teach him how to mop a floor.  Once he started to mop he really enjoyed it.  He was making swirls in the cement floor, trying to create modern art on the floor of the prison warehouse.

Helly said prison was good for him.  He was able to quit drinking, quit smoking and quit living the wild life.  Not sure if he continued to stay clean on the outside. Helly is close friends with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bunchen,  who is married to football star Tom Brady.  Based on the above picture, you would think Helly’s relationship with Gisele is more than “just friends.”  But Helly always spoke highly about Gisele.  He had nothing but good things to say about her.

Helly is a self-admitted playboy.  He entertained the guys with many stories about girls he spent time with.  He said he preferred Brazilian women.  But at times he lamented that he never had a meaningful long term relationship.  He said his family hopes he gets married and starts a family.  Helly is a very down to earth guy, for a billionaire.  He was a likable guy.  He was also a mathematical genius.  He said he scored a near perfect score on the math section of the SATs.  In the warehouse Helly quickly calculated numbers in his head, while the officers and inmates scratched their heads looking for a calculator.  Helly went to college but never finished.  Whats the point, if you are a billionaire.

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