Biser, the Goat & Harold Hack

Biser, the Goat & Harold Hack

Mirlis has alleged in his paperwork filed in the goat rape case that the goat had some kind of sexual relationship with prominent New York Attorney Mordechai Biser.  Biser was general counsel for Agudath Israel, one of the largest American Orthodox Jewish organizations for 15 years.  Biser resigned his position back in 2015, about the same time rumors were flying around about the goat raping children.  One person commented on my blog that Biser was kicked out of Agudath.  I have no evidence of this.

I do have evidence of a close relationship between Biser, the Goat and Harold Hack.  Biser is listed in land records as the secretary of a Greer controlled non-profit entity known as Y.O.N.H., Inc.  I have found no records in the government web sites that this organization even exists.  Y.O.N.H., Inc borrowed twenty five large from Herschel and Donna Schlank.  It was Biser who signed the mortgage on behalf of Y.O.N.H, Inc.

The Schlanks joined the goat in a legal battle to stop a laundromat from opening a few blocks from the compound.  The goat and the Schlanks were represented by the goat’s attorney William Gallagher. After Gallagher died a few years ago it was discovered he had robbed his clients out of a million dollars.

The laundromat battle got ugly. Here are some of the comments made by New Haven residents to the local rag:  “I liked Greer better as a gun toting activist protector of the neighborhood better than Eli the clean undies warrior with a free attorney who has more time than clients on hand.”

Here’s another comment:  “Like it or not, this laundromat issue has raised critical issues regarding joblessness, drugs, prejudice, discrimination and the relationship between Blacks and Jews.  Those of us who live at the core of Whalley Avenue are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Rabbi Greer and are starting to find his photo opportunities and grandstanding as a bit self-serving for the benefit of his enclave in the Whalley community.  So what if he is a property owner!”

And another New Haven citizen angry at the goat:  “Who does Greer think he is?  What makes him the decision maker of all things in and around our hood?  The social implications and consequences of his grandiose behavior have resulted in a groundswell that has quietly formed a consensus about him.  The frustration about him and his “concerned only about his property mentality” has been powerfully building for many residents who have sat back and watched him engage in one endeavor after the next, supposedly on the community’s behalf, without ever canvassing the hood.”

The Goat lives in the New Haven hood surrounded by eight foot tall fences that the Goat constructed to keep safe.  The Schlanks live in the hood of Bethany, surrounded by acres and acres of empty space, and dangerous cows.

Biser never mentioned on his Linked In page that he was secretary for goat controlled non profit Y.O.N.H., Inc.  But Biser listed that he worked for prominent attorney Nathan Lewin.  The Goat hired Lewin to represent his children, and the Hack kids in the failed lawsuit against Yale University.  It was called the Yale Five.

Biser, the Goat and Harold Hack borrowed $22,500.00 from Mario and Anthony Puglisi.  All three signed the mortgage to the Puglisi Family.  I can always recognize the Goat’s paw print signature.  I wonder why Biser, the goat and Hack had to borrow money from the Puglisi Family?  The mortgage made reference to a loan agreement that was supposed to be attached, but there was no attachment filed with the land records.  I wonder how much what interest rate Biser, the Goat and Harold were paying to the Puglisi’s.  I wonder if the Puglisi’s were loan sharks.

Biser also got in trouble just like the goat with lead in one of his properties.  The goat was almost arrested.  Biser never got arrested but he was cited by the City of New Haven.  Biser listed his address as 2655 Yale Station.  I wonder if Biser was living in the Yale Post Office at the time.

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