Biser & The Goat on the Same Page

Biser & The Goat on the Same Page


To recap the relationship between Mordechai Biser and the Goat:  The Goat gave a fifty thousand dollar mortgage to Biser in 1994 on property in New Haven.  The name of the non-profit was F.O.H., Inc., which means “Friends of Ha-Gan” or “Friends of the Gan.”  At the time the Goat called his school The Gan School.

At times the Goat put property in the name of “Friends of Hagan” even though the goat never registered this entity with the Connecticut Secretary of State.  Yedidei Hagan, Inc. is another entity the Goat formed, which means Friends of Hagan in Hebrew.  The goat registered Yedidei Hagan, Inc., but did not register Friends of Hagan.

The fifty thousand dollar recorded mortgage can only mean that Biser lent the Goat fifty thousand dollars.  Where did Biser come up with all this cash?  And why would the Goat need fifty thousand dollars from Biser?  Didn’t the Goat come to New Haven 30 years ago with wads of family cash in order to build his real estate empire?

In the late 80’s Biser signed numerous real estate documents as Secretary on behalf of Y.O.N.H., Inc.  There is no such corporation with that name registered with the Secretary of State.  But the Goat had a habit of using aliases and pseudonyms for his many non profits.  FOH, Inc. was an alias for “Friends of Hagan.”  Y.O.N.H., Inc. could only be the pseudonym for the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc.  Yeshiva of New Haven is one of the many goat non-profits being sued by Mirlis in the goat child rape case.

The child rapist Goat who formed the Yeshiva of New Haven, Inc., or Y.O.N.H., Inc., had Mordechai Biser, the prominent attorney from Agudath Israel, named as Secretary.  Agudath Israel’s position on child rape is basically the following:  If you know beyond any doubt that a child has been raped, you are to report it to the police. For example, if you were raped by the goat, or were an eyewitness to a rape by the goat, you are required to report it to the authorities.  But if you are not sure if a rape occurred, you are to meet with your local Haradi rabbi and discuss what you know.  So if someone told you that they were raped by the goat, you would have to first speak with your Haradi rabbi.  Your rabbi will conduct a criminal investigation.  Your rabbi is not only infallible, but your rabbi enrolled in the police academy and is trained in the latest torture techniques.  Your rabbi is also an expert at administering truth serum. With such tools your rabbi will be able to immediately determine whether the victim, or the Goat, is lying.

Biser and the Goat may have parted ways in the early 2000’s, but they were on the same page when it came to Jewish issues.  Biser and the Goat shared a page in the Jewish Haradi newspaper Hamodia as recently as 2011.  Biser and the Goat may have coordinated their efforts in order to promote their agendas.

The Goat’s agenda in 2011 put the right wing Goat on the same side as the American Civil Liberties Union. At the time of the article, the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) came up with body scanners to check people boarding planes.  The TSA also started to conduct pat downs. The Goat was against TSA pat downs and body scans.

The Goat’s letter to Hamodia grunted: “What images are produced by the scanners? Who has access to them? Even if scanners are equipped with software to protect, in some small measure, the privacy of passengers, how secure are those safeguards?”  The goat didn’t want a stranger at the airport scanning his body.  Yet it was perfectly ok for the Goat to scan the bodies of teenage boys with his depraved goat eyes.

The Goat grunted the following about pat downs:  “What is the protocol for pat-downs? Who administers them? Where are they done? How invasive are they permitted to be? Gender issues? What impact will radiation exposure have on our health?”  The goat didn’t want some stranger patting him down at the airport.  The goat expressed concern about someone from the opposite gender patting down passengers.  Yet it was perfectly ok for the Goat to pat down teenage boys at the compound.  The goat was concerned about harmful radiation exposure.  But what about the harm done to teenage boys who are exposed to the depraved, disgusting goat?

Biser is quoted on the exact same page of the exact same newspaper on the exact same day as the Goat.  What are the odds of that happening?  Biser spoke on behalf of Agudath Israel on the issue of living wills.  This was at the time that the Obama health care reform bill was being debated.  Obama was accused of trying to create “Death Panels” in which bureaucrats would kill off grandma.  To his credit, Biser was against the Death Panels.

I am not sure if Biser hated Obama as much as the Goat hated Obama.  The Goat hated Obama because the Goat thought that Obama represented the breakdown in moral values.  Obama reflected the moral decay of society.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, no pun intended…

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  1. Quoting Menahel, Yeshivah of New Haven Letter to Hamodia:

    “This is not a matter of convenience, but of maintaining our Torah standards in the face of a new and problem-creating reality.”

    Snags are out of there fking minds!

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