Blueboyz Killing Off Inmates

Blueboyz Killing Off Inmates

Louis Pearlman the music mogul who created superstars The Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and Justin Timberlake, died in prison, or died in the hospital, or died from complications after heart valve surgery, depending on which web site you read.  Its hard to tell how he died, or where he died.  In 2014 he was locked up in Texas.  But he was pronounced dead in a hospital in Miami.  He must have been moved to the Miami prison at some point between 2014 and 2016.  He was originally placed in a Fed prison without air conditioning in Texas after his sentencing in 2009.  But his case was out of Florida and his friends and family were from Florida, not Texas.  Were the Feds looking to add further punishment to this man by sending him off to the middle of nowhere in Texas?

Either way, the fact remains that inmate Pearlman died during the recent heat wave.  The heat index in Florida and Texas was about 113 degrees.  He had a heart condition.  He was overweight weighing in at about 250 pounds.  He had a 62 year old heart.  The American Heart Association warns that people with heart conditions should not be exposed to extreme heat, it is a deadly combination.  You heart meds don’t work properly in extreme heat.  The Feds locked up a man with a known heart condition in a Texas prison without AC for a number of years.  Then he was sent to Florida.  The Feds could have sent him to a modern medical prison facility, such as Devons in Massachusetts.

Life is cheap when are viewed as an enemy to the State.  According to the Washington Post, the blueboyz killed off 990 people in gun shootings throughout this country last year, almost 95% male, almost half minorities, and about a third mentally ill.  The blueboyz are also killing off inmates.  Since last year the Huffington Post reported that 815 inmates died while in custody: about  a third from suicide, about a third due to medical emergencies, and about a third still “unknown or under investigation.”

Is this country experiencing a revival of the eugenics movement, the belief that human breeding will lead to a superior human race?  Eugenics was used as justification for forced sterilization of the mentally retarded, which was upheld in this country by the US Supreme Court in 1927 in Buck v. Bell.   Universities throughout this country taught eugenics as a standard course.  The Nazis took eugenics to the extreme, killing off the mentally ill, physically defective, Jews, Gypsies, criminals, homosexuals, and others deemed racially or mentally inferior.

The blueboys don’t seem to care too much about the lives of inmates.  Have they become so cold and heartless that they could care less whether a fellow human being lives or dies right in front of them?  Or have Americans become so callous that it is perfectly acceptable to put human beings in cages, in institutions with unsafe conditions?  Free range chickens get better treatment.  Prosecutors continue to ask for long prison sentences.  Judges continue to rubber stamp the prosecutor.  The State continues to operate run down prisons with health and safety problems, too cheap to spend money on those criminals.  Penny wise and pound foolish.  When guys get out of prison they create even bigger problems for the State.  Families of inmates suffer higher rates of divorce and poverty, with children following the path to prison.

While I was locked up for 18 months I watched many guys wait for hours for an ambulance while they suffered a heart attack, or some condition that would get you rushed to the hospital within 10 minutes of dialing 911 on the outside.  At one point a kidney stone passed through my insides while I was locked up.  I had no idea what was happening, but I cried out in extreme pain and doubled over.  The blueboyz shrugged thier shoulders and diagnosed me with a back problem.  One of the doctor inmates convinced one of the blueboyz to take me to the hospital.  I had to wait for the midnight count.  Everything in prison comes to a halt while they count the inmates every few hours.  I had to wait for everyone in the facility to get counted.  Eventually I made it to the hospital.  Fortunately it was only a kidney stone and I survived, unlike the hundreds of guys who died last year while in custody.

A perfect example of modern eugenics in this country is the case of Joshua Komisarjkevsky.  This young man had a history of mental disorders.  He had two caring foster parents.  He was a father himself.  He kissed his young daughter good night before he went out to rob a house in Cheshire, CT, with Steven Hayes.  The robbery didn’t go as planned.  They killed a mother and her two young children.  Their deaths could have been prevented.  The cops made the tragic mistake of hiding out and watching the house for an hour and doing nothing to try to save the family.

Komisarjkevsky  was spared the death penalty because the State of Connecticut Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconsitutional. The death penalty is also an example of modern eugenics, used to kill off the mentally ill. The father and husband of the victims, Dr. Petit, is a physician.  He is in favor of the death penalty.  Yet the AMA forbids its physicians from participating in State executions, and revokes licences of those who help the State kill people.

Recently the State of Connecticut transferred Komisarjkevsky to a prison in Pennsylvania, where he immediately attempted suicide.  It doesn’t take a mental health professional to predict that this mentally unstable man, far from his parents and child, locked up in solitary for his own protection, would attempt to kill himself.   The pyschological profession does nothing to protest the militarization and brutal police tactics of the government. Rather, the psychological profession sold its soul to the government.  The American Psychological Association was recently embroiled in a scandal where members violated it’s own rules of ethics in secretly supporting torture and waterboarding by the CIA after 911.

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