Biden Groped Senator Blumenthal’s Rug Rat In 2017

Biden Groped Senator Blumenthal’s Rug Rat In 2017

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Senator Blumenthal has supported Biden in his recent dust up with the metoo movement. Biden grabbed Blumenthal’s daughter’s tuchos in 2017, when the media reported on Biden’s obsession with “selfies.” The media didn’t notice Biden’s left hand resting on her left bleep.

I found a 2017 photo of Joe Biden grabbing Senator Blumenthal’s 23 year old daughter while Blumenthal and his son beamed with pride. What has happened to our Senate? At least Bill “Bubba” Clinton had the decency to only grope unknown Jewish interns. Now these old men in government are passing around their own daughters! For shame! The Senate needs to adopt the laws of tzniut, ie., modesty. George Dubya Bush respected the laws of tzniut and refused to shake the hand of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis when she visited the White House and received an award. Dubya’s father also respected the laws of modesty. It was only after Dubya’s father got very old and senile and couldn’t remember these laws when he started telling dirty jokes and grabbing tuchoses.

The mainstream media and the metoo movement has recently attacked Biden for his wandering old man hands. Yet the mainstream media has ignored the fact that Senator Richard Blumenthal supported well known Yale pedophile Rabbi Daniel Greer for many years. Why attack Biden yet not ask Blumenthal any questions?

Senator Richard Blumenthal was the most prominent speaker who appeared year after year at the Greer compound. Blumenthal shared many drinks, laughs, and goat milk with the Goat. Why does Blumenthal’s friendship with depraved pedophile Daniel Greer go unreported by the Yale Daily News? Blumenthal and the Goat are both graduates of Yale Law School. Richard Blumenthal attended Rabbi Greer fundraising Gan “gatherings” year after year. Greer currently has criminal charges for child rape pending against him.

The Yale Daily frequently writes stories about prominent Yale graduates who get in trouble with the law. Yet the Yale Daily has refused to write one article about the Goat and Blumenthal. This is the same self righteous Blumenthal who attacked Judge Kavanaugh during Congressional hearings over his High School yearbook. Blumenthal’s last question to Kavanaugh was, “Judge, do you believe Anita Hill?” The Yale Daily should ask Blumenthal the following questions: “Senator, do you believe that Rabbi Greer raped Avi Hack and Eli Mirlis? Senator, you knew Avi Hack very well, why didn’t you call Avi Hack and offer him your support when you found out that he was repeatedly raped by the Goat as a teenager? Senator, is Anita Hill more important than Avi Hack? Anita Hill was never raped by Justice Clarence Thomas, unlike Avi Hack.”

The Yale Daily would rather attack Yale Law grad Corey Booker because he befriended Chabad Jews while he was at Yale. Had Booker befriended LGBTQ rabbis or a rabbi from the JTS, YU, the ACLU, the NAACP, or the NBA he would have been fine. Yale Daily News Jewish reporter Avigayil Halpern bashed Booker in a recent article. Halpern accused Booker of being connected to a Yale student who was acquitted of sexual assault. Many years ago Booker co-founded a Jewish organization called Shabtai with Chabad Rabbi Shmully Hecht. Yale student Saif Khan was a member of Shabtai and was acquitted of molesting a female student. Halpern didn’t mention that Corey Booker graduated from Yale many years before Khan arrived on campus. Nor did she mention that Booker and Khan never even met each other. Halpern wrote in the Yale Daily: “the Jewish society was founded by Booker, who himself is not Jewish, and other Yale students, the men, all men, founded the society with Rabbi Shmully Hecht. It is not clear what Booker’s current relationship with Hecht is. Even though Booker does not seem to regularly attend Friday night events at the society, many current Yale students and public figures do. It’s long past time to stop doing so.”

Halpern has ordered all Yalies to stop going to Shabtai because of the men, all men. In Halpern’s mind the men, all men, are the enemy, whether they are White, Black, half Black, red, yellow, or burgundy. Not all men are bad. Its only those privileged Ivy League men who work in Congress, the White House, Hollywood and Wall Street who are the problem. As long as Halpern avoids Washington DC, LA, the Hamptons, Greenwich and NYC she will be fine. Halpern probably doesn’t have a problem with gay men, bi men, trans men or men who are ashamed to be men.

Halpern has demanded that Shabtai publicly disavow Khan. Why has Halpern not demanded that Senator Richard Blumenthal publicly disavow Rabbi Daniel Greer? Why has the Yale Daily not demanded that Harvard Law School graduate and past President of the Connecticut Bar Association Donat Marchand not publicly disavow his relationship with Daniel Greer? Why has the Yale Daily not demanded that Air Force Officer & Chaplain Rabbi Norton Narrone publicly disavow his relationship with Daniel Greer? Why has the Yale Daily not demanded that Yale Law School graduate, and BFF of Supreme Court Justice Alito, Professor Ed Zelinsky not publicly disavow his past relationship with pedophile Daniel Greer? Why has the Yale Daily not demanded that Yale grad and US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky, a member of the Mueller team, who attended the Goat school as a child of all places, not publicly disavow his past relationship with pedophile Daniel Greer? Privileged Ivy League reporters like Halpern can blame all of the world’s problems on Joe Biden while they ignore the Goat as he continues to recruit children to his compound, right in Yale’s back yard at 765 Elm Street, New Haven.

If you are a Jewish mentsch you have nothing be ashamed of, even if you are a Hollywood mogul, politician, hedge fund king, reporter for the New Haven Independent, pump & dump fraudster or ponzi schemer. You should be proud of your heritage. In the Book of Genesis it says that God created man first, before the woman. But it also says that man was created after the animals. This was to humble man and teach him that the lowly Nat Birnbaum was created before man. Nat Birnbaum never spelt his name with a “G”. Nat worked with Ed Norton fixing sewers in Brooklyn. If you can’t figure out this joke I suggest you stop reading this blog and go read the puff pieces in the New Haven Independent.

May Moshiach arrive before the first Passover seder and bring redemption to men, all men, and women, Jews, Gentiles, gnats and Nat Birnbaum. MOSHIACH NOW!

The Goat is flanked by business partner and attorney William Gallagher (who robbed $1.5 million from his clients trust fund account), Connecticut Bar President Donat Marchand, a New Haven Superior Court Judge, US Air Force Chaplain & Officer Rabbi Morton Narrone and loyal servant Harold Hack (father of rape victim Avi Hack)

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    Mr. Noodles,

    You are very not woke, you left the plus off the LGBTQ designation. Don’t you know anything?

    There is a Marxist re-education camp on Whalley Avenue that I suggest you attend ASAP.

    Moshiach NOW!

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