BOP Won’t Release Dean Skelos Who Has COVID19

BOP Won’t Release Dean Skelos Who Has COVID19

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After 72 year old New York politician Dean Skelos tested positive for COVID19 at Otisville prison he was thrown into solitary confinement, ie., the SHU (Special Housing Unit). The SHU is located in the medium prison, not the camp. Dean’s attorneys filed motions asking Federal Judge Kimba Wood to release Dean to home confinement so that he could die at home and not in Otisville. Actually Dean doesn’t want to die. Dean wants access to proper medical care which he cannot get in Otisville. Dean is suffering from coronavirus, hypercholesterolemia, prediabetes mellitus, low testosterone levels, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Dean is taking escitalopram, alprazolam, Ambien, and Vytorin for his medical conditions.

One week ago the US Attorney filed paperwork advising Judge Kimba Wood that Dean was cleared to go home to home confinement by the Office of Adult Probation. Yesterday the US Attorney filed a letter with Judge Wood stating that the Bureau of Prisons doesn’t want to release Dean. The US Attorney gave no reason why the BOP wants Dean to stay in Otisville. The BOP is sending all Otisville inmates home to home confinement in a few weeks anyway. Why does the BOP want to keep Dean locked up for another few weeks? The nickname for the BOP, for inmates as well as guards, is “Backwards On Purpose.” It seems that the US Attorney has no idea why the BOP wants to keep Dean locked up. The right hand of Uncle Shmuel doesn’t know what his left hand is doing. Is the BOP punishing Dean because he is a goy? Discrimination!

Dean’s attorney filed a letter today begging Judge Wood to release the Dean of Otisville:

“Mr. Skelos collapsed the morning of April 8, 2020, and
was subsequently transported to the prison’s medical facility. Between April 8 and April 17, Mr. Skelos was kept in a solitary cell for 23 hours per day. Over the course of those ten days Mr. Skelos was allowed to shower just two times and was not permitted a single change of clothes. He was denied basic necessities including access to his regular, essential, medications, the use of his glasses, and any contact in any form with his family and attorneys. We learned for the first time of his positive test for COVID-19 from the government’s letter on Friday. We do not believe that this Court ever intended for Mr. Skelos – who has otherwise been a model inmate – to endure such hardship. Needless to say, the emotional toll of such a period has been extremely difficult for Mr. Skelos and his family. The roller coaster of going from a battle with COVID-19 and a dehumanizing quarantine to the tease of a potential furlough to seeing that hope extinguished just a few days later stands as yet another example of unjust punishment for Mr. Skelos and his family that this Court could never have imagined when ordering his sentence. As of April 20, 2020, it has been reported that 497 inmates have now tested positive in federal correctional facilities and an additional 319 staff. Otisville now has seen at least 14 inmates test positive in addition to 9 staff.”

Free the Dean of Otisville NOW!

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