Boro Park Rabbis Indicted for $2M PPP Loan Fraud

Boro Park Rabbis Indicted for $2M PPP Loan Fraud

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Rabbis Moshe Rosenfeld and Zvi Aron Zigelman were recently busted by the Justice Department for running an elaborate PPP loan scam in which they set up non-profits, such as Sar Shalom, as conduits for their fraud. Their family members Sara Zigelman, Frady Zigelman, Rachel Zigelman, Gitel Zigelman, and Israel Zigelman were the purported business owners of some of the non-profits, yet were not listed on any of the corporate paperwork filed with the State of New York. Sara, Frady, Rachel, Gitel and Israel were not indicted. Someone has to stay home and watch the kids when Moshe and Zvi go to Otisville prison.

Rosenfeld and Zigelman filed numerous applications with the SBA in order to obtain PPP loans with fraudulent documents. Most of their loan applications were denied. But they managed to trick the banks into giving them two million dollars by falsely claiming that they had thirty employees, and submitting false IRS documents, false payroll documents and false bank statements. They claimed they had 39 employees who grossed over 3 million a year in salaries.

They each posted a $250K unsecured bond that was guaranteed by two individuals with the finances to pay the bond should they skip town. They were also ordered to surrender their Israeli passports. They can’t travel outside of New York or New Jersey. Solomon Porges and Mayer Meisner guaranteed Zigelman’s bond. Zigelman and Rosenfeld are not allowed to contact each other.

Rosenfeld qualified for a free public defender. Zigelman hired the high-priced Park Avenue Harvard Law grad Henry Mazurek, a partner at Meister Seelig & Fein. Mazurek has no relation to Ray Manzarek, the keyboardist for The Doors. Mazurek’s profile on his law firm stated the following: “Recently, Henry obtained a jury trial acquittal in federal district court in New Jersey on behalf of a client charged with multiple federal kidnappings in a ground-breaking litigation involving the prosecution of orthodox Jewish rabbis and their supporters related to the carrying out of religious court edicts.” Mazurek didn’t mention on his website that his “recent” case was in 2015 with the acquittal of David Epstein, the son of New Jersey Rabbi Mendel Epstein, who was convicted of kidnapping husbands and forcing them, through the use of torture and cattle prods, to divorce their wives in Jewish court. After the verdict the news reported, “David Epstein’s attorney, Henry Mazurek, called the verdict bittersweet because of the acquittal of his client but the conviction of the elder Epstein. ‘I’m thankful the jury system worked as it should in finding David Epstein not guilty because no man should be convicted because of his last name alone,’ Mazurek said.

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If you are contemplating committing a Federal crime, STOP, take a time out, think about what you are about to do, it’s not worth it! I should know, I spent 18 long months in Otisville prison, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud as a closing attorney. The time spent in prison is only half the punishment, waiting for years to be sentenced and incarcerated takes a huge toll on your mental health, not to mention the repercussions after you get out of prison, the problems you will face finding employment and complying with the conditions of Probation. You will never appreciate your freedom until it is taken away from you. God Bless America!

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