Brooklyn Halfway House Fills Up With Otisville Graduates

Brooklyn Halfway House Fills Up With Otisville Graduates

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The Otisville prison where I was locked up just released a bunch of Jewish law breakers.  They all ended up at the Brooklyn halfway house.  The Feds think that these guys still need to be rehabilitated.  The halfway house is supposed to help these guys transition into civilized society.  If the Feds lived with these guys, like I did, they would conclude that rehabilitation in a Federal prison is completely hopeless.  The Feds should either construct prisons that are safe and treat guys with a minimal level of human dignity, or lock them up forever.

These guys will be out of the halfway house in about six months and be back on the streets.  Expect an increase in the crime rate.  The guys living in the halfway house include $10 million money / anger mismanagement manager Ed Stein, mortgage fraud lawyer “Roman Empire” Mavashev, fire insurance fraudster “Zaidy” Schlesinger, and international money launderer Samuel “Sam’s Club” Ashkanezi.

These New York felons will join the recently released Joysey Jews, ie., hustler and gambler Moshe “Teaneck Trouble” Butler, $10 million hedge fund embezzler “Jewmark,” and Gedalia “the Snitch” Schleider who ratted out billion dollar Lakewood ponzi schemer Eliyahu Weinstein.  The New York and Jersey felons will be vying for power in the tri-State area, similar to when mobsters Richie Aprile, Feech LaManna, and Tony Blundetto from The Sopranos got released and wrecked havoc in New Jersey.  Feech ended up violating probation and getting thrown back in the can.  In Otisville Butler was voted most likely to get busted again and thrown back in the can.  Richie Aprile ended up getting shot and killed by his fiance.  I could see one of Roman’s girlfriends getting mad and shooting him.  Tony Blundetto ended up getting executed by his cousin Tony Soprano.  I could see one of Zaidy’s hot headed Satmar cousins shooting him on the streets of Williamsburg.  Or I could see fellow inmate Fried volunteering to take out Zaidy for free by burning down his house.  Fried is not as religious as Zaidy, so he wouldn’t take the mezuzah off the door before lighting the match.

Butler may hook up with his old friend from prison Kenneth Ira Starr, not to be confused with Kenneth Winston Starr who got Slick Willie impeached.  Kenneth Ira Starr has his own Wikepedia page.  Wikepedia lists his occupation as “money manager, lawyer, Ponzi schemer.”   Ken Starr got released back in December of 2016.  Ken scammed movie stars such as Uma Thurman out of millions.  Ken tried to scam fellow prisoners.  He offered new guys investment opportunities.  Just invest your money with Ken and you will see big returns.  Some guys fell for his scam and lost money with Ken.  Nobody was going to report Ken, as the Feds would throw both the scammer and the mark into the hole.

Butler used to scheme with Ken Starr.  Nothing ever become of it, because each one of them was looking to scam the other.  Butler wasn’t going to give Ken a dime and Ken wasn’t going to give Butler a dime, not that they had any money of their own anyway.  Instead they sat around and brainstormed new ways to scam stupid people once they got out.

Jewish mobster Neighborhood Mitch was Ken Starr’s bunkie.  Mitch didn’t think much of Ken.  Mitch used to say Ken had bad body odor and didn’t shower often.  Ken had dinosaur breath.  I don’t think he brushed his teeth, they were always yellow.  It was hard to have a face to face conversation with Ken for very long without getting nausea.  Ken used to pitch deals from the prison telephone.  The prison pay phone was out in the open, everyone heard each other’s conversations.  I used to listen to Ken make his pitch to investors on the prison phone all the time.  “You can make a lot of money on this deal, I’m telling ya, don’t pass it up…”

Butler spent so much time with Ken Starr that at one point Roman Empire gave Butler the nickname, “Butt-Starr.”  Roman used to go around telling everyone that the motto for Butt-Starr industries was, “Why make millions when you can steal thousands.”

Roman and Sam’s Club were thick as thieves.  Sam’s Club got his nickname because he was always smuggling things into the prison.  He used to have his wife smuggle stuff in his kid’s baby carriage and diapers and make the exchange in the visitors room bathroom.  The fascist Feds went nuts if guys smuggled such dangerous items as cigarettes, chocolate, bagels, or aspirin into the prison.  Lock him up in the SHU, ie., solitary.  It’s like getting the death penalty for jay walking.  Eventually Sam’s Club got caught, and got shipped off to a different prison.

Butler and Jewmark were also thick as thieves, except when they were fighting.  They had a love-hate relationship.  Street thug Russell Lockenwitz kept them together.  Once Russell got released Butler and Jewmark got into fights.  Russell didn’t last too long on the streets.  He almost violated probation when he threatened a co-worker at his job with physical violence.  The Feds let it slide, along with other transgressions.  Eventually the Feds locked him up when a Probation officer made a spot check of his apartment and found him with other felons involved in drug dealing.  They gave him two years and sent him back to the Otisville prison camp, even though the Feds violated their own rules by sending a violent guy with a long rap sheet to a minimal security prison camp.  The Feds wanted at least one tough guy in the camp to keep the white collar wimps in line.  Guys paid Russell protection money, and Russell ratted out anyone who was trying to cut in on his own smuggling operations, all with the blessing of Uncle Sam.  G-d Bless America, the Land of Opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Halfway House Fills Up With Otisville Graduates

  1. Butler’s father was turfed out of the OU for protecting the infamous child molester Lanner.

    But alas the OU is corrupt & only made the move to appease public anger. Butler Sr appears to be using OU office space for his money making “foundation”. And the JWB blog uncovered a money trail of millions of dollars moving in & out with the help of Butler’s friends still at the OU. It is presumed the money was for Butler Jr’s legal defense.

    As you know Larry, the little guys get a raw deal especially when they don’t have the resources that movers & shakers such as the Butlers have access to. How long did Jewmark sit in Otisville? If his name was Corzine, it didn’t matter that over $1 billion disappeared. All he would get are civil penalties.

    G-d Bless America, the Land of Opportunity, indeed.

    Albeit with a little less vigor than the immigrant taxi driver in Brewster’s Millions.

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