Bus of Monsey Boys Arrives At the Compound

Bus of Monsey Boys Arrives At the Compound

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My spies took a picture of this bus today parked in front of the Goat school that is owned by Rabbi Daniel Greer “the Goat” and operated by Rabbi Notis the “Joke.”  The side of the bus reads “Monsey Tours.”  My spies told me that a busload of Monsey boys sporting black hats, long peyos, tzitzis, black jackets, black shoes and starched white shirts entered the Goat building.  The Goat’s school bell went off in the building when they arrived, and rang for ten minutes.  Did the Goat set off the bell because he was so happy to see a busload of  young men enter his lair?

After 45 minutes the boys got back into the bus and drove away.  Did the Goat get a quickie? Are these boys potential students of the Goat school?  Are they looking to enroll for the fall semester?

I don’t believe that these Monsey boys will ever enroll in the Goat school.  A couple of times a year the Goat had a bus load of boys from a Chasidisha school from New York converge on the compound.  I don’t know why they came to visit the Goat.  They usually didn’t do much other than walk around the compound and daven mincha.  The boys in the Goat shul sometimes played basketball with them.  Occasionally the Goat bochurim got in fights with the Chasidisha bochurim.  The Goat bochurim called them “Yeolis” a slang term for Chasidim from Kiryas Yeol.

I am surprised that these boys from Monsey still come to visit the Goat.  They probably don’t know that the Goat got busted.  They only come to New Haven twice a year, why would they bother looking up the Goat.  They live in an insular environment.  They don’t have any interest in Paul Bass or the mainstream media.

The Goat’s next date for his criminal case is June 20th.  Nothing will happen.  The Goat’s high paid attorney, Willie the Dow, will get it rescheduled.  The prosecutors don’t care too much, they have a heavy docket.  They deal with drug dealers, murderers, rapists, gang violence, and mayhem every day.

I am surprised that the Goat even got arrested in the first place.  New Haven is a lawless town.  Outside of the heavily guarded Yale bubble New Haven is a page right out of the Road Warrior movies.  New Haven cops last less than five years before they apply for jobs in the suburbs.  Every time I drive down Whalley Avenue in the summer I get surrounded by three wheelers revving their engines.   I can see why the Goat chose to locate his compound in the middle of the hood of New Haven. Nobody would notice the Goat amidst all the street violence.

The Goat will be forced to spend his final years in a prison cell with a bunkie named Bubba.    The Goat’s jail cell is long overdue.  The Goat can thank reprobates Avi Hack, Ezi Greer, Dov Greer and Harold Hack for protecting him and keeping him out of jail for the last 30 years.

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