Caroline Ellison Sought to Seal Plea Hearing

Caroline Ellison Sought to Seal Plea Hearing

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The former girlfriend of Sam Bankman Fried, the biggest fraudster in American history, even bigger than Bernie Madoff, is Caroline Ellison. Sammy makes Bernie look like small potato latkes. Caroline turned on her former boyfriend and quickly agreed to a plea agreement with the Feds to cooperate against Sammy. Caroline’s cooperation agreement will save her many years behind bars in Danbury Federal prison.

Caroline’s plea hearing occurred in the Southern District of New York courtroom of 54-year-old Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams, a Judge with a sterling reputation and background, a Yale law graduate, and former US attorney who hails from a very prominent Upper East Side family. Her father Floyd is an expert in constitutional law and regularly argues before the US Supreme Court. Her brother Dan is a legal commentator, tv host and author. Judge Ronnie Abrams is married to Greg Donald Andres, a former partner at Davis Polk, a major NY law firm. After the plea hearing Ronnie recused herself from the case because she realized that her husband’s firm had represented SBF’s firm in 2021. Ronnie also had to recuse herself from a number of lawsuits filed against Donald Trump because her husband had worked under Special Counsel Mueller, who investigated Trump. The Ellison case was reassigned to 78-year-old senior Judge Lewis Kaplan, who has been on the bench since 2011, and was born in the humble borough of Staten Island, the residence of choice for many mobsters. Kaplan presided over one of the trials of John Gotti.

Caroline’s attorney tried to get Judge Abrams to keep the public out of the courtroom during her plea hearing in order to “protect her safety while she cooperates with the government”…. “the magnitude of billions of losses raises concerns about retribution and vigilantism against those responsible”… “The vitriol spewed towards Ms. Ellison online only intensifies that concern.” Caroline’s lawyers indicated at the hearing that Caroline once took her facemask off in public in a Manhattan coffee shop and was immediately recognized and photographed and posted on Twitter, where people online called for a citizen’s arrest. Her lawyers argued that her parents have been hounded by the press at their home in Newton, Massachusetts and she can’t stay at her sisters anymore because the press has camped out at her sister’s Manhattan apartment. Her lawyers stated that Ms. Ellison is forced to take many precautionary measures to avoid getting followed home by the press. Her whereabouts are currently unknown. Her lawyers told Judge Abrams that Ms. Ellison has been forced to hire Carrie Mathison to help her avoid detection. Ms. Ellison is lucky Carrie has free time on her hands after they cancelled Homeland.

Are Ms. Ellison’s attorneys trying to argue that Ms. Ellison’s courtroom should be closed off to the public because the Federal government cannot protect her in the courtroom? Does she think that one of her Twitter trolls is going to make a citizen’s arrest inside the courtroom? I don’t understand the logic. Neither did Judge Abrams. Great minds think alike. Judge Abrams denied her request on First Amendment grounds. The public has a First Amendment right to view her plea agreement proceedings. Ms. Ellison is getting a great deal, she won’t do much jail time, if any, for her involvement in the crime of the century. Getting hassled by the press is a small price to pay. Moshiach Now!

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If you are contemplating committing a Federal crime, STOP, take a time out, think about what you are about to do, it’s not worth it! I should know, I spent 18 long months in Otisville prison, after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud as a closing attorney. The time spent in prison is only half the punishment, waiting for years to be sentenced and incarcerated takes a huge toll on your mental health, not to mention the repercussions after you get out of prison, the problems you will face finding employment and complying with the conditions of Probation. You will never appreciate your freedom until it is taken away from you. God Bless America!

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  1. Never mind Sweet Caroline or Sam-I-Am; their wardrobes will likely be jumpsuits for a while. What I am watching for is whether Professor Joe and/or Professor Barbara, the parents of Sam-I-Am, will be able to limit the hit they take to civil lawsuits, or whether there will be criminal charges against them as well.

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